Bidify 2.0 Important 2013 Update

Bidify 2.0 – 2013 Full Update
Bidify 2.0 2013 Update, News, Compensation Plan & Bidsson 2.0

Bidify 2.0 – January Update 2013

Bidify is live and so far it has been the only Multi Level Marketing company attached to a penny auction that has a real penny auction working next to it. Bidsson is exploding!!!

There was a big revamp of the Bidify compensation plan over the holidays and the first week of January it went live. Bidify is a 100% legal and registered company.

At first I was in a negative mood when the new plan launched but after seeing all the positives and how fast support is working, all the features working properly then my mood changed and for the better.

Today Bidify is working to a 100% percent and improving. Bidsson 2.0 is set to launch soon as well but Bidsson 1.0 (let’s call it that way), its already working extremely well and  lots of auctions going on at the same time.

Here I will give you a full update on everything that is going on with Bidify & Bidsson. If you are an old affiliate, if you are new one, everything there is to know plus : suggestions, steps, details, everything.

The Bidsson bonus is now going up daily and the CAPs are paying a very good amount, you really don’t want to miss that.

In this update I will discuss the following points :

– Bidify & Bidsson Withdrawal and Funding features
– Bidify 2.0 Compensation Plan
– Bidify CAP & CAB (Customer Acquisition Points & Bonus)**
– Bidify 90 Days Challenge (Important)
– Bidify Qualifications, PV and Administration fee
– Bidsson Bonus Points on Bidify (Old affiliates)*
– Bidify Video Training for Affiliates
– Bidify Radio, 7 Days A Week conference calls
– Bidsson auctions (Won xBox and HD with just 250 Bids)*
– How To Win on (Winning Tips)


Bidify Withdrawal and Funding Features

Bidify is a Multi Level Marketing company, so we become affiliates with the promise of building a full time or part time income or to put it simple, to make money.

Before Bidify 2.0 affiliates didn’t have many options to receive their commissions and bonuses. This has been solved.

Bidify Funding

You can fund your Bidify account instanly using one of the following option :

PayZa, SolidTrust Pay, Skifry Pay and / or Bank Wire. Credit Cards are accepted by Skifry Pay, PayZa and STP.
Note : All options are instant and fully integrated but Bank Wire which is a manual process.

Bidify Withdrawal

In the past we only had Towah as a withdrawal option, now additional payment processors are available and fully automated.

Towah Gateway, PayZa and SolidTrust Pay.
Note : All methods are fully integrated. For the withdrawal options to fully show, you need to update your profile with your payment processor ID, if you don’t use one of the processor you can put “none” in the box to make the option visible in your backoffice.

Bidsson Funding / Withdrawal

You can fund your Bidsson account through Towah, Skifry Pay or directly through Bidify (purchase the bid packages and transfer the bids).
You can withdraw your Bidsson cash to your Bidify account and use the available withdrawal options on Bidify to withdraw. (In Bidsson withdrawals only applies to the sell back feature).


Bidify 2.0 Compensation Plan

The compensation plan has been fully updated.

Here are some of the Bidify 2.0 Payplan bullets :

– You will earn CAPs (Customer Acquisition Points) for every premium bid that your customers bid on Bidsson.
– You will earn CABs (Customers Acquisition Bonus) for 60 days on every CAP.
– You will earn CAPs down 15 levels, commissions down 15 levels and more.
– The cost to become an affiliate is €100.
– Affiliates will have to pay €25 monthly admin fee.
– 15 Levels of Unilevel payout.
– And Much More…

The CAPs are paying really well and it’s well worth to be participate in the compensation plan. The earnings and earning potential are incredible and growing daily.

I really suggest that you go through the full compensation plan. It is easy to understand and everything is explained in detail.

1 – Go to
2 – On the top menu hover over “What Is Bidify” and then click on “Online Presentation”.
3 – Scroll down and below the Bidify Movie you can see the full Compensation Plan.

For your convenience I embedded the payplan below…


Bidify Costumer Acquisition Points (CAPs)

The Bidify Customer Acquisition Points (CAPs) are the most famous part of the compensation plan. There is some confusion going on with CAPs and CABs, so I am updating this post to add some details about it.

CAPs are Customer Acquisition Points and you earn them when your customers bids on Bidsson.
CABs are the bonuses paid when you earn CAPs. Meaning if you have CAPs you will earn CAB (Customer Acquisition Bonus) daily.

