Banners Broker Is GONE (Scam Warning)

Banners Broker SCAM Warning
It’s Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

Note : If you are going to read this, please read the complete story before reaching conclusions. In this post you will read my personal experience with Banners Brokers and everything written here is completely true.

Banners Broker can be GONE Today as it can take another Year but what you really need to know is that they are operating an Illegal Ponzi Scheme, with no Product instead of a real advertising company as they claim. We all have seem dozens, hundreds of ponzi schemes but the ones like Banners Broker and ZeekRewards that disguise themselves as real companies are the ones that truly end up hurting the biggest amount of people. So if you are a Banners Broker member and your investment is being doubled every few months by doing nothing, keep in mind that, that is the ponzi that is taking place and no real secret, hidden advertising platform on unknown websites.

The owner of Banners Broker Kul Josun, has been Fired. How can you fire the person that owns the program?
Now they claim that he wasn’t the owner and all of a sudden Banners Broker is left with a Faceless owner ( Chris Smith ).  Looks like an exit strategy to me, once this goes belly up, no one will know where to point their fingers to.

The Banners Broker (BB) World Tour has been cancelled! All those who bought tickets will receive a refund to their e-wallets.

Banners Broker hasn’t pay any commissions since Mid December 2012. Affiliates are outraged, payments have been delayed three times already and tons of different excuses from BB support staff… more info :


Things are worst than what I thought and Banners Broker is Doing It Wrong. They have since forever been having Payment issues which is the most important aspect of a program as everyone joins to get paid.

As I reported in the back dozens of times their Advertising doesn’t really exist, it simply doesn’t work and if you consider it to be working, what you get for the price would be far less compared to what you get everywhere else.

This post is a warning and contains suggestions on what you should do to be safe with Banners Broker as they are starting to Rip-Off lots of members and that is primarily due to the Money Issue as my upliner Ian Driscoll confirmed they had.

Click on next page below to read detailed information on each of these issues and what is going on with Banners Brokers, my experience and what is happening to others.

On the next page you can find “What Is Really Happening” and in the last page the “Solution”….
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252 thoughts on “Banners Broker Is GONE (Scam Warning)

  1. Richard Monteiro says:

    Hi Dirson,

    Once again thanks for the regular updates! You’re doing an awesome job and we love you for that.

    • You’re Welcome. It’s my pleasure.

    • REHUEL SIEMONS says:

      for me banners really works. I had 9 possitions and i did the so called ”almagate”. And with the new creditcard issued by Mastercard (not really the smallest creditcard compagny I would say) withdraw money is esay. btw I allways got my money and yes not allways on time or as fast as i want. But hey every new compagny has issues in the beginning. Thats just the good part, the big money is allways at the start as same as the big problems… but not everybody is willing to take the good withe the bad…

    • After re-reading the article I have a couple of issues with it.

      1. First and foremost let’s address the “ponzi scheme” issue. The author of the blog states that he has received banner impressions from Banners Broker. Albeit, he says very few impressions (I have received quite a large number), he still states he has received some.

      Therefore, he contradicts himself by calling BB a “ponzi scheme”. He states there is no real product at the same time as saying he received banner impressions from BB.

      If BB is this so called “ponzi scheme” then so is Google and Facebook advertising. So the “ponzi scheme” idea doesn’t hold water.

      2. The author of the blog is a FORMER member who was warned numerous times to cease his activity that violated company policy. He paid the consequences of not following their repeated requests.

      • I understand your opinion but still, people that have done this long enough know exactly how this works.

        Why are payments now taking almost 2 months to be processed (60 days) in some cases?

        The only excuse they have is, nothing. They simply hold your money forever to pay out and that is because they are running out of it since they have to pay the people who joined years ago and now have a Huge account.

        Imagine joining back when Banners Broker launched and putting in $5,000usd as an investment, how much money would you have now?

        I know people that have tens of thousands of dollars in their accounts and it takes forever for them to ever make a withdrawal.

        • I am having having huge issues with BB I joined up and fund via STP, but the money hasnt gone into the account and now support is looking very dodgy. Just cut me off from live support and wont answer me ticket.
          I have submitted quite a few with the last one being 4 days ago.
          I don’t recommend BB ,,,be very wary indeed!

  2. Great! You are 1 of only 4 bloggers that I follow because you risk your own money in a specific program yet, you do not hesitate to alert your readers as soon as you smell-/hear off-/observe scam or a possibility of scam. Keep up the GOOD work and I’ll keep on reading your blog.

  3. Thanks for the heads up. I actually had plans to join BB, but I’ll take a pass on it now.

    • Your Welcome!

      • i joint them been almost 2 weeks and they process geting slowly and been submit ticket 2 times but no answer:( ,its make worried,any chance to get refund?i fund by payza..pls help thx u 🙂

        • johnny van rossen says:

          Please let me know how much you invested in BannersBrokers,i’l be glad to give your money back as soon as you transfer your pannels to my account.
          Why dont you wait 6 months and see what happens?

  4. Thanks for that, it seems everyone i know is investing in this (Ireland West), it just sounds to good to be true.
    Keep up the good work !

  5. I added a small update to this post :


  6. Michelle Tukachinsky says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this company. I was thinking of joining before and it is good to know what has happened.

  7. Hello

    I have been scammed by BB for 5k

    Kul, Raj and Chris actually stole my account and panels!

    They refuse to reinstate!!!

    So, i am going to report them to the canadian feds for fraud as i want them in jail!

    Do you want to join up with me and maybe report to the Canadian feds together because it will have MUCH more impact!

    Maybe we can get enough people together and get a class action lawsuit against them!

    Thanks for your help and talk soon! Steven

    • Hello Steven, sorry to hear that.

      I already know some members that are going to report them in the USA and also UK.

      I am not in Canada nor even been there so can’t help you out there, but make sure to do your part.

      Thanks for sharing & Kind Regards

      • it’s easy to talk without proves. it passed 7 mouths and theauthorities does not closed it.
        I’m taking almost 5000 dollares per mouth ang groing.

    • If its true and it is not for sure only you know what´s happen . However and till July you never saw all 3 together ( Kul , Chris and Raj) even you dont know them . Its so easy to wright something without any proves. Anyway , BB is here and making me happy as othershundread thousands affiliates.

      • The same with ZeekRewards until it collapse and took down millions of affiliates with them.

        • I joined BB and Iam making money and I know four other people that are also making money, I have been IM from 2004 and I have seen many PG, MLM things come and go and we all know that in IM not everyone earns money, and when they lose they start to blame everything but them self !!! just becuase they dont work at it they want FREE money

          I love BB and I think they are here to stay, I paid £2700 so far I have not lost any money
          Jeremy :O)

      • i saw raj and chris together last agost in the anual cnference that hapenned in portugal, and talk to them. Just now the two are in dublin for the anual apresentation. Kul, as i Know left the program and are comming with a new one.

  8. Thanks, you are a mentor indeed. I appreciate all your efforts. God will continue to bless you.

  9. Hi! Do you know about MLM Watchdog; for those burnt by Banners Broker or any other group -please contact them, so that they can put it up on their famous international web site.

    Now another shocker!
    MLM Watchdog state on their website that Bidify is a scam and that the owner could be in trouble with authorities- please do yourself a favor and check it out yourself.

  10. Sidhanath Singh says:


    I think time has come to take action instead of become sorry.

    Highly appreciated for sharing your point of view.



  11. very good news. thanks bro

  12. Johnnie Reese says:

    Thanks a lot man!!! I was just going over their website for the first time. It’s a little to expensive to start of with. Their stater plan is 20 bucks plus an extra 15 bucks and you only get 20 bucks back from it. Each panel should allow you enough money to feed into the higher panels with profit. That’s how you help people like me who are really hurting and can’t afford a lot of money to get started to actually make money on line. Thanks for the warning. I new this was a scam from the start and now you have confirmed it for me my friend so thanks a lot and may God forever bless you.

  13. Hello,

    I would like to know why you state that “Another thing is their “Corporate Office”. Their address DOESN’T EXIST AT ALL.”…

    1019 Nelson St, Unit 8
    Oshawa, ON L1H 8A7

    I can find it and I know, personally, someone that was already their…

    Fell free to comment.


  14. Hi strosdegos, been following your blog for a while. I was about to have a look at banners brokers but not so sure now. A few questions on your blog though. Why did they have to ban you 4 times? Surely 1 is enough to warn you and make you clean up all your posts? Also, you advise people to stay away yet your entire team has done very well? I presume they are still doing very well from the program? You say that the ad impressions were not value for money but from what i read and view online that is only half the product? The other half being renting space so together is good value yes? Its very confusing as one half of blog encourages me to stay away yet other half makes me wonder?? How do i get a sponsor? Keep up the good work though,


    • Hello, let me answer your questions.

