Bidify & Bidsson Payment Options (Deposit & Withdrawals)

Bidify & Bidsson Payment Options


Bidify Affiliates and Bidsson Customers are really interested in knowing what methods are available to process payments. Deposits & Withdrawals.

In this post I will discuss the Payment Options that Bidify & Bidsson are offering at the moment and those that are going to be implemented in the near future.

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Bidify Payment Options

At the moment Bidify already has available a wide range of options for people all around the globe to fund their account and make a product purchase.

Funds added to your Bidify account can be used to purchase Sample Bids, Retail Bids, Pay for the Administration fee and more.

The following payment processors are available to anyone that becomes a Bidify affiliate right now (6/24/2012) :

Account Funding (Deposits)

Solid Trust Pay – A well known online ecurrency that provides it’s member the option to process payments online through Bank Transfer, Bank Wire, Credit Cards, eCheck & More.

Bank Wire – Affiliates can choose to send  a bank wire directly to Bidify bank account.

ToWah eWallet – When it comes to instant credit cards transactions Towah does the best job and it also offers other funding options.

Commissions (Withdrawals)

ToWah – At the moment Towah is the only method available to withdraw commissions earned through the Bidify Affiliate system.

Members have the option to request a Bank Transfer, ACH, Bank Wire, Check or even request their very own Debit Card (Mastercard).

Coming Soon (Deposits & Withdrawals)

In the next few weeks the following Payment Processors will be available for both Deposits and Withdrawals.

  • PayZa (Former Alertpay)
  • Solid Trust Pay
  • GBG Online Payment Center
  • iPayout  System Global eWallet


Bidify & Bidsson Penny Auction & Daily Profit Share



Bidsson Payment Options

At Bidsson things are a bit different. Payment processors are used to purchase Bids and Pay for products that you won on the auctions. What they have in place right now is enough for everyone around the globe.

Once you decide to purchase Retail Bids or pay for an Item that you won in the auctions you will have the following options.

Towah eWallet.
Skifri – This option gives the member the choice to pay for the products / bids using all Major Credit Cards, Solid Trust Pay & Paypal.

Bidsson penny auctions website has an unique feature where members can sell back the product they win to the company at 80% of the retail price, if you choose this option you will have a Cash Balance in your account. This balance can be withdrawn directly to your Bank Account or be transfered to your Bidify account if you are an Affiliate.

I hope that helps in answering some questions and / or concerns regarding the available payment options when it comes to Bidify & Bidsson.

For questions just leave a comment in the section below or use the “Contact Me” button.

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