Banners Broker Shut Down In India by Police

Banners Broker India Closed Down

Banners Broker India

Is now official that the Banners Broker office in India has been shut down by the police. The reason for the shut down is due to some complaints they have about their business model.

According to Team Herald, the Largest Circulated English Daily of Goa (India) – Wednesday, January 2, 2013:

PANJIM:  A police complaint has been lodged against an investment company of duping local investors to the tune of Rs 15 lakh or more.

Banners Broker management (as you will read further below) claims that their business model is completely legal, and follows all the rules in India.

They also claim that the shut down was due to the affiliates and their ex employee who is still a director.

PS: Please be informed that although Mr Edney Heredia has been terminated from Banners Broker he continues to be one of the directors, and 50% shareholder in the company as he refused to relinquish his shares in the company. He tried to sell his shares for $50,000 and when this was refused he reduced his request to $10,000 which was still refused by the Executives of Banners Broker International.

You can read the complete story @
Businessforhome – Banners Broker closed down in India

I don’t know exactly how this will affect the members in India but this isn’t good news for those in the program.

My suggestion is you take your initial investment out as soon as possible to lower your risks of loosing.

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14 thoughts on “Banners Broker Shut Down In India by Police

  1. thanks for the news and advise I fear there is much deeper and sinister in this shut down All praise to YOU for Alerting I have Joined Your News Letter Pulling Out I live In India But Am In Canada Now Many Thanks Again Very Happy 2013

  2. So according to the executves of Banners Broker International the company is not even worth $20.000.

  3. Banners Broker says:

    Now it´s time to increase you banners broker sign up rate from 0% to 1000% on autopilot all of our pages are following the BB rules for all affiliates over the Internet…

  4. Michael Haggie says:

    Found this in a BB facebook group…

    As I think you all know Banners Broker in India started with a portuguese lady and there are a few portugueses working there. Jaime Pereira Sousa Bento is one of them (head office em Banners Broker India Pvt ltd).

    He posted this in my portuguese facebook group:

    “Good morning friends. My name Jaime Pereira Sousa Bento, head office in Banners Broker India Pvt ltd.
    The news on the net are running false and Banners Broker India is active and working.
    It is true that the office is closed and the company under investigation but is also true that the police already acknowledged that have acted under the influence of false information.
    Banners Broker India and Banners Broker International are collaborating with the Indian judicial system in order to resolve this mistake as soon as possible.
    Soon you will see circulating positive information that you are so anxious to see.

    Jaime Bento”

    • Thanks a lot for sharing Michael, you always provide us with useful comments.

      On the quote about Jaime Bento, it raises more questions than answers.

      1st – He says that news about Banners Broker India are false but then he goes ahead and says that the office is closed and the company under investigation.

      2nd – He says that the police already acknowledge that have acted under the influence of false information, but the office is still close which means otherwise.

      A different thought is the fact that it takes more than just information for the police in India to close down their office.

      Maybe with false info they can simply send a warning or start an investigation but to close down their office, I believe they need a warrant from a judge.

      I can be wrong but more likely we are not hearing much of what really happened over there.

      Any thoughts are welcome.


  5. The Banners Broker (BB) World Tour has been cancelled!
    All those who bought tickets will receive a refund to their e-wallets.

  6. Payouts to your Banners Broker Debit Card is no longer going to happen weekly (7 days).

    It will now take at least 15 days for Premiums and 20 days for standards.

    The more they delay the payout the bigger the red flags.

    They are charging now all of the monthly fee’s, right after delaying payouts even further, cancelled the World Tour and didn’t want to buy the Indian Shares, means that they are looking for money or to save some money.

  7. is wealth2xtreme still paying?

  8. what abt Profitable SunRise – how do you explain that business model? I believe you have some personal experience abt BB? Could you share, please?

    • I believe and know that Profitable Sunrise is a Ponzi Scheme just like Banners Broker but they are not hiding it. I never said that Banners Broker is the only ponzi scheme in the world. I only say that it is reaching its time and it will shut down soon. So if you are going to join is not recommended and if you joined already withdraw your money fast because there isn’t much time left.

  9. You are doing all these just to get some organic traffic huh…just get market samurai and learn some seo so you wouldnt have to do these whole annoying seeing a hyip player warning people about BB…profiable Sunrise is just an HYIP which might be disappeared by what happens if someone sees your AD for profitable sunrise and put $700 today and by the next morning they wake up and see its gone…be specific in your marketing strategy mate.

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