      1) I moved on but the details are explained in this post.
      2) My team is doing well because they got their INITIAL MONEY OUT, That is what I recommend WITHDRAW EVERYTHING.
      3) The product does not exist, the ad impressions are useless and they don’t’ generate any traffic to your website, I received just few thousands impressions in a year which amounts to few clicks (about 50-100 visitors to my website in 1 year), I can get that in 10 minutes from any other traffic provider all around the globe for all type of prices.
      4) To get a sponsor, check on Google try finding someone that is right for you and will give you all the assistance you need. Put your money in and take your investment out as soon as possible and then play with the profit.
      5) If you can just avoid Banners Brokers all together.

      Kind Regards

      • Hi

        Interesting comments,I was at a presentation yesterday by Ian driscoll and people in the room who had invested were raving about BB.

        I have invesed in the enterprise package and currently able to liquidate $245 which I aim to.I am hestant to introduce others until I can see the colour of my money.

        Are you still with BB?

        • Not anymore.

          I suggest you take your initial purchase value out as soon as possible and then with the 50% that you are forced to reinvest, use it to grow your business.

          In an essence, don’t get greedy as anything can happen.

          It’s better to be safe than sorry.

          Once you are in profit then there is nothing to worry about 🙂


  15. I tried to withdraw money about 30 days ago and have not received anything into my bank. Not sure what is going on…

  16. I have tried to get a hold of them and everything…

  17. I added the Banners Broker’s Blog and Twitter, post and tweets supporting my story.

    This is only intended to proof that I am not lying, just sharing MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH BANNERS BROKERS.

  18. That is damming, I just saw the twitter posts, did they forget to take it down? they clean the whole net of word doublers but forgot to clean their own house!

    Good work Stoz for educating us and saving us money from this company!

  19. I’ve had a look at those tweets, but i mean comon guys that was in Jan 2011, its a young company, coz theyre are getting bigger and bigger and turning heads obvioulsy changes are coming into affect and waht BB have done is Absolutely Amazing. ALl companies go through policy changes and if you cant abide by new Policies then obvioulsy it’s you own fault for not taking that serious. BB is no joke or ponzi scheme!

    It’s basically getting stronger and stronger and better for all people.


    • You don’t understand do you?

      What I had is exactly the same as those Tweets, the exact same.

      So if they want to change policies they should start by looking at the mirror.

  20. Phil Hendy says:

    I am starting to think you might be right.

    I have been asking questions about accounting and VAT and the issue keeps getting ducked. I gather that whilst BB are asking people to register as a business there are a lot of people out there who aren’t doing so.

    On the Official UK forum any time income tax is mentioned you get told to shut up

  21. Everyone who has not lost money should not slag off others. I agree with you that you should be taking your initial investment out and work with helping the company grow rather than put negative comments where others just listen and back off the lucrative business without even trying. With the introduction of credit cards in the pipeline, it will take 15 days for the stand member and 7 days for the premium member to withdraw the money. For the short term cautious effort of making a return on your investment, this is a good option otherwise leave your money in the bank with 0.3% a year interest. Without taking some risks, you are not going to make money and IF YOU DO NOTHING, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. Good day. Roxi

  22. strosdegoz

    is your account still blocked?

  23. I was thinking of joining bannersbroke. good thing that I do my homework first.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  24. it is secure to join

  25. kindly tell me a 100% secure mlm company.

  26. I am a new bannersbroker member. I am having a problem even trying to deposit monies into bannersbroker. The communication is certainly troublesome. It is time consuming and requires great amount to patience to get an answer from the company. mY ISSUE AS i MENTIONED IS TRYING TO DEPOSIT FUNDS INTO MY ACCOUNT. baNNERSBROKER HAS BEEN JUMPING FROM numerous different money transfer comapnies. They are STP, PAyza, paypal. PAypal had a window of one day to deposit funds into BB, then it was gone. STP had been available since I joined which 3 weeks ago. Now they tell me that Payza is the only acceptable way to deposit funds. All of these deposits going into and email account, which is used to fund the purchase of packages and panels. At this point aftr reading about accounts belocked and their seems to be no recourse for member to secure their funds , it would certainly not be consider a profitable investment. I must admit within the 3 weeks I have profits of 41.%. That said, I believe I will follow your suggestion. I will withdraw profits asap and then let the intial monies accumulate what return it can before this company goes into the toilet. Bottom liine: It was great idea, but with companies unwillness to be transparent,RUN don’t WALK. I had great hopes for this investment.

    • Tony, i don,t know where you come with that statment, because BB never used Paypal, and they use stp and even have a newone now for banktransfers. So Crawl before you walk!!!

  27. Far play Stroz was told about this blog.
    Well just to help you guys out there’s a lot of us enjoying our time on Banners Broker and have got a lot o money from it.

    My friend has withdrawn 5k and is now withdrawing a lovely income every month. And this is after 6 months.

    I have proof of withdrawing with proof of transaction on my blog xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  28. Bought some BB, but cancelled after and followed the refund policy. After a while got an email they were working on it but still no money and answer yet.

    Im waiting for nothing since last March 2012 and I am blocked on their website. They are not replying on my last mails and can do nothing losing a 145 dollar.

    Smells like a ponzi to me!

  29. Thank You Dirson E. Jimenez Santana, I somehow came across your link and have registered for your blog as I can see you are a very good expert. I have read through and thanks for all the warnings and advice on specific programs, very much appreciated. God Bless You Always.

  30. Major update.

    The CEO / Admin & Main owner of Banners Broker, Kul Josun, has been fired.

    Ask yourself, how can the owner, the ceo, the admin and the everything of a company get fired?

    Looks like they are starting their Exit strategy.

    Banners Broker had a face and a person in front of it for almost two years now and all of a sudden you are left with a Faceless person ( Chris Smith ).

    Pull your money out, just to be safe.

  31. I was just about to join but I think I'll pass. However you seem like a guy who's got loads of experience with things like these. Could you kindly recommend 2 or 3 programs in order of safety? Thanks

  32. For those of you who don’t know what cris smith or Chris smith looks like, here is the video, and pause at 14 seconds.
    He has been involved in a scam which raised $14 million of which $3.5 million was from ontario resisdents. This IS A FACT with the Canadian authorities securities commission.

    Anyway who is the real owner: or who is the daddy, yeah you got it, its RAJ Dixit, here are the company searches

    Recommendations: 1
    Site registration details:

    No names of individuals:
    “Administrative Contact:
    Broker, Banner
    777 N. Rainbow Blvd.
    Suite 250
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89107
    United States
    (661) 770-9988 Fax — (661) 770-9988″

    Google search shows several companies at that address (i.e. at Suite 250, 777 N. Rainbow Blvd, etc.).

    Created on: 15-Oct-10
    Expires on: 15-Oct-12”

    Website of a Banners Broker agent ( gives following addresses:

    “Banners Broker head office
    100 King St W,
    Suite 5700,
    Toronto, ON –
    M5X 1B8.”

    Confirmed by Canadian company database:
    Corporation Number: 7250037
    Directors: Gloria Dixit, RAJIV DIXIT
    Corporate Name: Bannersbroker Limited
    Corporate Name History: 2009-09-28 to 2012-02-22 7250037 CANADA INC.,
    2012-02-22 to Present Bannersbroker Limited

    Another director: Kurt Kornelsen

    Both Dixit and Kornelsen referred to here:

  33. Ok guys here is the link, you do your own research and make your own mind up….. This is very damming.
    check out all the links……

    Raj Dixit has been involved in other scams…. Do you want to be involved with a company with a fraudster leading you? You can choose to ignore this its entirely up to you, but you have been warned with TRUE FACTS!

    Again who is the owner? Rajiv Dixit is….

  34. Its not KUL Julson his real name is Kurt Kornelson…… Raj and Kurt Kornelson know each other from previous scams

    Please do your own research and come to your own conclusion….

  35. Alan Jimenez Santana says:

    Its not KUL Julson his real name is Kurt Kornelson…… Raj and Kurt Kornelson know each other from previous scams.

    Please do your own research and come to your own conclusion….


    Ok guys here is the link, you do your own research and make your own mind up….. This is very damming.
    check out all the links…….

    Raj Dixit has been involved in other scams…. Do you want to be involved with a company with a fraudster leading you? You can choose to ignore this its entirely up to you, but you have been warned with TRUE FACTS!

    Again who is the owner? Rajiv Dixit is….

    • This link just confirms the excellent record of no complaints, it suggests that Rajiv Dixit is that does not declare he is the owner, as regards to complaints why would we complain I have never earned so much wonderful money, this business is a joy to belong too.

      • That’s how they all work. Join first make money, join last loose money.

        Right now we are way far from being first, so anyone joining now is part of the LAST Group and their chances to loose money becomes really high.

        It is not worth it anymore.

        Old members, good! Withdraw, Withdraw & Withdraw!

        New members, bad! Stay Away, Stay Away & Stay Away!

  36. Todd Hirsch says:

    wow… people love to spread negative stuff online.. with no real proof… I have been in BB for over a year… have made a lot of money.. and they are still growing… do not believe this stupid and negative article…..

