Bidify Challenge & Bidsson 2.0

Bidify Challenge & Bidsson 2.0

Bidify Improvements

As it happen daily Bidify and Bidsson keeps on growing and improving. The compensation plan improved, the website improved, the penny auctions growing, the support improved and much more.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about everything that has been going on with Bidify & Bidsson and what is yet to come.

The Bidify challenge makes it extremely attractive and profitable for new affiliates to build their business. A new mobile app will be introduced from Bidify, Bidsson 2.0 is coming and the Bidify eWallet.

I am planning on doing a teambuild for Bidify. It will be the biggest and longest tern team-build I’ve ever made. By the time I get it done all the marketing materials, tools, introductions and details will be ready to everyone. Stay tuned for more information on this.

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Bidify Newsletter 9/14/2012

Here I will leave you with the latest Bidify newsletter which was mailed earlier today. Lots of great updates.

Customers / Free Affiliates are no longer going to be allowed to join Bidify and those that are in now and haven’t upgraded have 30 days to either upgrade or be remove. So if you are a Free Affiliate make sure to upgrade asap.

Dear Affiliates,

We have had some technical problems sending out e-mails the last days, but we have finally resolved it now.

Today we have some huge updates to share. We will list them in numbers below.

1. Bidsson Bonus

The Bidsson Bonus is now paid out Daily for those qualified for it.
If you are qualified for the Bidsson bonus, you will see your Bonus Points in the Purple Box on the left side in your Backoffice. The Bidsson Bonus Payout will be visible in the Transaction History. The Bidsson bonus is driven by 50% Bidsson surplus as explained earlier. Since this bonus is not available for new Affiliates this is only visible for old Affiliates with Bonus points.

Qualification requirement for Bidsson Bonus Payout is: €25 Admin


2. Founder Bonus

The Founder Bonus is paid our once a day to those qualified for it. The Founder Bonus payout is visible in the Transaction History.

Qualification requirement for Founder Bonus is: €25 Admin + 25 PV


3. Leadership Pools (TT, Ambassador, Ruby & Diamond)

As you already may be aware of, we have created separate bonus pools for the various earned titles. Each Title Rank now shares a pool driven by 3% of the daily surplus in Bidsson.

You will see your current Title Rank over the Purple Box on the left side inside your Back Office.

Rank Titles are updated twice every hour so your title can change several times during the day.

Team Trainer Bonus: 3% of Bidsson surplus shared between all Team Trainers.
Qualification: Hold the title of TT plus be in good standing (€25 Admin + 100PV)

Ambassador Bonus:  3% of Bidsson surplus shared between all Ambassadors.
Qualification: Hold the title of Ambassador plus be in good standing (€25 Admin + 300PV)

Ruby Bonus:  3% of Bidsson surplus shared between all Rubies.
Qualification: Hold the title of Ruby plus be in good standing (€25 Admin + 500PV)

Diamond Bonus: 3% of Bidsson surplus shared between all Diamonds.
Qualification: Hold Title of Diamond plus be in good standing (€25 Admin + 500PV)

All Leadership bonuses are paid out daily to your cash account.
You can find history of all payouts in your Transaction History.

4. Bidify Challenges
We have launched three Challenges that pays a special Bonus when it’s reached.
Please note that the requirement to complete the challenge differs from the minimum requirement to reach a rank to participate in the pool payout. We know that some of our affiliates are confused about this.

To see the requirements to reach different titles, please look at the slides that describe the different title bonuses, e.g. Team Trainer Bonus slide. An updated PowerPoint presentation can be found on the Bidify Site (Front End)

5. Customer signup on Bidify site.
We will be changing the signup procedures in Bidify in a few days. It will no longer be possible to register for FREE on the front end. Existing customers will have 30 days from today to make a choice to upgrade to Affiliate or not. When the 30 day timeframe is over, ALL customers will be flushed out from the Genealogy and the Bidify system. Please note that customers will NOT be flushed out from Bidsson. When we change the signup page, customers only register on the Bidsson website.

Look for another newsletter coming tomorrow that will have some information about the new things we are about to launch.

We will share some more information about the Bidify Mobile App, Bidify E-Wallet, Bidsson 2.0 plus a lot more…

Stay tuned,

Kind Regards
Bidify Management

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz


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