Bidify & Bidsson Guaranteed To Launch This Month

Bidify & Bidsson
Launch Guaranteed in June

Bidsson Launches in June

Great news for me coming home and finding a Bidify newsletter with a great piece of news in it.

Bidify and Bidsson improvements are all almost ready with most of them already completed. The administration team and support staff are now guaranteeing that the Launch will happen in the next 14 days.

For all those that have been building and waiting this is great news. Click here to join Bidify & Bidsson.

The monthly administration fees and pv has been extended for an additional 20 days so all members are fully qualified, you don’t have to pay again until July 2nd.

Here is the quote from the official Bidify Newsletter about the launch and fee.

We have extended all maintain by dates(Admin Fee) with 20 days plus we have given all existing PV expiration date 02.July to make sure nobody loses out of any qualification.

Bidsson is GUARANTEED set to launch within the next 14 days and we will give everybody a heads up a few days before launch date so all are aware of the exact date.

When we get closer to launch date, we will need to take down both sites to update all enhancements put in.
We have completed all API’s between Bidify & Bidsson and our third party providers, and we are also adding even more payment solutions without this causing any delays for launch.

I hope you are as excited as I am with the launch of Bidify and Bidsson. I can’t wait to see the Penny Auctions live and start bidding.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana

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