  37. Mu friend ia earning here a really good money, I have seen the proof.Do not talk about something if you don't have facts.

  38. Troy Dooly from MLMExpert claims that Banners Broker is a pure ponzi and more likely already under investigation by the SEC and other anti ponzi corporations.

    • Troy Dooly from MLMExpert also claimed that ZEEKREWARDS WAS the greatest online money making company in the world, He is Bullshit, he was paid by ZEEK to con people like you & me, He is not an expert his presentation youtube video on ZEEK Exposed his credentials, He was read the ZEEK annual financial Report where he had not done his home work, He was just reading from a piece of paper.
      All these experts / Leaders are just expressing their fears or must have had a bad experience with the Admin hurting their Ego or they are paid to talk crap.

      Any way I would like tham to stick their head out and claim which is the Company better than BB & and swear that those companies are not scamming.

  39. thanks almost invested in BB……..


  40. As a business guy i have been inundated with offers to join BB found your blog thank god. But am interested in medium to low risk ventures on the internet any thoughts or ideas.



    • The risk will really vary depending on the efforts needed to earn.

      If you can earn without doing a thing, the risk is very high (ex. BB, you get paid double your investment over and over without lifting a finger).

      If you have to work to earn then the risk is slow, as more likely you are being paid commissions for generating sales.

    • Theres nothing wrong with Banners Broker. I made 12k from $50 initial in 1 year. You want proof I have it.

      • As long as you are in profit is ok.

        The warning is for those that are either compounding on starting now.


    • Yobetit check it out the people who founded it are very credable.


    • I advise not to sign up any new members, to be extremely careful and invest only what you can afford to loose.

      Banners Broker is not in a great position right now and everyone knows it.

      Be careful, play safe and withdraw all of your initial investment ASAP.

  42. I must admit to being a little disappointed that a comment i made about 10 days or so ago do not appear here. In any case, it referred to the fact that HAD I commenced with BB when you first started slagging them, I would have made money from them by now. I believe I also mentioned that you will probably be right sooner or later, as is know, nothing lasts forever.
    It would appear now that it will be far sooner than later. Panels are moving, albeit the bigger(green/red) panels have slowed to a crawl. However, way too many to be a coincidence, panels that should have capped are stopping just a few dollars short of their target. For example a blue panel bought AND qualified on the 10 Aug hasn’t moved from $176 for over 10 days, while other panels have moved several times. That’s 59 days! I am hearing similiar and worse stories from several people as well as on BB forums.
    If, at least, the same amount of traffic packs are not continuously bought each month you will be unable to purchase them for 6 months! This is a BB rule.
    If the panels aren’t finishing(yes, I know some are), some people will be unable to afford their TP’s. An ideal time for BB to introduce automatic TP purchasing, which has been promised for some time. BB’s tolerance for non-compliance appears non-existent lately, so I fear for those that can’t afford their TP’s, If of course, BB introduce the auto buy function.
    Things haven’t been right at BB for at least the last month, money not paid, some very late payments, panels not moving, many members having their accounts locked with NO phone or live support and support not replying to tickets.
    If only I had joined in May!!!

    • @Andy, I posted right here in this same post, that it could be tomorrow or in another 2, 3, 6 or whatever amount of months that the program would be gone.

      Just advising the members and those that joined under me to take their initial investment out ASAP and play with the profits.

      I know way too many people that love to compound forever and never withdraw and I after sharing my story I told them to withdraw now and compound later.

      The only way to win is by withdrawing.
      The only way to loose is by not withdrawing.

      It feels like it’s getting a lot closer now with all the problems which are only multiplying.

      They have now members with hundreds of thousands of dollars in their accounts of completely virtual money, because they are not getting paid unless they withdraw small amounts and compound the rest.

    • Ive had the same problem with panels stopping a few cents short however the repurchased panels still move weather they have been activated or not for example i had a green sat round for 2 weeks before i had the traffic to activate it and when i finally activated it 2 days later it was at approx $130

  43. Shadow Rodriguez says:

    Edit : No insults allowed.
    Be polite.

    • “Everyone has their own opinion”, this is my opinion and more than that facts.

      Not everyone goes through the same, just like in a payment processor some people might have problem with their accounts while others go through everything smoothly.

      Banners Broker is ripping off hundreds of people and they are very close to collapsing or being closed down by the authorities, either take your money out or become one of the looser in the near future when it all goes down.

  44. apirak ngsriwongse says:

    My friend has been with bannersbroker since May 2011 and he wants me to be his downline. Can I trust what he told me about Bannersbroker as it seems like Bannersboker are holding webinars and seminars as well as having offices all around.
    Is it really a ponzi scheme?? Can anybody shed the light on Bannersbroker to me as I should be very much appreciated.

    • Right now is not the best to time join Banners Brokers, too many problems, too long to get paid, bad support, accounts being cancelled, etc.
      If your friend joined in May, he should be good as he is more likely in profit but joining now the risk would be way too high.

      • I am glad to tell you that support is working fine now in almost all countrys. About canceled accounts its is NOT TRUE. Some accounts were locked because owners are not listening webinares and information and are using wrong verbiage on their sites or foruns. Banners Broker is an on line advertising company and not an investment company. They only have to make the things right and BB will unlock the account.

    • Make your own mind up these people who slag BB off have no proof that it is a ponzi, BB are currently on a world tour it was a success in portugal and im sure it will do as equally well in ireland the company is growing fact! growing companys dont crash!!!!!! and with packages starting from as little as $25 its got to be worth a punt hasnt it????????????????????????

  45. I really appreciate all you efforts to help people so the don’t fall victim of these thieves. I know there are still safer ways of investing online and also there are programs that can fetch people some money online. I need you to help me send some sites where one can work online and make money. I really want to work and get money online. I believe you have my email. I will really appreciate it if you can do this for me. I also lost some dollars online and I don’t want to loose more. Thanks.

  46. Look you went against their terms & service so you are banned.
    Just like YouYube will close accounts that contain affilliate linking.

    I don’t know what you are moaning about.

    As you say it happens to you all the time.

    Quit crying & try playing by the rules like the rest of us who are doing
    well in banners broker.

    • I couldn’t care less about Banners Broker or the account i had there but I surely warned many thousands of people already and the collapse of Banners Broker is now imminent… And YOU know it.

      • Really?

        Definitely, that Must roll up feature definitely is a red flag as members can’t withdraw anymore instead they are forced to compound.

        Which is completely illegal by the way as members must have the option to withdraw any earnings or commissions generated and cannot be forced to compound under any circumstances.

        Well maybe they missed that.

  47. I was thinking about joining bb until i looked at these comments maybe its a 50/50 chance i take but i still think…. Edit : No advertisement in comments.

  48. Fascinating.

    So, start with $94B worldwide online ad spending.
    Take 39% of that, which is “other advertisers” (i.e. not Google, Yahoo, etc.) = $36.6B
    Take 23% of that, for “banner ads” (i.e. the space Banners Broker lives in) = $8.4B
    Take 31% of that, for “impression ads only” (i.e. the only thing Banners Broker does) = $2.6B

    Now, BB claims to be paying out around $200M per year to it’s members. That’s their share of the profit. To get to that share they would have to have at least $400M of source revenue (they have to pay the ad network partners, remember?)

    So BB has effectively captured 15% of the market they exist in. Phenomenal growth, and to be applauded!

    Yet ComScore has never heard of them.
    No articles in Inc. Magazine, Forbes magazine, Fast Company magazine, nor any online entrepreneur focused ezine or even a mention of an article in any advertising journal, anywhere. One of the fastest growing companies in recent years — yet completely ignored by the trade press.
    Chris Smith nor any other BB principal has ever attended a single advertising conference, given a speech or whitepaper about his business model, never been interviewed by any trade journals. Movers and shakers in the highly competitive ad business — and totally invisible.
    I have never seen a BB ad on any website other than (cough) choice network sites like “CareerDonkey”, or some of the “empower network” style self-gratification blogs. Not a single ad, ever.
    I tried calling BB once offering to buy $25,000 worth of advertising per month — and was told I was not allowed to speak to an advertising sales executive, to please submit a “problem ticket” instead. I guess they didn’t need the business.
    I tried calling BB once and told them I have a site that has over 100,000 unique monthly visitors and could I be part of their network. They said they would get back to me. They never did. I guess they didn’t need me to be part of their blind network.

    How much more empirical evidence do the BB boys and girls want?

    I’m not sure what BB is but one thing I am sure of: It’s not brokering advertising on the internet.

    OK, go ahead with the personal attacks.

  49. Can anyone link me to any advertising campaigns that Banners Broker have been involved in?

    Saving that can anyone point to any 3rd party endorsement of Banners Broker from a reputable source?

    I am going to keep on asking these 2 questions until I get a satisfactory answer.

  50. How much do you actually know about Clicksor?

    Clicksor is a legitimate (if very poor-quality) contextual network. It has a market share, albeit a tiny one.

