Bidify 2.0 (New Compensation Plan)

Update : Bidify 2.0 is live and kicking – sign up @


Bidify 2.0 (New Compensation Plan)

Bidify & Bidsson

Bidify 2.0 is coming! After ZeekRewards a massive amount of Programs / Multi Level Marketing companies came to be with a Penny Auction website as their product. Bidify is the only one of those companies that made it to actually launch a penny auction that works together with its compensation plan.

Bidify not only has a real penny auction attached to it named Bidsson, it is also a successful Penny Auctions and it has been working 24 / 7 for at least the past 6 months. You can take a look at Bidsson or join now through the following link – (Get 25 Bids by joining for FREE)

Due to some major challenges Bidify had to change from one compensation plan to the other and finally they’ve come up with a plan that is 100% legal and rewards the affiliates as much as possible.

Bidify 2.0 - Compensation Plan - Penny Auctions Bidsson


Bidify 2.0 – New Compensation Plan

Here is the new Bidify compensation plan. It is yet to be implemented into the system but it is scheduled to go live as soon as the final testing are over.

Now let’s go into some of the details in the new Bidify 2.0 compensation plan.

Success in Bidify requires hard work, dedication and good sales skills.
Compensation is directly tied to the personal effort of each independent Affiliate 

Getting Started in the business :

The cost to join Bidify is €100, no commissions are paid on the sign up fee.
There is a monthly renewal fee of €25, no commissions are paid on the renewal fee either.

The Signup package includes:
•The Bidify prepaid Card
•The GPG* E-Wallet for commission payouts
•The Bidify Builder Marketing System
•The Bidify Academy
•A Replicated Bidify Website
•Your own personal Bidify Backoffice

*Global Payroll Gateway (Irvine, California)

There are three different income streams :

Earn commissions up to 15 levels in your organization. This is the most powerful unilevel in the industry!

Earn CAPs every time a bid is used in bidsson in your organization. CAPs earn you a daily CAB for 60 days!

On top of the already rewarding unilevel we reward you frequent sale credits. These can be used for shopping!

The presentation goes on to explain how the premium bids works, what are CAPs and what is CAB. Also it explains how penny auctions works and how money is made from them.

The Unilevel payout is also explained in detail, the Frequent Sales Credits (FSC), etc. To get all of the details make sure to check the power point presentation, everything is explained clearly.

Since there is so much going on out there about Penny Auctions, how they work and how much money can be made with them, below is the slide of the power point presentation that explains just that.

This is based on Bidify & Bidsson compensation plan and the income and profit will vary depending on the price of the bids that are being used in the auctions.

Bidify 2.0 Penny Auctions How It Works

Overall I am happy with the new compensation plan because it keeps Bidify as a legal Multi Level Marketing company and all compensation is based on new sales and not just another ponzi scheme. Apart from that the sign up cost and the monthly fee is way too high, today 50 euro = 65.3 usd and no commissions are paid on that, so go figure that one out.

Update : The monthly admin fee has been lowered to 25 euro, which is great news for us the affiliates and for them as a company because not many people were going to pay 50 euro / month just to be an affiliate.

Any questions, opinions, comments use the comment section below.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz

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