Banners Brokers & BBv2 Update

Update : Banners Broker is Officially a SCAM

Banners Brokers & BBv2 Update

Banners Brokers 2 or BBv2 has been on the works for quite some time now, we have some information available for us in the backoffice but full updates are only shared on the Conference Call, Meetings & Webinars.

The launch of BBv2 should happen in the next few days and the whole system will change. The way we earn money, the way we advertise, our unique Team Passive Income strategy and much more.

I made a withdrawal last month and it was pending for a very long time, the withdrawal was requested to my bank account, it was never processed but just now I was paid the pending amount to my Solid Trust Pay account. I don’t know why they chose STP or how they got my ID but is good to say that I received my payment.

You can see the new membership prices in the backoffice, also you might be wondering about the Almagate feature in your backoffice, more likely you won’t need this unless you have dozens of accounts. If you want to keep just one main account then you need to do nothing and just wait for them to launch the new system.

I know this is not the best update out there but I am not on the front line with BB, but soon we will have all the information we need when Phase 2 is launched.

Update – 23rd Dec. 2011

There is a new update on the Banners Brokers website.
The website will be down until January 2nd for the Admin and Support to take vacations, in other words they are changing servers and transferring all the data from the main page to this new one (BBv2).

Here is a quote from the website :

We’ll be right back. Bigger and better than ever!

But for now, we’re in a black out period until January 2nd when we officially launch Banners Broker Version2! During this time, we will be transferring all your account information to the new BBv2 servers. Unfortunately you will not be able to register, login, or gain access to your back office.

Hang tight, because you can look forward to new and exciting benefits headed your way. Check in frequently for updates and more important information. Enjoy your holidays and get excited for a newer, better BannersBroker.

You can join Banners Brokers here.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

3 thoughts on “Banners Brokers & BBv2 Update

  1. I do not understand how this site works? I create a campaign but do not see where my campaign. I saw you speak twice 2 times free double, but I do not know how? I invested $ 20 package

    • Hello Tuan,

      Banners Brokers is being remodeled and everything WILL CHANGE.
      When the new system is up, BBv2 then you will know what to do, for now YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING but wait.

      Kind Regards

  2. I want to to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoyed every bit of it. I have got you saved as a favorite to check out new stuff you post… Thankx for the info