    I have worked with Clicksor on and off (more often off) since 2009. I guess I could argue that I have as much market share as Banners Broker on that basis.

    Trust me, it is the tiniest drop in the ocean.

    The PARENT company has annual revenue of $17.5 Million (source: Even if Banners Broker was consuming every last impression on Clicksor, it would be nowhere close to fulfilling its traffic claims.

    And that is without considering what most people who have advertised on Clicksor already know… that the quality is not worth sticking around for. It is one of the worst contextual networks there is. But I will give them credit. At least they are legitimate.

    It’s painfully clear.

    The only explanation for how Banners Broker pays its members… is by recruiting more members.

    Kudos though. You get points for mentioning a real advertising company.

  51. Hi and thanks for taking an objective review of Banners Broker. But from my personal experience, I funded my BB account on 7-5-12. As of today, my account is worth over $3000. For me, it worked and marvelously well and this is just the beginning.

    • That’s good to know Demond, those that started early definitely ripped the benefits but anyone joining now is in trouble.

      Make sure to take out your initial investment and play with the profits.

  52. Hi Strosdegoz
    thanks for an eye opener. Do you have any advice which of the money businesses are genuine then.

  53. Appreciate the warning. A top earner in a “Blog Daily” program is totally advertising BB as a way to fund for advertising costs and traffic.
    I was about to join, and remembered you were in the program a while back, and wanted to use your BB affiliate link to join.
    When I “searched” your site for your affiliate link, all I kept coming up with was warnings about joining BB.
    Thanks for saving me $$!

  54. hey
    can any one tell me is that true banner broker is scam ?

    • Banners Broker is actually a ponzi scheme running as a legit business.

      Most of the people around the world have no problem with Ponzi Schemes, the problem they have with Banners Broker is that it is a ponzi scheme that disguises itself as a real business which induces people to invest more money than what they can afford to loose.

      If you are joining a Ponzi you need to make sure to join early.
      Invest only what you can afford to loose.
      And get your initial deposit out as soon as possible.

      Right now Banners Broker requires mandatory re-investment strategy or compounding and withdrawals can take anything from 2 weeks to 2 months.

      If you joined early you should be in profit or at least withdrawing.

      If you Join now you will be more likely throwing your money away.

      All the Banners Broker administration team are already known, old time scammers that ran several scams in the past.

      Avoid Banners Broker Scam unless you want to make a donation to the owners.


  55. What country are you ?
    How long have you being with banners broker ?
    Do you know what banners broker do with sign up package fee ?
    How does banners broker generate money to pay member’s ?
    Have you ever make any money from banners broker ?

    Do you violate any of banners broker new policy ?
    Are you one of the banners broker executive before ?
    How do you join them ?
    Why do you join them in first place ?

    If banners broker does not real
    Can you tell me any online marketing business that you know is for real?

  56. Excellent blog post. I know exactly where you are coming from. I too got kicked out after discovering it was a Ponzi. Sadly I was unable to claw back my investment.

    keep the info coming. Banners Broker is clearly a scam.

  57. I am in shock, but i am praying that this may not be true. I joined on the 26th Oct 2012, registered my niece on the 30th Oct 2012. I have not even received my card yet. Please get intouch. Thanks.

  58. Theresa George says:

    Please is Banners Broker gone? Thanks.

  59. I dont understand what you mean by saying BB is a scam or gone dirson?? Im involved in afew hyip programs that you recomended and many more so to speak, name me one program that has been going for 2+ years and that is legit?? All hyips are scams including all your programs you offer to your list. I do like the way you keep us informed on updates with passive programs and am greatful.. Sorry if i offended you in any way but thats just my opinion on hyips..

    • Hello Edward,

      I agree that all HYIPs are ponzies but they do not hide behind a “real company”, people joining hyips, know that they joined a hyip and that it will be gone anytime.

      Banners Broker do not claim to be a hyip, instead they claim to be a fully legal company that is doing advertisement, etc. In this post I provide real proof showing that Banners Broker is a hyip.

      Now when you tell newbies that you are not a hyip they gain confidence and bet their house on a “doubling business”, that will double your money over and over for life, for no reason and that’s when people really loose.

      See this post :

      That’s where I stand.


  60. hi, strosdegoz. I wanna ask you if this BB is not normal why are they work with Master Card?
    if you give them notarizied documents they will give you real prepaid Master Card.
    I think master card is not work with not normall companys.

    • Anyone can apply to provide debit cards to their members from a third party.

      For example you can check Prepaid Financial Services and other providers and they will give you a card regardless of what you do.

      They don’t work directly with Mastercard they work with some other provider.

      Since they are running an illegal ponzi scheme, they made it strictly private to mention anything related to them and Mastercard working together. If you do mention that they threaten you with account cancellation.

  61. BB is collapsing as ponzi normaly do.Waiting to be paid is now more then 40 days,many do not get asked money at all.Meatings get canceled,promoters gone…scam is counting his last days

    • First of all , if you´re waiting for 40 days something is wrong with your withdrawal process. Meetings cancelled? you have today thousands of affiliates in Irland with Chris, Rajiv, David Hooker and all representatives of the world. Promoters gone ????? what are you talking about?

  62. BIDIFY IS A SCAM !!!!!!!!

  63. I’m really glad that I hit on this page,and my opinion on Baners Broker, I only confirmed.I already have a page in your favorites and I’ll be very happy to draw information from it. Sincerely Karel

  64. Well how odd because Chris Smith is meeting BB members in Dublin this weekend (1st Dec 2012) for a Banners weekend Conference, so I don’t think he’s a faceless person. If it was what you report, then why would the owner put himself in front of everyone? In reality you should only put in what you can afford to lose with any online program like this and not be too greedy. Its a gamble like anything else.

    From what I hear, those who lost accounts were ‘working’ the system and the company are trying to ‘clean’ this side of the business up. I suppose if you work the system you are in danger of losing your shirt!

  65. Well, what a nice begining … “Banners Broker can be GONE Today as it can take another Year”. Now we can change Banners Broker to Coca Cola – or Pepsi or BP or whatever you want – and … Coca Cola can be GONE Today as it can take another Year … If someone is thinking this way it means he should take very very good medicine …

  66. My wife’s BB Account has been hacked into in Sept. 2012 and BB did not even even have a clue it had happened until we drew it to their attention… They ended up locking her account and she hasn’t had access to it since then… Constant email and calls to the so-called UK office (in someone’s house) and multiple calls to Canada with all kinds of excuses from those who answers the phone… Apparently to “RESET” the account password to my wife account by BB engineers has taken the greater part of 8 weeks… Something is definitely wrong!!!

    • Can not know why it take so long but can assure to you that from India side all this issues took no more than 5 days.

      • Thats because you indian Rock, i love you guys, i’m really happy you guys over there are loving BB, it must be rocking your world, i am so happy the money is going back to the wise 🙂

      • Hi Jaime
        Are you still being paid out by BB? Are you in India? I have heard their Goa office was raided by police and they have been put under survelance? When did you take out money last?
        Can you please help me out and save me from being duped if it is a scam?

  67. Hi,

    I read your story back in June before i joined BB that same month. And I have been making money from the program ever since. We are now in December, and the company is still up and running – They’re in Dublin as i am writing. You made lots of money from them, let others do same and stop putting fear into people’s mind.

  68. please, i’m a student in need of for my academics. parents financially broke. what or which money making site would you recommend. i need reply urgently. thanks
    and good job on here

    • Banners Broker is where you should but your money, you can sit on the outside and wait to see if BB stand the test of time, or you can start making some MONEY BY TOMORROW, BB is already over 300,000 affiliates strong and over two years old, everyone i know who is a member has taken out so much more money then they started with, including myself.

      I invested $280 13 month ago and have taken out and spend over $2500 BB is awesome

      My friend who invited me to the business invested $1225 15 month ago and has take out successfully over $56,000 he has about 23 members in his team and they are all making money too.

      Anyone here looking to understand BB better can sing up for free here
      and enter the site and go to the source for the alternative perspective.

      you can watch webinars and get lots of information about BB within the site, and if then you wish to start making some money, ill show you how 🙂

      also check out the BB blog which addresses some of the negative reports being tossed around .

      Peace and love


    • Hey add me on Skype I will help you my Skype is Seovault

  69. Banners broker is a fake company right?

    • Banners Broker is a real company. They recently had a tour where they paid a visit in London to talk about the company (#BBDublinIreland) there are even pics of the evet, and the not-so-faceless owner Chris Smith. There is a support line, though as many not so large scale companies, the hours for support are not 24/7

  70. Well, what can I write. I invested USD 1.000 in banners broker and it’s offline. Clearly a big scam.

    Sad it’s a rip-off.

    • Offline? sure… only for you, bacause for me it works fine. I started low (blue package) and now I have 50 yellow, 18 purple, 8 blue and 3 green packages… already managed to withdraw +/- 1500USD (I invested 150) so please… spare me of your comments, if you dont like it its not really our problem.

