Bidify 3x Wide Teambuild – Q & A

The Bidify 3x Wide TEAMBUILD

Get 3 Paid Affiliates in Your downline & theirs

This will be the biggest build EVER!!! TRUST ME!

Hello {!firstname_fix}, few days ago I sent a teaser about our upcoming Bidify 3x Wide Teambuild Not to my surprise only hours later 100s of emails came in with questions and interested people so here, I will be giving you all the details about the Teambuild.
1 – What is a Teambuild and what we will do for you exactly?
2 – What are the advantages of being in a Teambuild?
3 – What are the guarantees and promises of this Teambuild?
4 – What is the Income Potential?
5 – What are the Teambuild Rules?
6 – Are there Marketing Tools & Support?
7 – What about the company, will it ever be Shutdown by the Authorities?
8 – What are the accepted Payment Processors?
9 – When do we get paid?
10 – What do I have to do in order to participate?
11 – When does the Teambuild Starts? I WANT IN NOW!!!

Above you can see a list of the most common questions I am receiving. I will answer them all here. So please read this complete post. Thanks in advance.
Note : The sign up process can take anywhere from 1-3 days. So if it takes time to get your link, don’t think that you were left behind instead other people are yet to sign up.
Temporary TEAMBUILD RESOURCES Page (You can request your link here)

What is a Teambuild and what it does for me?

A teambuild is a team effort done to help affiliates in your same downline to grow their business and reach pay levels that they wouldn’t reach by themselves.
What this Teambuild does for You, is that it places Direct Paid Affiliates in your Downline and also places affiliates under your affiliates. With a combined Team Effort.

What are the advantages of being in a Teambuild?

The advantages of joining a Teambuild VS joining without any team support are the following : You get placed in a list and eventually get 3 paid affiliates in your downline Your affiliates will also get affiliates eventually Marketing, Promoting & Building tools + full time support And much more…

What are the guarantees & promises?

As far as guarantee, we can’t gurantee any results as it would be against the company terms & conditions and this teambuild terms as well.
We do promise that we will get You 3 Paid Affiliates within 90 days of you Joining which will qualify you to earn on the entire company (TT bonus pool). This will be limited to the first 50 – 100 members and can change anytime. You can ask if this offer is still available when requesting your sign up link.

What is the Bidify Compensation Plan Income Potential?

The Bidify income potential is unlimited, as you will earn as much as you can as long as sales are being generated.
On The Daily Bonus Pool part, you can earn thousands of dollars daily by qualifying in the various bonus pools. Remember it only takes 3 affiliates to qualify for the lowest rank Team Trainer and a total of 12 to reach Ambassador which pays ~$50 Daily Amounts can vary and here are only used as an example / estimate.

What Are the Teambuild Rules?

Only paid members are allowed Each member can get a maximum of 3 Paid Affiliates into the waiting list.
Additional affiliates must be placed under your downline, this will help you climb to higher levels and hep them earn as well.
Note : Earn member can recruit as many affiliates as they want but only 3 will be added to the list to avoid 1 person from getting all the top positioning.
**Note : The Teambuild starts from Zero, there will be around 2-4 members registered and already HUNDREDS in queue to sign up. The faster the better.
After we sign up the first wave (Friends, List Subscribers & Close Contacts) we start the second wave with hundreds of new prospects and tons of advertising, ensuring that everyone in the Team has the
best possible placement.

Are There Marketing Tools & Support?

Let me put it simple, we will have about a dozen different marketing pages Tons of banners, splash pages, landing pages, autoresponder, sample letters & More. The answer is YES.

 Will Bidify be Shutdown by the Authorities?

After the ZeekRewards situation Bidify went into an extensive compliance procedure and changed the entire compensation plan and structure of the company.
What we have now is a 100% Legal Online Multi Level Marketing Business. No more need for compliance course either.
Bidify will never be shutdown by the SEC or any other authority in the USA or other countries because it is 100% LEGAL. We have years to build and grow.

What are the Accepted Payment Processors?

Funding options : Towah (Credit Card accepted), Bank Wire, PayZa, Skyfri (SolidTrust Pay)
Withdrawal options : Bidify Debit Card, Towah (Bank Wire {International} & Debit Card)
Coming Soon : Bidify eWallet (iPayout I believe) & more
Team Support Funding : To fund your account you can contact me and we can arrange the funding. INSTANT.

When do we get paid?

Commissions are credited instantly each time a transaction is processed into your cash balance.
Bonus pools are paid daily to your account cash balance.
Payments are processed every Friday of the year, without fail.

What do I have to do to participate in the Teambuild?

For now you only need to request the sign up link in line. Became an upgraded Affiliate and that’s it.
I plan on implementing certain advertising requirements with step by step instructions but not really mandatory, just a suggestion to help the team grow and get as many affiliates as possible as fast as possible.

When does the Teambuild Starts? I WANT IN NOW!!!

My plan is to start on the 2nd October when I get back from the Bidify Cruise.
For now I will keep on sharing information and members can request more info or to be added to a waiting list. We will have 100s of members joining, Literally so the faster the better.

I hope that answers all of your questions.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz

2 thoughts on “Bidify 3x Wide Teambuild – Q & A

  1. Are you still doing this teambuild for bidify?
    I was crushed financially by Zeek, both my finances and quite a few people that I had join. I lost friends due to the Zeek fiasco and I have no warm market left to focus on. I would love to still be able to make money only and this teambuild looks quite promising. If it is still going, please send me the link to sign up.

    Most respectfully,

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