Bidify & Bidsson Progress Update

Bidify & Bidsson Progress Update

Bidify Payment Options

The first bit of news is about Bidify and the payment options. Solid Trust Pay and PayZa are expected to be integrated in the next few weeks at most.

At the moment Bidify does accept Solid Trust Pay as a funding option but withdrawals are not yet available, once these two payment processors are fully integrated with the system they will be available for Deposits & Withdrawals.

So expect Bidify to be PayZa & Solid Trust Pay friendly really soon.


Bidsson Customers Base

Bidsson has reached the staggering number of 100,000 Customers and growing on a daily basis. To me that is simply impressive and great as part of the revenue generated through the Bidsson Penny Auction platform is shared with Bidify qualified affiliates.

Over 590 amazing products have been auctioned since the launch of the website and each day a lot more are added.

FREE members will no longer be able to sell the product back to the company when they win it, they will have to keep it.

You can join Bidsson right now and receive 25 FREE Bids. Click on the banner below.

Bidsson Penny Auctions Received 25 FREE Bids


More Bidsson News

A monthly limit will be implemented in the Penny Auctions, each customer will be eligible to win a maximum of 15 items / products per month, so go now and win as many as you can before this rule is fully implemented.

A Buy Now feature will also be added, you will be able to buy any product that is being auction on the website.

In overall the amount of products, the variety and the auctions going all at once will be increased and speed up, so keep a close eye on everything that is about to happen.


Bidify Founders

I received my Bidify Founder bonus to my cash balance, it seems as everything is working perfectly and the company keeps growing on a daily basis.

The right time is now to take a close look at the Bidify Home Based Business and / or the incredible Bidsson Penny Auctions Website.


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