Beginners Guide to Safe list Marketing

Beginners Guide to Safe list Marketing

What is a safe list?

A safe list is a membership site which allows members to send email ads to one another. This means that you are able to email an advertisement to the entire membership of a safe list and in exchange you agree to receive email ads from other members of the safe list. Safe lists also have other forms of advertising like text ads and banners etc.

How does a safe list work?

Safe lists are credit based mailers, meaning that you can email the amount of members based on how many credits you have in your account. There is 2 ways to get credits, you can buy credits (become an upgraded member) or you can read other members email ads and click on the credit link within the email. This credit link takes you to their site and you get credits added to your safe list account for doing so.

There are many free members, meaning they must spend some of their time visiting your websites in order to earn enough credits to send their own ads. That means you are almost guaranteed traffic, as long as your emails are eye catching and interesting to the other members.


First Step – Email Accounts

When you start joining safe lists you will receive lots of emails to your email address from other members. It is critical that you do not use your primary email address in safe lists, as your email account will be flooded with emails in no time.

The very first thing you will need to do is setup 2 new email addresses. The best place to do this is Google mail.

They are free to setup and use and most safe lists recommend using Gmail accounts as most mail is deliverable to Gmail accounts and does not bounce. If emails sent to your email account from other members bounce then you will be removed from the safe list.

The reason for having 2 email addresses is that some safe lists have what is called a contact email address for you and a list email address for you.

The contact email address is used for the safe list admin to contact you and the list email is where the members send their emails to.

Most safe lists have what is called a Solo email, a solo email is an email that members can pay for that is sent to the contact email addresses of the entire list.

However there are lots of new safe lists that will only ask for 1 email address when you are joining. But be on the safe side and set 2 up before you start.

With Gmail you can filter your messages and put them into folders for easy access and I will explain this further on.

Here is the Link for setting up your Gmail accounts:


Step 2 – Get RoboForm

Since you will be joining numerous safe lists, this step will save you plenty of time in the future. You will have login details that you will need to store and passwords to remember, now if you join 10, 20 or 50 safe lists that is numerous login details you need to store and then find, when you want to login to send your mail.

You need to get Roboform. Roboform stores all these details for you and sits at the top of your browser. It has a drop down menu and with one click on the site you want to go to, it will take you there and log you in, saving you plenty of time.

Learn how Roboform works and use it.

You can get Roboform Free here:


Step 3 – Joining a Safe list

When you first go to join a safe list, on the home page there will usually be a bonus code that gives you free credits or solo ads for joining. You will want to take note of this bonus code or promo code and we will use it later after we have been through the signup process.

So you will go through the signup process entering your details like username, password, name and email address.

If it is a site that requires 2 email addresses then you input the 2 email addresses that you setup earlier, if it is a safe list that requires only one then use your email address that you have setup for your list email.

Once you have entered your details you will be required to login to your email account and confirm your membership. If it is a site that requires 2 email addresses you will be required to confirm both.

Once you have confirmed your email accounts you can now login to the safe list.

When you first login make sure that your Roboform stores these details for you and this will be the last time you will need them as RoboForm will take care of it from now on.

Once you have signed in you will be taken to a one time offer page where you will be shown an advertising package that you can purchase or you can pass on it and continue to the member’s area. Most safe lists also have an advertisers login page that you view before going to the members area, if you stay on this page for the required time then you will receive credits for viewing this add.

Ok once you get to the members area on the left hand side will be a menu. The first thing you want to do is click on the advertising tab or setup advertising tab. Once you click on this you will see a section where you can enter the bonus code or promo code that you took note of earlier enter this code and the free advertising that was offered on the home page will be added to your account.

Depending on the free offer there will be numerous types of advertising that has been added to your account. These will include, mailing credits, banner credits, text add credits, hot links, login ads, solo ads etc.

Step 4 – Before You Start Advertising

Before you get into advertising in safe lists I just want to

stress how important it is for you to be using a link tracking service on all of the advertising you setup.

A link tracker is a service that allows you to create tracking links for your site. Every time one of your tracking links is clicked the link tracker records the data for you and then redirects the visitor to the site you are advertising.

This is critical for you to determine whether a particular safe list or advertising campaign is getting you any visitors or not.

There is no point sending to a safe list that is not responsive this only wastes your time.

By knowing which safe lists or advertising campaigns are actually getting you visitors you can then better use your time by only sending to the responsive sites or changing your ads to get better results.

You can get free link tracking, splash pages, banner rotators at TE Toolbox. This is also a very good site in helping you learn some tricks and tactic to safe list advertising.

You can get a free account here: TETOOLBOX.COM


Step 5 – Setup Your Advertising

Now that you have the previous steps completed you can login to your safe list account and setup your advertising.

Once you have logged into the members area click on advertising or setup advertising or some safe list have a tab that says credit mailer. From here you will be able to see what advertising you have available to use and setup or how many mailing credits you have available.

Most of your advertising that is here for you to use is very easy to setup and self explained.
Just make sure that you use your tracking link where you place your URL’s so you can keep track of your advertising hits.


Step 6 – Filtering Your email Accounts

Once you start joining safe lists you will start to receive other member’s emails to your email accounts that you setup. You should setup filters for these emails to place them into folders in your email account as you start receiving your first emails. There are 2 reasons for doing this. Firstly you do not want your inbox full daily of emails when you login and secondly you will want to be able to find emails from a particular site easily so that you can go to that folder open it and then open the emails in that folder so you can click on the credit links to earn credits. If your emails are all jumbled and mixed together it takes more time to find emails from a site that you want to earn credits for to send out your own advertising.

Setting up a filter in Gmail is very easy. First thing to do is tick the box next to the email you want to setup a filter for, then you click on the tab that says more actions and in the drop down menu click on filter messages like these. The site email address will be automatically inserted at the top for you, you then click on next step, then tick the boxes that say skip inbox, apply label to, and never send it to spam. Then in the dropdown menu next to the apply label to box click on create new folder, type in the name of the safe list site, then you click on create filter. Now as emails come in from that safe list they will automatically be sent to that folder for you to find them easily. You should do this with every new safelist you join as the first emails start coming in.

If you follow these steps in setting up your safelist advertising you will find that your advertising will be more effective and you will save yourself time.

Here are a few safe lists that are responsive for you to start on.

Hell Traffic

Traffic Ad Links

Ad Troopers

Solo Ad Profits

If you want to fully advertise using Safelist, here is a list with additional resources | Safelist List.

Good Luck and I hope this helps.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)
P.S. Written by Darren King

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