Banners Broker Scam Warning now on Irish Newspaper

Banners Broker Scam Warning on
Irish Newspaper

Banners Broker Scam Now

Several months ago I wrote a blog post about my Banners Broker and how exactly they are operating their Ponzi scheme business.

In my blog post Banners Broker Is Gone – Scam Warning, I share my personal experience with Banners Broker and how they are threat their members including detailed evidence that they are running a ponzi scheme, with screen shots and more.

At that time there wasn’t a single Banners Broker Scam article around the internet because everything was going ‘fine’. There are now hundreds of articles exposing how Banners Broker works and what it really is.

Right now things have changed and everything is not going fine anymore with Banners Broker.

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Here are some of the problems Banners Broker is facing now :

– Members are not getting paid.
– Those members getting paid are only receiving small amounts.
– Some people are waiting over 41 days to receive a single payment and counting.
– Payment processors are removed and changed frequently to stop people from withdrawing even further.
– Changing the compensation plan, to force members to compound (mandatory re-invest).
– More and more accounts of members in profit being “hacked”, “locked” and funds stolen.
– A big wave of Credit Card fraud is putting pressure on the company.
– Big awareness is happening now and hundreds of Banners Broker Scam articles now filled the internet.
– Refunds not being processed (They never have been).
– Members not receiving their Debit Cards which is one of the 2 only options to withdraw.
– Irish Newspaper goes public exposing and accusing Banners Broker to be an illegal Pyramid Ponzi Scheme.

I have collected the Irish Newspaper photos and posted in the Next page. Go there to read it yourself.

Banners Broker Scam On Irish Newspaper

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26 thoughts on “Banners Broker Scam Warning now on Irish Newspaper

  1. I’m gonna comment you article, since it looks like you have no idea about few things. So lets start.

    Members are not getting paid. – Members are getting paid once per month (via STP) and 4 times a month via debit card.

    Those members getting paid are only receiving small amounts. – Define what you mean by ‘small amount’? Is it 500$? 1000$?

    Some people are waiting over 41 days to receive a single payment and counting. – Requested withdrawals for example in October are usually processed in the next month – November. As far as I know everyone who requested their withdrawal in October was already paid. In December all withdrawals requested in November will be processed and so on.

    Payment processors are removed and changed frequently to stop people from withdrawing even further. – Since the beginning of BB they said, they are going to eliminate all payment processors withdrawals and make everyone use debit card.

    Changing the compensation plan, to force members to compound (mandatory re-invest). – No idea what you mean?

    More and more accounts of members in profit being “hacked”, “locked” and funds stolen. – Accounts get ‘locked’ when their owners break the TOS. Accounts get ‘hacked’ when their owners are stupid enough to use passwords like: “password123”.

    Members not receiving their Debit Cards which is one of the 2 only options to withdraw. – Members who got their application form filled correctly gets their Debit Cards in about 2-4 weeks.

    • Hello Skylark, thanks for your comment.

      First members have been waiting way longer than scheduled to receive their payments, right now is only your Word against mine, but if you go to the MoneyMakerGroup forum you can see many members complaining that they haven’t been paid for over 41 days.

      Small amounts can be anything below $1,000.

      Again on the payouts, people are waiting for over 40 days, this is a fact and many are complaining about it, I will provide you a link with the details.

      Still they had PayZa, STP, Bank Wire, etc. Then they removed everything and left PayZa, then add Credit Cards withdrawal, then removed PayZa then add STP, then add the card and remove something else which makes it very difficult for people to stabilize their withdrawals since they change the available methods all the time. For some people is not easy to switch from PayZa to STP, for some is even impossible.

      Accounts getting hacked can always be the fault of the member but it can be also used as an excuse to lock more funds.

      Force roll up, is the same as locking your funds for longer time frames, because you can’t choose to withdraw it anymore instead you are forced to roll up (Not in general just where they added that mandatory roll up).