      I have 8 direct refferals to who I give full support (I also tranfer pannels to my “team” without charging anything in order to let them grow faster) and none of them is complaining… 3 of them already made 3 times more the invenstment they made so, dont say its a scam or anything, if its going to last 1, 5 or 10 years? no one knows, but it works.

      Now what people are saying about the guy that was fired… 1st BB is not owned by one guy, its a company with 3 directors, one of them left the company (not really true, he was fired because he was taking money from the company but BB decided to state that he was fired).

    • Funny that Marc. Its still here, still making everyone very good money and you seem to be the only person who doesnt think so.

  71. Now to address the “fake” VAT number. Ireland’s own Paul McCarthy on his BB website shows VAT number 9814214 for all to see. But when you go to check the VAT number, you get this response:

    VAT Number: IE 9814214
    VIES VAT number validation: No, invalid VAT number (please refer to FAQ, questions 7, 11, 12, 13 and 20 for more information).

    Member State: IE

  72. I don’t think you get too many bad comments because people are loving banners broker all the fools on here commenting will be broke and alone lol. I love bb how can you not oh yeah if you don’t know what it really is and how you make money than you are a fool keep reading MLM Watchdog he gets paid for you to read the bull.

  73. Michelle Levick says:

    I have been with BB since August last year. I have put thousands into my account as have others. I have heard of some of my fellow members not receiving their money for more than 6-8 weeks or more.
    My story is that I have been making about $10,000-15,000.00 give or take a bit a month. I purchased an account for my father out of my ewallet funds. I was managing the account as being in his 70’s about 76. It was too difficult for him to grasp. We had to verify our accounts…. so now they have our personal details ( ?? used for ID fraud). I had been putting xtra money in. I went to check on my account and they have now blocked it. Is it because I was managing my fathers account??? or what. Also I purchased $4,885.00 worth of pannels on the 4th of November. Through no fault of my own the WIFI dropped out. Thanks Telstra!! anyhow I still hadn’t received my pannels even after sending them numerous notes and tickets. I had purchased more that day and they all went through fine.
    I have sent them numerous notes, tickets etc to contact them to find out what had happened?? I am now totally blocked and so is my fathers account.
    According to them I had made over $120,000 (US$) but I had only taken out like $10,000.00 and that was to buy more pannels and to set up my dad’s account.
    Be warned!!!!
    So over the past 17 months or so I have put in at least $10,000.00 of my own money.
    What do I do?????
    I hate to say it but I feel that they are dishonerable. I tried to ring them but my message was …”Please check the number and dial again”…
    Michelle Levick

    • At this point is too late, they will lock as many accounts as possible in order to reduce payout because Banners Broker it’s already reaching its tipping point.

      2-6 more months and either there will be a huge compensation plan change, the panels will fully stop from doubling or they will close all together.

  74. I invested 295 dollars in BB and already took 18 000 out, Banners is great 😉

  75. Banners Broker Refund SCAM!

    Alex Balk December 9, 2012 at 10:32 am

    I would like to address this post to any one that actually connected to the administration of Banners Broker Company and probably can answer to my questions as I can’t get answers from no one around me although I tried all possible & impossible ways. I registered an account and funded it with money few months ago. First problem appeared almost immediately, as before buying any panel or package I decided to return the sum to my e-wallet from an internal BB account. I wrote via e-ticket support system my question regarding the correct way of doing that, and in 24 hours got an answer: “Hello. Thank you for your ticket.Please follow the refund policy located at the bottom of our site. Thank You. BB Team”. That’s exactly what I did, and I found that in order to request cancellation I should send hard letter to Canada’s office in Oshawa and it should be done within 30 days since the funding. I sent it as registered mail, and was sure it’s all right, but in a month I’ve got that mail back not even opened with a sticker telling me that my mail wasn’t claimed. Next step I took was to contact any one from administration of BB in Israel to get an answer why official address posted on the web site and in refunding procedures does not receive mails. My sponsors couldn’t tell me nothing about this, so I tried to get phone number of any official representative. First I’ve found local address BB reps. needed to be there, but when I arrived – no such an office & no such a company there. Then I’ve got probably official rep. phone number – Stacy, but when I called her, she didn’t try even to hear my question, but only asked me “Where did you get this phone number, who gave it to you?”, in a few weeks she called me, finally listened to my question and although she didn’t tell me nothing about the official address in Canada, she made it clear that I can’t take my money back and it must be used for buying panels or packages only. She did’t tell me what is the current office address, but she told me not to bother her anymore on her phone, and promised to send me email for urgent questions but it never came. I also tried to contact mr. Ian Driscoll as leader of all Israel on Skype – no answer, two phone numbers of office in Britain – no answers either. So out of choice my next move should be the purchase of packages and eventually the earning of money. It still would be some way to enjoy my money, but then happened another problem. In order to release funds from the system, you should request BB Prepaid Card from MasterCard and to do that you should enter many personal information including government ID copy, proof of address etc., and I did all that, but now there is a message that my ID and proof of address are rejected with no additional explanations. Same problem with PERSONAL INFORMATION approval (as a mandatory way to get prepaid card) currently many new distributors facing, actually all I know, and even if you go to the page where you should upload requested documents, and press “upload new document” or “replace” the system gives you only one answer: “The page is under maintenance. Please come back later”. I’m coming back every day for already a week but every time the system is only in one state.

    The situation is very annoying simply because of fact that you easily can upload funds to BB account, but you can’t take it out as the approval of personal info lies in the hands of corporate office that is clearly not in Oshawa Canada and has no published phone/fax numbers, but only e-ticket support system that seems stopped functioning around three weeks ago. The system however still sending you “e-ticket received” confirmation, but no action after that – tried that at least three times last weeks.

    BB administration, please help me to resolve those issues, as it’s already too frustrating. Dear members of BB, if you know something or someone that can help me to resolve those things, please write me. My email: *deleted* . Thanking in advance everyone who will answer.

  76. Apparently you don’t know the truth about ZeekRewards and so I doubt that your posts about BB are accurate either. The SEC has not found a single victim
    in Zeek and this company and model plan will be found innocent of any wrongdoing.

    • ZeekRewards is a different topic but right now is more than obvious that the company has been shut down due to it being an illegal entity selling securities and operating as a ponzi scheme.

  77. muhammad arslan sheikh says:

    I want to know about profit clicking. Can you give me your advice. I will be grateful to you.

  78. I am very happy with B B glad i became an affiliated member. Why are people so negative. Join the company and within 6 months take out your initial money which you put in. I can you loose. If the company collapses you still have not lost any money.

    • What if you join now and the “company” is gone in 6 months?

      • Thats why they are investing in new offices.I know someone who went to Ireland last month to BB big event. He was very impressed with what the company outlook many people are making money out of BB for it to be rubbish.

        • Are you familiar with ZeekRewards?
          A ponzi scheme is good while it lasts, the problem is that it shuts down all of a sudden without you even knowing. Is not like they will call you and let you know that they will be closing down and running away with your money.

      • Hi
        Are you a BB Member?
        I’m planning to become one, what do you suggest?

        • I don’t suggest you do that. Read my email.

        • Dude I recomend you to enter with Blue package like I did, 150USD, not much of a risk. and I allready made a lot more that I invested. Its funny people saying, what if I enter now and the company is gone in 6 months? dudes really?? welcome to the business world, if you are so smart, please tell us the name of a company that you are 100% SURE that aint gonna close doors…

  79. I was asked by associates of mine to look into the Banners Broker business model and weaknesses over a year ago. It was obvious that BB had a major inventory issue. Members are stuck with banners they can’t put into play. Pay outs were also a major issue. BB is not a ponzi but may be doomed because of the flawed model used.

    In Jan. 2012 the people who commisioned me started working on their own model. The key was to have a inventory that would not run out and a back end that got pay outs delivered in a couple of days, worst case. It’s done and the company launch will be in March but new members will be able to join at no cost and trade in a couple of weeks.

    I’m not a BB memmber but from what I read they have major problems yet many have made major bucks. It also seems that members are unable to contact BB and get questions answered.

    I’ll post URL and the new company info soon. Those of you who understand the BB concept will like what you see. I’m at the top. I’ve been involved with this group since the 90’s. I benefit from those who sign up under me (sales credits). I just pick up the phone and all my questions or those of members referred by me get answered on that call. all members will need a sponsor to sign up. sign up is free. I’ll be posting my member Ref ID very soon. Both here and at other BB blogs.

    I’m not in the bash BB business. Those of you who understand the concept, potential and business model will love what you see. The company site is not live yet but will be in Jan. I suggest those that don’t like all of their eggs in one basket take a close look.

    • BB members are told from the outset that their initial investment will be doubled…the only reason why members would ever have panels that ‘they are unable to play’ is due to the lack of referrals…as a member you have a choice sit back and do nothing and earn a bit?!?…or if you really want to earn like many have proved it very successfully then you can recruit people. you do not earn any ‘cash’ directly as a result of these efforts as you already are aware but the sales credit in the form of traffic allows you to build a reserve in order that you can move panels ‘into play’

      How will your company differ?…will it allow members to earn money, you know the really good money for not recruiting anybody…you’re prepared to pay out thousands to people for a $500 investment and expect them to do no work and within 2 years give them 250,000 plus???