Each CAP will pay you for a total of 60 days based on a certain % of Bidsson Surplus.

The only way to earn CAPs is when your customers bid on Bidsson using bids they bought. They can buy Premium bids through Bidify and transfer them to their Bidsson account or they can simply purchase retail bids through Bidsson and you will still be awarded CAPs and earn for 60 days on them.

Now, giving away bids to customers does not generate CAPs, so they must purchase their own bids or convert their Bidsson Bonus Points to bids and use them.

You will earn CAPs and bonuses down 15 levels of your downline if you meet the qualifications, which means that you have the potential to accumulate CAPs from thousands of customers.

The fact that the CAPs are only awarded when customers use the bids, makes this extremely sustainable and 100% legal and legit.

For any questions on this feel free to contact me or use the comment section below.

Bidify 90 Days Challenge

The Bidify challenge doesn’t apply anymore but if you joined my teambuild several months ago you might be one of the winners.

If you qualified for any challenge bonus but never received the bonus, please contact support and they will award your bonus right away.

The most common is the 3 paid affiliates within 7 days of sign up. If you won that one, contact support and you will get your 100EUR ASAP.


Bidify Personal Volume and Qualifications

The next three points goes together, so please read them all.

The qualifications are simple, affiliates only need to pay the €25 admin fee and purchase a €50 bids package. This will qualify you for everything.

For the Founders Bonus and Bidsson Bonus which are becoming better everyday, you need to meet the same requirements above. A total of €75 / month.

Now think of this, only €25 is a fee because for the remaining €50, you will get 50 premium bids that can be used on Bidsson.

…Keep reading

Bidsson Bonus Points (New Features, Real Value)

If you have Bidsson Bonus Points, you now have the option to convert these into bids and transfer them to Bidsson for your own use or to give away.

You can use a maximum of 250 bids from Bidsson Bonus Points per month and you can also give a maximum of 250 bids to customers per month.

Giving away bids does not generate CAPs but it definitely generates active customers.

IMPORTANT : You do not need to pay any sort of fee to convert your points to bids and use them in the auctions.

… Keep reading

Bidsson Auctions Are Exploding (Won xBox & HD with 250 Bids)

Now you might think that 250 bids is not powerful but it is. As I said before you can use a maximum of 250 bids per month from your Bidsson Bonus Points.

Now I tried this myself and as soon as I saw the Bidsson Bonus I wanted to send them back to Bidify (which isn’t possible) but then I won two auctions with just around 210 bids. It was a huge surprise to me and that made me a nice profit.

I won an xBox 360 and a Samsung HD which I sold back to the company making several hundred euros in profit. See below…

Bidsson 2.0 Penny Auction - Won Penny Auction @ Bidsson & Bidify

So just in case you don’t want to participate in the program anymore, you can choose to use convert your points to bids and use them on Bidsson. Is not always easy but is worth to give it a try.

Suggestion : I just learned today that the best time to bid is early in the morning EST GMT-4. In the afternoon there is too much competition.


Winning at Bidsson (Tips to win on the Penny Auction)

Our team leader made a great power point presentation explaining the basics about Bidsson and giving out few tips to increase your chances of winning.

Following these tips I’ve won several auctions myself.

These steps are simple, easy and straight to the point.

Winning @ Bidsson for beginners (Tips & Tricks)


Bidify Training, Videos & Conference Calls

Bidify has been around for over a year now and is here to stay. Bidsson is only growing with the launch of Bidsson 2.0 really close.

Whatever you do, I suggest you stick around in one way or another.

– To get your account back on track check this video by Mbeal @ Youtube (he explains the basics).

– 7 days a week Webinars, Conference Calls and Q&A – 9:30PM EST

– I can help you manage your account, if you need help with anything.

Just contact me.

– We have a Skype group, to join the group add me on Skype @strosdegoz


Any questions feel free to contact me.

This post is yet to be checked for typos and grammar errors, if you find any just let me know.

Thanks for reading.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz

One thought on “Bidify 2.0 Important 2013 Update

  1. Well after looking it over,and being in the skype room,I see this has really taken off Stros :)Went to bidsson to see more activity than I ever have.Actually even better earnings than way back….Im back in :)..By the way,i put in a ticket yesterday morning about my 7 day 100 euro I never got,and late this afternoon they responded,and I got 100 added to my account.Support was quick.Im impressed and actually excited all over

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