      Some, many, a few or whatever are getting their card but the fact is that thousands are still waiting for it.

      Here is the link to MMG –

      In the above page alone, you can see several Banners Broker members complaining about not getting paid and some for a very long time. I didn’t make it up, everyone knows it takes forever to get paid even though they said it only takes 10 days.

    • Skylark,

      I guess you are from britain, because most bannerbrokers scammers are british, and every scam originate from there. To clear you more, Bannerbrokers is real ponzi scheme, All you said here never happen. I have caught them many times. The best way they will scam people is to give them credit card. Listen, That is not right. Paymant prossesor is the best and as for you saying they get their card on time, You are wrong on that one because they never send even in 3 months, What is mistake that makes them delay?, Talking of account hacked, Do you clearly agree that when your password is easy, there is every tendency to hack them. now this shows the hackers are them too. account lock down has been there since this year. i don’t promote bb but why my account is locked? and my funds frozen?, Now check the history of those behind that ponzi, they all involve in scams in the past. Read a book ok.I have many reasons to believe you are from UK, because it is safe ground of scam of all kind.

  2. First of all i want to thank stros for revealing the truth about banners broker, got
    in the programme through stros about a year ago and made some money but
    decided to leave it as i didn’t want to be part of the filth and scum that own it

    Names to mention, ian driscoll, dr leiven, sharon tidball, raj, simon stepsys are
    snakes that don’t give a damn as long as they profit.

    Foolish people that promote this garbage should be ashamed of themselves
    Strosdegoz tells the truth and that’s what makes him a great sponsor, not
    scumbags willing to lie to you just to make money.

    • Shaun, Remember Lieven was terminated in May 2012… he probably was what you describe, but he was nixed for just those reasons. I don’t know Simon, I’ve only met him, but I do have a tighter relationship with the owner Chris Smith and Raj and others in the company and can honestly say, they are honest guys. Real people who care about the livelihoods of their affiliates.

      You just can’t hide that behind words – when you are there and with these people, murder outs… the real values come through.

      Talk is cheap and I am not listening – but looking at the effects I see.

      They have ethics standards and are actually really cool human beings. I have witnessed them in action behind the scenes. When you go to a Banners Broker event, you don’t hear money, money, money. You hear, “yeah, we have to get paid, but really Banners Broker is changing people’s lives.”

      Stories from affiliates of homeless people in India, though Banners Broker now able to afford a room to live in. Parents now able to buy shoes for their kids, adults later in life who thought due to losing their businesses that they were washed up, having another chance.

      This is not the work of scammers. These guys are real people. I know their families, their wives and kids… so I know what you say is just not based on you seeing with your eyes what they actually do.

      I won’t accuse you of being malicious – but I will say you don’t have any first hand experience with these people and I do. I can only say, you should come and take a look at the real people. I have. I was impressed. Can I be fooled? Yes, just like anyone else, but I challenge you to actually come to an event and talk to real people and see for yourself.


      • TellUsTheTruth says:

        strosdegoz, are you telling the whole truth here? I think you were terminated because you did not remove non compliant advertisements when BB requested affiliates to do so, or maybe you had multiple accounts and you did not deleted them??? Only you know the answer, so please share that too. If the above is incorrect, just reply with “not true”, that should be sufficient.

  3. I just attended the Banners Broker event in Ireland and I was at their event – all 10 days in Portugal in the summer. I’ve bean an affiliate for almost a year now.

    I can honestly say that the 2 bloggers and newspaper reporter cited at their event in (2 specifically named) Ireland – were offered to come to Banners Broker’s offices in Canada – these people either were too broke to come (even though BB offered to pay their way over) or wanted $1000 consulting fees to do a truthful article…

    I suggest one of you so called “knowledgeable insiders” who don’t know the inside of the internet ad industry contact banners Broker and get facts. BB is not an MLM but is doing something unique and honest. But it’s not at all understood. If someone would ask them you’d get the facts. I can tell you if you will listen.