      Well BB has given people a platform to advertise their businesses (not perfect, i know)….if you’re working hard at it then like alot of people involved in BB you will earn!!!

      I know one guy locally that is comfortably making #2000 a week from BB with a team of only 32 referrals…and is being paid. Never bothers with STP as he’s aware that it takes too long but ninstead uses the BB Debit Card and now everything is on a 7 day rollover he receives his earnings week in week out…he’s been involved for less than 12 months.

  80. Under the Irish Consumer Protection Act 2007, promoting or participating in a pyramid scheme is illegal under Irish law and if convicted, you may be liable to a fine of up to €150,000 or up to five years imprisonment or both.

    Now if you have made money from a pyramid scheme, its probably because someone else has been defrauded.

    Ignorance of the law is not usually a defense.

    • Hi Pat, sorry but I am under the impression that if other people join as a result of your efforts that you are paid to one level?…I think you may be mistaken in thinking that you are able to earn commissions ‘sales credits’ on more than one level down?…I am sorry but may I ask…are you actually a member or have you ever been a member of BB? I would like to offer you free training on how the BB business works to give you a much better understanding and realisation that pyramid scheme this is not…thanks love

  81. thanks for all posts 🙂

  82. Haven’t been paid since September and no help with many phone calls and help tickets submitted.

    • Why haven’t you applied for the BB debit card…way much quicker to be paid that way. Simply because Vectra Services look after the withdrawal and not BB…..perhaps now is good time to finally fill out that notarisation form haey???

    • BB telephone helplines are superb….Support ticket requires major improvements but the telephone services are top notch!!…

  83. Really unable to understand what’s being said in these threads.Perhaps you could explain how you have been defrauded by BB?

    I have been a member since Feb 2012 and have made money successfully!

    I started with a GREEN PACKAGE and now have 3 RED panels and one BLACK panel soon to mature and people that have become involved due to my account are also extremely happy…yes there are things that I wish were speedier such as the withdrawal process but at the end of the day my investment was £270.00 (a safe and reasonable amount which as $500.00 has always been my maximum investment for online businesses)

    Since investing my $415.00 I have been paid well over a $1000 in to my STP account and many people around me have been paid out well over what they initially put in (those who haven’t received anything yet are those that have chosen to reinvest it with the purchase of extra panels and traffic packs etc) and are more than happy with progress.

    Now because of my opinion above I am prepared to put my money where my mouth is so that for anybody reading this I will offer you a FREE OF CHARGE TO YOU – BLUE PACKAGE – these are worth $145.00 so then if it does ALL go wrong you haven’t lost a penny of your own money!?!…For me to work with you and show you how it works all I ask is that you be over 18, not have or had an account already and to be open minded.

    The BLUE PACKAGE will double in value over the coming months and if nothing else you will be able to withdraw to your STP account a couple of hundred dollars that has never cost you a dime….

    If demand is high I will be unable to get round everybody immediately but I will keep you informed but will to honour everybody that apply’s with a BLUE PACKAGE as soon as is feasibly possible….I’m not a rich and loaded guy by any means, just a normal bloke from the UK but my internet ‘money making’ interests’ do make me a very good living…my issue is I am sick to death with all the downbeat negativity of BB when alot of people know that they have made a lot of money from BB but somehow feel more important in some way and should be treated better than the rest of the membership!!…blah blah complain blah blah!!

    So there you go….you have an in strategy to BB that won’t cost you a dime then in 12 months time you can write your experiences of BB on here and if I was to end up with EGG ON MY FACE…then it hasn’t cost you anything has it?

  84. Gary Cameron @ Plexus Slim Review says:

    This was recommended to me by someone and I am super happy I found this before signing up.

    From the main page things looked real good for me. I am looking for places to place ads and I also have web sites that I may want to monetize. Banners Broker seemed like a perfect fit.

    The enroll screen indicates they are taking referrals only. It is through my search for someone to refer me that I found this.

    All I can say is THANK-YOU. You’ve saved me a ton of heartache and hassle.

  85. Banners Broker says:

    it’s easy to talk without proves. it passed 7 mouths and theauthorities does not closed it.

  86. I advise all of you take a hard look at a new program similar to BB but superior. I have a comparison chart I’ll sent to those interested.

    Company is named Bank On Traffic. BOY is in their (out) final website functionality phase prior to launch. I’m at the very top of the BOT structure. Only the company itself is above me.

    Word is spreading fast. Contact me at if you’re interested in receiving the comp sheet.


  87. The Banners Broker (BB) World Tour has been cancelled!
    All those who bought tickets will receive a refund to their e-wallets.

  88. I think there are a lot of people that lie about income they are making and anybody can say anything about how much they are making with BB, but it’s the usual 1 – 5% that make any real money in the 10’s of thousands for the most part and that’s stats that say that, not me, so tell the stats they are wrong. Anyway, many lie, and if you don’t know them and they bash Rod, and then make some huge income claim right afterward, they are more suspect than Rod is.

    Banners are so yesterday’s news really and not even that great for ROI in advertising. People are just doing it not because they value the product/services of BB, it’s the greed factor setting in, and they just are greedy and can care less if the advertising performs well or not, and with banners they are near the bottom of the list as far as performance is concerned.

    I know, because I do professional SEO/SEM for a multimillion dollar Co and banners would not have even gotten them close to where they are now, and matter of fact, we do very little if any banner advertising. PPC and cost per click done right blows away BB or any form of banner CPM advertising bar none. Just my take, and some facts. 🙂 P.S. btw apps are the future, not banners so with that said.

    btw; please comment and share my latest press release on IBO. I thank you in advance! How to Capitalize on the Future of Mobile Apps Now

    P.S. It will be worth your while, because I haven’t done a low price point bizop for a couple years but this one is truly high value and high touch service. So many people are joining at record pace, it’s crazy right now, and it’s only a 3×7 forced matrix so it will be a good little money maker (maybe I would guess many more than average will make in the 100’s of dollars a month).

    Not a get rich biz, but a very good monthly profits biz, and free apps for business training, success training, life training, tools and much more down the road for professionals. It just makes horse sense since most people I talk to either A) don’t want to invest much, or B) just broke or both. This is truly for anybody with a little ambition and does some work to build it. If they don’t, well they can still make good money, so win/win. day1charitydonation

  89. I also startet with $555 and have pulled out in cash over $30k
    people can do it if they follow the system that is set.
    It’s not sitting on a card in a website or anything its real and proven.

  90. Sulaiman Moakan says:

    my uncle start small and he is close to a billoinaire, he turn a big thing now at BB, so BB is good, dont worry….

    • That’s great considering that they pushed the payout to the 17th January and made huge noise about it and no one got paid… Yesterday. We will see what excuse they come up with for the missing payments.

      • yo, now bannersbroker is bad and worthless, gone to the drain, loss hundreds of thousands and never will get it back, i created blogs and other website informing the world about thier scam and thanks for telling me earlier, but i didnt listen because of my mad ass uncle

  91. HI Dirson

    Don’t you think you have to eat your words now Mr Dirson?

    This Rubbish (
    )that you have put up about BB is more than 8 months Old & it seems to me
    this article of yours are nothing but words of a rough who was shown the door
    due to compliance.

    All your expertise or knowledge
    / predictions ( being a Internet marketing Guru ) has been proved wrong, This
    Company is getting bigger and better each day. The truth is I was just Paid
    once again.

    BB is better than any of the
    stupid companies you are promoting on your site. 2 years
    & they (BB) are paying in spite of Non Complaint members (whose id was
    suspended by BB) spreading wrong information. Shifting to New offices in Canada
    & India, 300,000,000 members

    Any way my sincere advice to you
    is change the date of your Initial post, if people have to still believe you as
    I once did or be more practical in your writing. Hope you will be forced to
    remove this after its 1st anniversary of posting it at least.

    BB says they will pay its
    customers twice over a period on time & they are, YES THEY DID! THEY DO! &
    they will

    But you said they will shut shop
    8 months back, but you do not have the guts to put up a convincing & the
    exact reason why you think so OR BY WHEN THEY WILL shut down.




    • I think you came in a little too late. Banners Broker hasn’t pay in the last month, the panels are not moving at all and you know all the programs they are having.

      Tens of thousands of people can’t withdraw because their documents are not approved.

      Tens of thousands of people got their accounts locked for tons of different reasons, including buying “stolen panels”.

      Tens of thousands of people have pending from as early as the 5th December.

      Hundreds of thousands are now waiting for their STP and PayZa withdrawals that were supposed to go out on the 10th, then the 17th, now the 23rd Jan. and who knows what will come next.

      The withdrawals are always taking longer.

