Banners Broker No Commissions Payments

Banners Broker No Commissions
– 17th January –

Banners Broker Didn’t Pay as Promised

Banners Broker after many commissions payment delays changing their payment schedule promised to pay its affiliates on the 17th January.

Withdrawals made through SolidTrust Pay, PayZa, Bank Transfer and Debit Cards on Early / Mid December were going to be paid out on the 17th January.

Yesterday was the 17th of January and the commissions are no were to be seen. Banners Broker have several excuses for this delay in commissions payment.

Update 17th Jan : Payments have now been pushed back to January 23rd

Update 23rd Jan : Still no mass payments going out. Premium members waiting time extended to 20 Calendar days, it was supposed to be 15 few weeks ago.

Update 24th Jan : It’s already the 24th January and no commissions were paid. No one is reporting that they received their withdrawals. If you received yours, feel free to leave a comment and if you haven’t please leave a comment as well and share your story.

Update 2th Jan : Some members are reporting payment received.

Major Update 4th February : SolidTrust Pay and PayZa have been completely removed as withdrawal option.

Here are the excuses that some of the BB affiliates got through their live chat support :

1 – “Currently we have a high volume of requests that we’re processing right now so it causes a small delay. After processing is finished fully it can still take some time for the money to show”. This same support representative was asked if the payments were still going to be paid ‘yesterday’ and he replied saying “I did not say that”.

2 – Another excuse that the customer support gave its affiliates was that they are changing servers. A bit different from the above but still an excuse.

3 – The next excuse is directed towards the script and programming. The are having issues with the payout system, so commissions payment are going to be processed next week.

Note that all these excuses came on the same day few minutes away from each other from the same support staff group.

The biggest red flag that a program is going down is when it slows down payments or stop paying completely. The extension of withdrawal waiting period, new rules to have an active package to get paid, mandatory roll up, higher packages for sale, more fees and more waiting all point to one thing… Banners Broker is looking to generate more money in order to be able to pay out.

The panels have been moving only by pennies in the last weeks. Less money going out.

Lots of new evidence showing that Stellar Point and Banners Broker are the same company but yet Terry Sterm claims that they have nothing to do with each other.

Terry Sterm also calls Banners Broker in one of his posts reply on Finch’s blog an investment scheme and tells a member that he should get his “investment” back soon.

Take your money out and play with the profits. Invest only what you can afford to loose. These are just money games, just make sure you play them right.

Comments, opinions, thoughts use the comment section below.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz

15 thoughts on “Banners Broker No Commissions Payments

  1. thanks to you that I am finally able to recover my seed amount in BB. Panels are dead slow and they are taking twice the time to complete as compared to they completed 5 months ago. yellow has not completed for over a month now and higher panel God know when they will complete. you posted some time ago about W4all launching again at the first week of Jan with some changes. Have they started or not?

  2. Banners Broker another a new feature without notice to the members backoffice. There is a “Reverse” feature that let members reverse their withdrawals.

    The only motive of this feature is to reduce the amount of withdrawals they have to keep more money in the system.

    It seems like they can’t handle all of the withdrawals and that’s why no one is getting paid.

  3. Two friends of mine have been waiting since December to get paid. Last time I requested money it took over a month for the whole process. You are also correct about the ads. Friend of mine posed as an advertiser and tried to buy a package. He couldn’t. They never responded. They are NOT selling banners. It is a large scam. Stay AWAY.

  4. Every time i start live chat session session not start after 5 or 10 min waiting forward me to support tivket session and not answer my ticket more then 1 month i submit 3 ticket one by one
    and i submit my withdrawal request in 12th jan still in pending hope not going to scam

  5. Frustrated in Va says:

    No payment for 53 days, no reply to 3 tickets for almost 30 days and then it says they it has been “forwarded to the management team for review”. The phone numbers they give get you a message that says the in boxes are full so you can not leave a message. Now they say if you have more then 10 traffic packs your membership fees will go up to $500 a month automatically after “a time of grandfathering in.” After the fact they changed the amount of traffic you receive from 50% for referrels to 25% if associate qualifies with a traffic pack. When you can get through, (I have not been able to for the last 6 weeks) you often get someone who does not know what they are talking about. This is a quote from their policies and procedures page today 2-1-13 “All liquidation requests made shall be honored within fifteen
    business days for standard subscribers and seven business days for
    premium subscribers to the payment amount noted in your back office” They say and do what they want regardless of what their written agreements say. On paper I have made a lot of money and was supposed to have all of my principle out by now but have not received 2 requests 53 and 21 days ago.

  6. Got Paid in STP Yesterday 2K 🙂

  7. Got paid today at Payza. Referrals also received payments.

  8. If you have bought in within the last 120 days (in the UK) and want out, issue a debit card chargeback or section 75 chargeback (credits cards) with your card issuer on the basis that they aren’t paying and thus aren’t delivering the service promised. You will get your money back.

  9. I have got a payment from BB yesterday.

  10. I received my payment of $490 on 3/18/2013.

  11. Before Banners Broker became a sold called Pyramid coy, was the company not registered with your govt agencies responsible for such? Are they not been monitored by any Govt watch-dog agencies? If this is a scam, which I do not want to believe, then the institution of govt where this coy was registered to do business with the public has failed in their role to protect the vulnerable members of the public. I want to believe that the story is not true.

  12. Well,

    Let me share you my experience . I decided to join BB last year . Some how , I read the comments and view about BB here and those were very negative . At one time I decided to drop it but when one thing came in my mind , let us do it . Actually , I liked the trick of BB very much and I began with Blue pack . I decided to join very few friends and began my journey .

    The result …..I got all my payments in STP before 41 days . I always got reply from BB whenever I asked any thing or faced any problem . I have already made more than 5 times profit …..and all my downlines and their downlines always got payments (time is around 41 days )…no problem at all…

    So you decide …..what is right or wrong .,,…I did not promote it but due to long association I am earning great here …now they have started paying in Indian bank and many have received the money directly in bank ….

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