    I doubt you will because from what I can see you are not interested in journalism with any integrity – you’re just trying to make a dollar by ranking for the Banners Broker key work and promoting bad news just like any newspaper.

    Prove me wrong by putting this up and having a real discussion. I can give you facts about how BB makes it’s money – just like the other ad giants – google, facebook etc – but in a very unique way.

    The point is no one is doing it this way – that’s one reason why you don’t get it. The other reason is you don’t really want to get it. Myopia on keyword rankings and dollar signs rule this side the blogosphere. My opinion.


    • Al, Banners Broker does not have much time left so our discussion can simply be “Wait & See”.
      Once they run with your money or the Authorities close it down then you will open your eyes.

      In fact about 70% of the affiliates know that Banners Broker is a ponzi, they just don’t care and will roll it out until it dies.

      About the missing payments, cards not arriving on time, accounts hacked, etc. I posted proof.

    • Most of the money comes from selling Banner Ads on the blog rather than traffic from Google.

      The main reason why I write about Banners Broker is because I believe they are plain scammers and not just some Ponzi admins.

      • Hi strosdegoz,

        BB does not make its payments from its advertisers, but from the very large “blind network.” My question to you is, do you actually know what the blind network is? Some people think it’s a Banners Broker invention…. but it’s what the industry uses to do online advertising… one of 3 networks.

        My point is their business model is unique, but works alongside and profits from this “blind network,” so knowing what it is is key. If you do, tell me your rendition of it.

        I am not trying to get into an argument, but really to have a sensible discussion where we both listen to each other. I understand what the blind network is and how it produces $500B a year. Chris Smith was forward thinking enough to get how to tap into it and also use it allow normal guys like us to make money.

        Yes, the company isn’t perfect, and neither were any of the other ad giants after this long in the biz… my opinion, but I see how it works and I know where the money comes from – not Banners Broker advertisers nor other members coming in… they pay out way more than they take in.

        let me know if this hits any willingness to look at this side of the coin.

        I do get your viewpoint – but if you look at how they do what they do, you can see where the money is made and how they can pay out…

        Wanna keep at it? I do. I think we can get somewhere with this if we both listen. I am willing to eat crow, but you gotta be too. I can be wrong, but I have seen more in the inside than you have… I know the model, you don’t.

        That’s my challenge.


        • There is a big mistake in your post, you are talking about $500B / year when the total Advertising sales in 2011 was $31B.

          I’ll leave the rest to you.

          • Yeah, my goof, $500B is the entire internet revenue – ads are what you say, $38B, but the blind network is what’s got to be understood.

            Banners Broker does not pay from it’s own advertisers – if that was true, you’d be totally correct. They are hooked in via one of the 10 or so brokers that control the 2nd tier ad market – they are a broker partnered with just one of the front line brokers.

            That broker does the connecting to publishers and advertisers – that’s the trick that’s missed. They bid ad inventory and pay the publisher, then hook up the advertisers. Banners Broker provides funding from it’s members.

            When the profits are made, Banners Broker invoices the front line broker and then pays its members etc.

            This is the missing link. So far, they’ve been only working with one of the medium sized brokers. Recently, one of the bigger boys approached BB to connect and they are going to start working together in the same fashion shortly.

            They are curretly bridging their computer systems so they can function.

            That means this model works. the point is that no one else is doing this – so it’s very misunderstood. When you were a BB member, they’d not told us their model.

            You would have had to be an industry insider to really get how it worked… and no one I’ve seen in the blogosphere had a clue – so everyone is crying scam, when it’s a very legit model.

            And the guys who run it are real human beings. So, if you want proof, you can get hold of David Hooker c/o Banners Broker and get a live tour and see their systems etc.

            They invited a couple of bloggers who either were too broke to come (shame) or wanted to charge consulting fees to write a truthful article (???).