      And the evidence here about Banners Broker being the World First Straight Line Doubler Cycler simply can’t be ignored.

      Those are videos, images and texts taken from their own websites, twitter accounts and such.

      You can come back and post this same crap as you say, when BB has been completely shut down by the police.


  92. LOL…first they take all kinds of money out of your account right away, ad paks, premium members fees (even when you don’t request to be one), etc. However, this blog is quite correct. They have serious problems paying members. I waited over a month last time I requested money. Two friends of mine have now been waiting since, December. As of today, no money. I’m betting like many businesses a lot of people posting here about how great an opportunity BB is don’t actually have checks for the amounts they claim, they have it in their virtual account, which means nothing. Fact: Banners is confusing, has a 70+ page book on how to do it and ask them where their ads really are and they can’t tell you. My guess. It’s a scam. They’re having problems paying because people are beginning to wake up and not put money in and members are taking out more than is coming in. At any rate, the first thing a business must do is pay customers and affiliates. If they can’t go that — well then you’re a fool if you get in.

  93. Well, i transfered funds to buy panels and it has not showed up as credit yet, that could point at some genuine delay on the system to transfer either in or out using STP!?. What are your thoughts?

  94. Ya it really works i working wit a guy who has generated over 2.5 million dollars in profits and i have close to two years experience i can give people help and advise if anyone is interested

  95. Bannersbroker is a danger for your money as well as an illegal business concept. If you are interested in more recent information about bannersbroker, enjoy this article:

  96. I invested $1,000 last May and can’t collect 1 dime

  97. in absence of a company providing a product and or service that generates revenues from legitimate sources, a program that obviously only generates revenue from people buying in to it, screams that it is a ponzi. If you don’t agree with that explanation, then consider Bannersbroker as a company that publicizes claims of generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. There is absolutely not one single supporting fact that any reasonable person could with even the slightest certainty, consider that Bannersbroker is a legitimate multimillion dollar business. That said, rather you believe the ponzi explanation or not, what kind of sense does it make to invest your money in to a company that does not appear to exist, other than what their own people publish on the internet.

  98. i thinkt people need to know before talking spam about BB the most time your sponser hs not traint you ride or any thing im now 20 and ivest 500 dollars in it and now im sitting on 260,000 amount and i dint pull out any money and im just busy for 10 months, i did a calcoleet and in 6 months im standing on a milion yes i have 8 affeliets and a masif greet succes line ( dont call it your down line just your succes) you need to help your people all my 8 people have 8 people because i helpt them and the most of thos people have 6 to 8 people sooo

    you know how many people i helpt with it and how many i going to help wbecause of BB
    and i have a bussnes acount where i drwa evry 4 weeks abount of 15000 a mount in 10 monts time sooo please knwo what you trowing away bless

    KNOW where your talking about befor spamming


  99. There are so many things wrong with this company. Premium member fees. They charge $100 a month (without my approval I might add) for the privledge of getting your money in 15 calendar days as opposed to 20 for the peons. Only problem – they have never met the 15 calendar days on my account.

    Second, a bunch of us noticed recently a charge of $35 for the BB Credit card. Problem -that is supposed to be a one time charge for the card, not a yearly fee which we all already paid.

    There are so many problems with this “opportunity” I couldn’t name them. STAY AWAY. There are plenty of other places to put your money where it actually makes money without being charged ridiculous fees every time you turn around.

    I urge you all with complaints to:
    Ontario Securities Commission –
    The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service -
    Ombudsman Ontario –
    Ministry of the Attorney General

  100. It will fold as ALL Ponzi schemes finally do. If you’ve made money, good for you, but it’s on the back of others who will lose theirs!

  101. Hello there,
    I opened an account 2 weeks ago, and I was very optimistic, although I have been reading on thos forum and I am completely confused. Do ypu thinkBB is illegal? Are they going to close and lock the accounts?
    Many thanks,
    Mònica xx

  102. Hey Vivek, i see you have a lot of questions about Banners Brookers. I saw a question where u ask if its a virtual account. no, you are givven a card (MastrerCard), you send the money from your eWallet (your “site account”) to your card and then use it like you want (I only use to withdraw money, but you can make payments).

  103. Wow! Thanks to the author for this great article. If you’d like to enjoy another discussion about bannersbroker with almost 120 comments, visit this website: You’ll find a very interesting and informative article that relates to the management of Bannersbroker in Germany, Austria and Switzlerland.

  104. i invested a green package and it seems to work quite good till now….

  105. Stuart Molyneux says:

    I joined BB with a purple pack and did nothing for 6 months and made money. BB is not a scam or Ponzi. I now have a small team who are also making money. Too many negative wingers on here.. they want to get rich quick but do nothing! or they want you in their biz opp.

  106. Your account was locked cause you violated BB term & privacy… so you hateก and attacked them? All the rest members have no problem with BB . Why you don’t say the truth????

    • It’s already written all over this blog the cause and effect of everything.

      Right now everything isn’t fine with Banners Broker Scam.

      People haven’t been pay since December.

      This is the only program where you have to have two months of fees in your balance ahead of time to get paid.

      They removed all of the withdrawal options and left only the debit card.

  107. Bannersbroker is the best money making program I have ever have in my life:)

  108. Stephen Goodwin says:

    It is now March 2013 and BannersBroker is still growing stronger each day…

  109. My name is Andrew and I live in North Dorset. I was introduced to Banners Broker by some good friends who had already joined BB in June 2012 as they wanted to ‘sound it out’ first before introducing it to a list of their friends.
    I bought a Green package for $415 (about £290) in Sep 2012 and have been absolutely thrilled with the results so far. So much so that I also talked to some family members and some friends and they have come in with me too! Some of them at a higher level than I did!
    I have bought shares before now and both won and lost so it is not an amount I’m going to lose any sleep over it it all goes pear shaped!

    However,6 months later, my account value is now worth over $6400 (and rising daily)
    SO . . my point is, I really cannot understand why some people are saying – it must be a scam – and being negative about Banners Broker.
    All I can say to them is – either they are fear mongers who want to spread FUD – Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Or they have not actually grasped the pay plan and amazing opportunity OR they are just plain too stupid!

    I meet and talk to those that I introduced to BB regularly. I have spoken to 2 this evening already and another is dropping over any minute to get some training on how to use the free impressions and place adverts to benefit their account.
    Their success means success for me too so I’m only too happy to help.
    I have a full time job and the time and effort needed for my BB business and helping those I introduced, only takes about 2 or 3 hours a week! Easy, if you don’t start watching TV until after 8 or 9pm!

    If anyone would like to join me in Banners Broker and get help assistance and training (all free) then do email me at –

  110. The true story behind Banners Broker!


    First I will lay out a picture for everyone on how things have happened, I will then address Whistlers post.

    me make this clear the official story BB uses now is not entirely true,
    neither was the story Kul used at meetings when he travelled around
    each country under Chris Smith’s supervision and direction as the “VP of
    sales and marketing”. BB started with Kul Josun, Chris Smith, Lorenzo
    Gurini and Raj Dikshit. They borrowed $30,000 from Kul Josun’s brother
    who they paid back $90,000.

    When I say BB is run by amateurs I
    truly mean this and you will understand why. There has always been
    fighting behind the scenes, Chris Smith is a quiet guy who lets Raj
    Dikshit command everything. In the early days Kul Josun used to think
    his position was higher than it was and would order the staff around
    like he was above them. This caused problems between him and Lorenzo
    Gurini which eventually lead to them all send Kul Josun off to do
    meetings when they were up to something and didn’t want him to know

    So Kul Would travel to the UK, Ireland, Portugal and doing
    meetings with the people who would be the IC’s eventually. For anyone
    who attended these meetings it was clear Kul couldn’t answer any
    questions and he would sit back basically and everyone thought he was
    awesome for some reason. He also told people he was the only owner. I
    have it on good authority that the then that “not IC’s” didn’t have
    contact with Chris Smith and Kul was their only contact for any

    Kul was never a professional, I know many people who
    joined BB in those days who were waiting weeks for their accounts to be
    funded because Kul messed around. People were told to send funds to bank
    accounts which Kul would then fund their Ewallet. This was a time when
    people would join with 20/30/40k +. Eventually his daughter came into
    the picture and they would take peoples details who had problems and say
    they would fix things which never happened.

    I have a person who
    now regrets their actions but they were involved with the scammer group I
    mentioned previously, this group was originally going to blackmail Kul
    via Sharon James trying to sleep with him and then Imitaz Aslam planning
    to hire a call girl. In the end they didn’t have to do any of this as
    they managed to get Kul onside to get Ian Driscoll removed from BB as
    they wanted his position.

