Bidify Affiliate Upgrade – Step by Step V3.0

Bidify Affiliate Upgrade
Step by Step Instructions V3.0 

Bidify Affiliate Upgrade Instructions

Step by step instruction to upgrade to a Bidify Affiliate. The process to upgrade is really simple and its basically 3 steps but the funding part requires some more time.

I am helping my team members to fund their account through Towah and make the whole process instant and painless, so if you are part of my team feel free to contact me and I will help you out.

Note : On top of the step by step instructions to become an affiliate, I will also give you instructions on how to fund with each payment processor (Scroll to the bottom of this page).
– Step by Step funding through PayZa
– Step by Step funding through SolidTrust Pay (Skyfri Pay)

Getting Started

– 1st – Sign up as a Retail Customer @ under your Sponsor

– 2nd – Login to your account @ and fund it. You will need €50 one time payment to become an affiliate + the One-Time Packages.

For funding you have available major credit cards (Visa & Mastercard), SolidTrust Pay through Skyfri Pay, PayZa, BankWire and Towah.

The available One-Time packages are the following :

Bidify Starter €100 (210 bids, 100PV)
Bidify Premium €250 (550 bids, 250PV)
Bidify Builders €500 (1125 bids, 500PV)
Bidify Advantage €1000 (2300 bids, 1000PV)
Bidify Professional €3000 (7000 bids, 3000PV)

Example : If you want to upgrade to Bidify Starter €100, you should fund your account with €150. €50 for the Affiliate Upgrade Fee and the remaining €100 for the One-Time Package.

– 3rd – After you pay the €50 One Time Affiliate fee, you need to complete the “Compliance Course” before moving forward, it should take less than 15 minutes.

– 4th – Then on the left menu, click on “Bidfy Webshop” and then “One-Time Packages”. Choose your package and confirm payemnt.

– 5th – You are done and now fully upgraded and qualified to earn commissions.

– 6th –  Procedure simplified.

1 – Join
2 – Fund & Pay
3 –  Complete the Compliance Course
4 – Purchase One-Time Package
5 – You’re Done


As soon as you get Frequent Sales Credits, purchase Bid Packages and put them on the Penny Auctions, if you don’t have the time, set the Bid Butler and it will work for you.


Click Next Page #2 for :
Bidify Step by Step Account funding through PayZa

Click Next Page #3 for :
Bidify Step by Step Account funding through SolidTrust Pay (Skyfri Pay)

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  1. Which one can you recommend for a starter like me. aditnetwork, gofunplaces or bidify. Please, help me out. Thanks

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