            I consider that pretty crass – what do you think? If you want to be the first to break the real story, I can connect you up with David Hooker.


      • Just My Opinion says:

        How do you know whre the Ads are going I been in 11 months and I don’t know. You can be a publisher you can have any kind of website store, blog whatever if you are getting hits to it. Just like google you don’t make money on adsense without traffic to your website rather it is a blog, store etc.

        Another nonfactor from you in one day lol

        • You actually got it right, in 11 months you don’t know where the ads are going or coming from and no ones knows where the traffic is coming from because there isn’t any.

          It is a fact that Banners Broker has no product which makes it a Ponzi Scheme.

          In my other posts “Banners Broker Scam Warning”, I clearly show how I received around 60 hits in 12 months when I normally get 60 hits in one hour from any other provider and that is 60 hits with 10 different banner sizes.

          The worst thing you can defend is their product because it simply doesn’t exist.

          Hundreds if not thousands of people have called, emailed, contacted Banners Broker about their product and all they got was nothing. Even know they just made 6 silly websites and added few 30 words posts and claim that those are the pages where they are advertising, what a joke.

          • Banners Broker’s product is very clearly misunderstood. It’s ad impressions – to an advertiser.

            But Banners Broker doesn’t do the connecting – there is the front line broker on the blind network who does that.

            Banners Broker is partnered with this broker. That broker hooks up the advertisers and publishers and that’s where the money is made.

            You won’t know a Banners Broker publisher, because that publisher – unless he becomes a publisher via Banners Broker is dealing with someone else.

            BB leverages their member funding to bid, via the broker that ad space and the broker does the work to put it all together.

            When the profits are made – which are quite legit, BB invoices the broker and then pays its members and it’s employees etc….

            You’ve got the model mixed up. This has never been done so is easy to misunderstand and BB didn’t tell everyone how they did it.

            so all the speculation can come to an end. I say, get in touch with David Hooker and ask him to give you a tour. He will.

            The first reporters who were offered the chance didn’t take it. They will just fade into the distance and be forgotten when this model becomes more well known.


          • Banners broker don’t advertise!! They sell impressions to advertisers!! Why do you insist on passing on lies, banners broker is the real deal and you made serious money before your mistake!!

          • No need to lie my friend, I showed you the forum link where dozens of people are complaining about not getting paid. In fact some people even told me that it was useless to request a withdrawal now since they know they will never get paid. Go figure.

            Anyways, just my opinion and this is yours.

            If you are right we will know for sure, in few months or maybe in few years when Banners Broker becomes bigger than Facebook and Google.

  4. Al you are a fool, do not come on strosdegoz site and talk nonsense about how legit bb is, we all no it’s a ponzi near the very end, so try and go elsewhere and convince people that would actually believe you.

  5. Now to address the “fake” VAT number. Ireland’s own Paul McCarthy on his BB website shows VAT number 9814214 for all to see. But when you go to check the VAT number, you get this response:

    VAT Number: IE 9814214
    VIES VAT number validation: No, invalid VAT number (please refer to FAQ, questions 7, 11, 12, 13 and 20 for more information).

