Bidify Affiliates Action Required

Bidify Affiliates – Action Required

Bidify Monthly Fee & Personal Volume

Bidify just launched 2 days ago and there are two steps that you need to follow in order to be eligible to earn Leadership Bonus.

The Bidify Leadership Bonus is the most lucrative and attractive part of the Bidify Compensation Plan and your account needs to be in Good Standing for you to qualify to earn these bonuses.

Bidsson will launch on the 7th May (Monday) and that’s when everything will start rolling.

Bidify & Bidsson Penny Auction & Daily Profit Share


How To Be In Good Standing

1 – You must have paid your monthly cost of €20

2 – You must have a minimum Personal Volume (PV) of 50 points.

You can login to your Bidify Backoffice right now and pay for your monthly administrative fee and purchase your 50 retail bids, this will put your account in good standing and qualify you to earn the Leadership Bonus.

The process to pay for the fee and the ‘pv’ is really simple :

1 – Login to
2 – Click on Bidify Webshop on the Left Menu.
3 – Click on Monthly PV & Renewal.
4 – There you can pay for your Fee and Purchase your Monthly PV.

Note : You will be able to use your Account Balance or your Mandatory Balance, which ever you prefer.

Note ** : To be able to see the “Purchase” button you need to use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome at the moment as Firefox isn’t working. I don’t know about other web-browser but Google Chrome should do.

How Leadership Bonus Works
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