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Bidify has grown so much momentum that the entire internet is filled with ads for this unique and amazing opportunity. What if I can give you some additional tools that will increase your sign up and upgrade ratio by up to 50% if not more?

Buying and setting up ads is just one of the steps needed to achieve the results you want advertising online. Is not about getting lots of traffic that you will never see again, is about getting traffic, getting their information, keeping in touch, keeping them informed, updated and that will translate into Paid members, Active customers and Active Affiliates.

A system that those this costs a lot of money or requires lots of time and knowledge to get it up and running. Here I built my own Bidify & Bidsson Advertising & Marketing System.

Remember the phrase “The Money Is In The List”? With this marketing system, you will have a Lead Capture Page (to capture your prospects information), An Autoresponder (to keep your prospects updated automatically) and marketing materials to set up your ad campaigns.


 NOTE  : To order your Bidify Marketing System, scroll to the bottom of this page.


Bidify Marketing Tools

Let’s go straight to the point. Here are a set of tools that you can use to promote your Bidify & Bidsson business. You can use all these for free but the Lead Capture Page which costs a one time payment of $15usd and you can use it forever.

Lead Capture Page

The lead capture page features an Autoresponder with over 15 Follow Up Letters that include your own referral link. Your members will always be updated and receive promo emails for as long as they are subscribed to your website.

A Lead Capture Page can increase your sign up ratio by 60% and upgrade ratio to up to 70%, so this is definitely a no-brainer.

Bidify & Bidsson Lead Capture Page preview

When prospects optin (Input their name and username), you receive an instant email notification and they are then redirected to your Splash Page or referral link. After they confirm their email address they will receive follow up / promote letters for several months until they decide to either sign up or unsubscribe.

Scroll down for instructions on how to order your Bidify Lead Capture Page & Marketing System.

Splash Page

You’ve seen this Splash Page more likely, it was made by my upliner Darren King. I will make my own updated one soon and update this post.

The capture link is :
Replace strosdegoz with your own Bidify username. If you purchase the Lead Capture Page, this one will be added automatically to your marketing system.

Bidify & Bidsson splash page preview

Custom Banners

Here is a custom made set of banners this includes the following sizes :
125 x 125 – 250 x 250 – 468 x 60 – 728 x 90

Bidify Banner 125 x 125 by strosdegoz Bidify Banner 125 x 125 by strosdegoz

Bidify Banner 250 x 1250 by strosdegoz Bidify Banner 250 x 1250 by strosdegoz

Bidify Banner 468 x 60 by strosdegoz

Bidify Banner 468 x 60 by strosdegoz

Bidify Banner 468 x 60 by strosdegoz

Bidify Banner 468 x 60 by strosdegoz

Bidify Banner 728 x 90 by strosdegoz

Bidify Banner 728 x 90 by strosdegoz

Step by Step Advertising Guides & Strategies

Now that you have all the needed tools, now you need to know how to promote and if you know how then you need to know where. You can click on the “Advertising Strategies” link on the top menu or go to the link below.

You will find step by step advertising guides strategies, everything from text ads to article marketing, solo ads, banner ads, etc, etc.

DoNothingMoney – Advertising Guides & Strategies

BUY NOW (Order Your Marketing System)

Follow the steps below to order your page.

Request your Lead Capture Page :
Copy this form below and type the answer next to each number after the ‘ –>> ‘ or I won’t be able to make your page.

0 – Contact @ strosdgoz[at] or click here and provide the following information :

1 – Full Name ————————————————–>>
2 – Bidify Referral Link ——————————>>
3  – Payment Transaction ID or Receipt ——————–>>
4  – Contact E-mail Address ———————————->>

Cost is $14.99 one time payment – Available to everyone (Hosted for life).
Alertpay : alandetsu [at] gmail.comPaypal : alansenseigold [at] – Solid Trust Pay : strosdegoz

That’s all.

I will update this post as I make new tools, get yours now and get ahead of the others before this business really booms.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz

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