    Suddenly this group of con men are
    cross pitching Zeek Rewards at the UK meetings and it apparently took
    lots of effort to get Kul to act, which makes perfect sense when you
    know the full picture. BB HQ eventually sent Sharon, Imitaz, Keith all
    cease and desist letters with the understanding that the next thing they
    did wrong would cause them to be removed from Banners Broker.

    all this Banners Broker was about to hand Lieven Van Neste the whole
    account management setup, which he would have people working for next to
    nothing whilst he creamed the big cut for overseeing all this.
    Eventually Lieven was removed from BB and everyone was told not to talk
    with him or you will be kicked out as well. No one knows why this
    happened but it came about later that Kul had a hand in this and used
    Raj to facilitate it. Eventually Banners Broker would pay off Lieven to
    keep him quiet after he was going to serve legals to them at the Ireland

    Now the Portugal event was happening, this would be the
    first time anyone has seen Chris Smith and Raj Dikshit. Insider info
    tells me Kul booked the most expensive room at the hotel and Raj/Chris
    got very basic ones with their families.

    One day Chris/Raj went
    out on a family day when Kul told all the now IC’s there was a meeting,
    it turned out whilst Chris/Raj were out Kul invited a German MLM company
    (NWA ) to do a presentation to the IC’s in an effort to sign them up
    and buy a country position and thousands in product, which he wanted
    them to run alongside BB. A few IC’s went straight to Raj who then took
    them to Chris, Chris locked Kul’s BB account and told him to speak to
    him via the locked message. It turned out a few weeks previously Kul has
    withdrawn $60,000 from his BB account to buy into this company under
    his daughters name without her knowing, when Chris/Raj grilled her over
    this she left the event in tears, Kul vanished as well.

    another guy from the UK appeared called Michael Young and attempted to
    carrying out black mail against Banners Broker as it turned out Imitaz
    Aslam has taken Kul to meet this guy when he visited Manchester earlier.

    turned out that Kul had sold all the IC’s that he was the owner with
    Chris Smith working for them as they only had contact with him. He also
    came to light he had given people different bank accounts and siphoned
    millions from all the countries (Ireland, UK, Portugal and India) to
    his personal offshore accounts. Take note BB/Stellarpoint’s Terry Stern
    recently was very happy to try and pass the blame onto Ian Driscoll for
    this but now the truth has come out.

    The funny thing is, Chris
    Smith let Kul walk away with those millions and also paid him off on top
    of this, the big question is why, any honest business would go after
    him using the law and authorities, but they needed to keep him quiet.

    me make this clear, everything Kul Josun managed to do was because of
    the way Chris Smith and Raj Dikshit run BB, like amateurs and allowed
    their staff to run wild. Any legitimate audit will bring Banners Broker,
    Raj and Chris to their knees as Kul took millions which they cannot
    explain. They have never kept detailed records or accounting from day

    So Kul Josun is out of the picture and has been silent from
    then until now when the Whistler dragged his name into the fold and put
    all BB’s problems onto him. Kul is again trying to get BB people into
    several other dubious things with Kulclub ( Very Funny ) and in all
    probability gulible people will get ensnared.

    The funny thing is
    despite Lieven and Kul removed, Raj Dikshit has taken the power position
    in running and controlling EVERYTHING, Chris Smith is a yes man who
    lets Raj control the entire operation through Stellarpoint.

    Portugal Kul was silent, his team mates Imitaz Aslam, Sharon James,
    Carol Matthews ect were not. They went around selling their stock
    (panels) for below BB prices and sold their multiple positions. Imitaz
    Aslam told everyone BB would be gone by Christmas 2012 as he was working
    with Kul.

    Eventually Kul lead them all down the garden path
    getting them to pay for his medical expenses in the UK, joining Sizzle
    and they realised he played them. Now they tag along with Simon Stepsys
    and cross-pitch Empower Network which David Hooker allows them to do at
    UK meetings despite many complaints to him. Then they all get taken out
    to Canada and get a tour and time with Chris Smith, talk about amateur
    hour after everything that’s happened …

    Whistler, I hope this
    has educated you and you see that Chis and BB create their own problems.
    BB are not a fantastic company nor are the people behind it now, they
    are outright liars and con men of the highest level who on a daily basis
    deceive their affiliates and have no regard for them, you only need to
    look at how many people depend on payments and BB have not made any
    effort to do them for 5 months now or add multiple payout options, they
    have limited everyone using silly rules which they change at will
    without informing people and instructing them to re-read and accept.

    the cancer you speak of are people like

    – Raj Dikshit who controls BB through Stellarpoint

    Simon Stepsys and all the other conmen selling thousands of panels for
    cash in hand and making excuses for BB and roping people into BB for
    their own pure greed
    – Every BB affiliate who can’t use their head and just thinks everything is perfect and awesome

    for Kul opening his own version of BB, no he is not, he openly spoke
    last year about doing portfolio type setup which included Forex deals
    and selling land and hair brained schemes, Josun has never even
    succeeded in building a team. He deceived leaders all around the World
    that he owned BBI and that they were a legitimate company doing
    advertising and it only started to show all the cracks and discrepancies
    later, so suspicions were raised and some of those leaders started to
    realise they had made big mistakes and backed off. The payment crisis
    with BBI is now at epic proportions with affiliates all over the world
    being owed serious amounts of money and deeply concerned if or when they
    will get paid, and the limits imposed on them. So all in all its a
    complete mess.

  111. Binary Option Trading says:

    Banners broker is actually new thing to online advertising that helps increasing your sales business as well as the brand.

  112. Binary Option Brokers says:

    Banners broker is actually new thing in investing and trading your goods online advertising that helps increasing your sales business as well as the brand.

  113. Hey guys.I started with 255$ in January 2012 and until today I withdraw 56k$ .Is it bad business? I’m happy and I making money with BB:)

  114. John Baylis says:

    I have been a member of BB for 5 months and I am full of praise for this company and program. In over eight years of rip offs, broken promises, and many dollars put into useles schemes on the internet, BB is the ONLY program I have seen that is real, gives a great return on every dollar, and is the ONLY ONE where EVERYONE who participates WILL MAKE MONEY. I want and am looking more folk to join me in this fabulous internet program, and will give you total support. Email me at for more info and to answer any questions. Regards, John

  115. I’ve been with BB since August of 2012. I joined with about $450. I put in a request to withdraw closed to $800 about 3 months ago and have NOT been paid yet. I know others who have been waiting to get paid since December. It’s just my opinion, but BB may not be around much longer.

    I’ve been involved with these types of programs since 2005 and have seen many of them come and go. The fact that I was able to put in a request to withdraw $800 and didn’t even refer one person if a definite sign of a Ponzi scheme. Programs like this can not last because everyone who joins can get paid for doing nothing. The company simply can not keep up with all of the payouts.

    In my opinion, this is why no one has been paid since December. I won’t be surprised when I wake up one morning to login to BB and the site is down for good. I’ve seen this happen before. Think about this. How is new money going to come into this program with all of the bad feedback BB is getting? Most people search then internet before joining a program of this nature. When I joined back in August, people were getting paid. No one has been paid in a while now so potential new members will run fast!

    Another fact is that you don’t know who to trust on the internet. I’ve seen post from people on this blog complaining about people spamming against BB. If someone says that they have been paid, how can anyone be sure? Putting in a request for $15,000 is not the same thing as actually seeing the money in your bank account! Folks, this blog ranks very high on the internet. The owners at BB are aware of this I’m sure. I would not be surprised if people with BB are coming to this blog in an attempt to keep their image clean. I could be with a competing company trying to smear the name of BB, but that fact is that I’m not. Go with your first judgement. Do some research on “get paid do nothing programs” and you’ll see that they usually don’t last.

    In 4 months, I would have been with BB for a year and have not been paid yet. Join at your own risk!

  116. banners broker does not run according to what they they promise and what their information session says, i am premium member and according to banners broker premium member will get pay withing 15th days,but i did withdraw on 5th feb and waited till 13th march but havnt got anythings and finally banners broker card gone,then i had to reverse back and then i withdrew $900 on 31st march and they paid me partial amount only $99 and still i am waiting for my payment,i dont understand why its partial and why payment is always issues.this is true story i am not spoiling any image,my frustration is on peak.

  117. I have reset my password in my banners broker account but could not recived any new password in my e-mail. now my account in bb can not be login. I have try a lot of ticket since last friday but they no replay. I can not access my account. any idea same experience how can I solve this problem.

  118. Banners Broker are not paying out any money, they owe us £12k after investing £4k and we were paid a measley $200 of the money owed. It seems they have taken people’s money and now it’s time to pay they have started stalling tactics and witholding money for any spurious reason they can come up with. Please do not invest any cash in to these conmen

  119. free of charge blue package to start your banners broker bussiness

  120. hello guys. i am so glad to send you this post as i am willing to help you alot of guys. i have recently withdrawn 5000 dollars as 2nd may but now my plan is to help other people by giving them them trust, free of charge blue just to show you guys it really works and changes the lives of people.

    i am more than happy to give blue package to start and as you see the result you will carry on your self. as blue package will get you 800 dollars with out doing any thing just stick to the plan .

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  121. […] of others members it is now considered a Full Scam. Read this post for additional information ” Banners Brokers Is GONE (Scam Warning) […]

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