    Member State: IE

  6. Banners Brokers Refund SCAM!

    Alex Balk December 9, 2012 at 10:32 am

    I would like to address this post to any one that actually connected to the administration of BB Company and probably can answer to my questions as I can’t get answers from no one around me although I tried all possible & impossible ways. I registered an account and funded it with money few months ago. First problem appeared almost immediately, as before buying any panel or package I decided to return the sum to my e-wallet from an internal BB account. I wrote via e-ticket support system my question regarding the correct way of doing that, and in 24 hours got an answer: “Hello. Thank you for your ticket.Please follow the refund policy located at the bottom of our site. Thank You. BB Team”. That’s exactly what I did, and I found that in order to request cancellation I should send hard letter to Canada’s office in Oshawa and it should be done within 30 days since the funding. I sent it as registered mail, and was sure it’s all right, but in a month I’ve got that mail back not even opened with a sticker telling me that my mail wasn’t claimed. Next step I took was to contact any one from administration of BB in Israel to get an answer why official address posted on the web site and in refunding procedures does not receive mails. My sponsors couldn’t tell me nothing about this, so I tried to get phone number of any official representative. First I’ve found local address BB reps. needed to be there, but when I arrived – no such an office & no such a company there. Then I’ve got probably official rep. phone number – Stacy, but when I called her, she didn’t try even to hear my question, but only asked me “Where did you get this phone number, who gave it to you?”, in a few weeks she called me, finally listened to my question and although she didn’t tell me nothing about the official address in Canada, she made it clear that I can’t take my money back and it must be used for buying panels or packages only. She did’t tell me what is the current office address, but she told me not to bother her anymore on her phone, and promised to send me email for urgent questions but it never came. I also tried to contact mr. Ian Driscoll as leader of all Israel on Skype – no answer, two phone numbers of office in Britain – no answers either. So out of choice my next move should be the purchase of packages and eventually the earning of money. It still would be some way to enjoy my money, but then happened another problem. In order to release funds from the system, you should request BB Prepaid Card from MasterCard and to do that you should enter many personal information including government ID copy, proof of address etc., and I did all that, but now there is a message that my ID and proof of address are rejected with no additional explanations. Same problem with PERSONAL INFORMATION approval (as a mandatory way to get prepaid card) currently many new distributors facing, actually all I know, and even if you go to the page where you should upload requested documents, and press “upload new document” or “replace” the system gives you only one answer: “The page is under maintenance. Please come back later”. I’m coming back every day for already a week but every time the system is only in one state.

    The situation is very annoying simply because of fact that you easily can upload funds to BB account, but you can’t take it out as the approval of personal info lies in the hands of corporate office that is clearly not in Oshawa Canada and has no published phone/fax numbers, but only e-ticket support system that seems stopped functioning around three weeks ago. The system however still sending you “e-ticket received” confirmation, but no action after that – tried that at least three times last weeks.

    BB administration, please help me to resolve those issues, as it’s already too frustrating. Dear members of BB, if you know something or someone that can help me to resolve those things, please write me. My email: *deleted* . Thanking in advance everyone who will answer.

  7. What is your take on BB? are they a scam or ponzi as can not confirm their office was raided in India. Another sponsor is not happy about the blogs make up false stories about them. He claims the site is up and working and is getting paid. Others claim to stay away for now as the program has can collapse any day. Some are reducing their reinvest into the program to 50%. What is your take on this.

    Marc Felber

    • I believe is a Ponzi but still up and running and it can close any day.
      The risks of getting involved now are too high.

      Here is the official link about the India news and the police complaint.

      Investment firm accused of duping investors

      December 29, 2012


      PANJIM: A police complaint has been lodged against an investment company of duping local investors to the tune of Rs 15 lakh or more.

      Old Goa-resident Edney Herdia complained that between October 2011 till date one Ana Luisa Onofre Alves Bento and others induced him and others to invest in Banners Broker India Ltd situated at Alfran Plaza, Panjim by promising high returns.

      The company however failed to give the promised returns on the funds invested by some locals. A complaint was thereafter filed with the Economics Offences Cell.

      “The scheme of the company is also in contravention of the Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act 1978,” states a press release issued by the police department. A case has been registered against the accused.

  8. The Banners Broker (BB) World Tour has been cancelled!
    All those who bought tickets will receive a refund to their e-wallets.

  9. I am still trying to figure out what idiot at BB came up with the ‘sucker reversal’ link they are putting on pending withdraw logs. Pulling scumbag moves like the adding of a unexplained sucker reversal link cannot be doing anything to build up affiliate confidence in their stability.

  10. Thank you for this warning and all these FACTS. There is another article about Bannersbroker in German that illustrates the dubious working management of Bannersbroker.

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