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Bidify & Bidsson
Great News & Updates


There has been so much going on lately with Bidify that I don’t know where to start. The company has evolved completely in the past few weeks and growth has been tremendous.

Lots of changes has been made and soon implemented (see below) to the Bidify compensation plan. The Bidsson penny auctions platform is growing and a new CEO and VP has been hired over there.

Both Bidify & Bidsson are promising a great future. Read all the details below and fill free to sign up.

Bidify – Earn by bidding (Multi Level Marketing)
Bidify Earn by Bidding Penny Auction

Bidify News, Enhancements & Updates

I will divided this post in three small sections, to make it easier to read but the first thing that you need to know is that the final, official and fully approved Bidify compensation plan will be live tomorrow. Expect the website to be down several hours while everything is updated.

1 – Bidify small yet powerful enhancements.
2 – Webinar updates with new Bidsson CEO.
3 – New Bidsson CEO & VP Introduction newsletter.

Bidify Powerful Enhancements

All the bonuses will be paid out daily each and every night to your Cash Balance account.

The Bidsson Bonus, the Leadership Bonus and the Founder’s Bonus will now be available daily for you to do whatever you want with it. You can withdraw, purchase bids, etc.

All commissions withdrawals are paid weekly every Friday. To receive your bonuses you must request before Thursday midnight GMT.


Webinar Updates with Team Leader & Bidsson CEO

You can access the webinar directly through this link :

The new Bidsson CEO is Albert Liske and he was interviewed by Linda Helin about the future of this amazing company.

Here are some of the main and most important points discussed on the conference call.

The top aspects that are going to be improved within the next month are the following :

– Shipping. Faster and more reliable shipping will be implemented. A new office will be opened in Canada to fulfill orders in just two days.
– Website Codding. The website will be checked and improved as needed on the technical side of it.
– TV & Radio advertisement to increase the Bidsson customer base.
– Putting the Buy Now feature. This will allow customers to use their bids against the overall value of the product.
– Improving support to add Live Chat.

A lot more is discussed on the webinar / conference call, so please hear it to get all the details.

Below are some of these other changes & improvements that are going to be implemented asap.

– There will be a separate section for Free bidders.
– There won’t be a winning limit, you can win as many auctions as you can.
– Partnering up with other established companies.
– More products will be available at the auctions.
– We will be seeing 240+ auctions running every day.

These are just a few, much more is in the works in the background. Games, new features, fun and more will be added to the Penny Auction platform.

What about the legality and illegality of penny auctions? Is there a concern?

There has been some established case law that has a positive bearing on the legality of penny auctions. The current case law out there has deemed penny auctions to be legal. The actual model of the penny auction is legitimate.


Bidify Newsletter Introducing the new Bidsson CEO & VP

If by any chance you didn’t receive the Sept. 5 Bidify & Bidsson newsletter here it is :

September 5, 2012 – Bidsson, a leader in the online penny auction entertainment shopping industry is pleased to announce the hiring of Albert Liske as its new Chief Executive Officer and Christopher Robinson as Vice President of

Bidsson’s commitment to a more transparent and sustainable future is stronger than ever.

“We are extremely excited to have Albert Liske and Chris Robinson on board as they share our enthusiasm for product excellence, un-paralleled customer service and strong team building” said Larus Palmi Magnusson Chief Executive Officer at Bidify.

Liske and Robinson have strong backgrounds in E-commerce and have proven themselves as pioneers in the Online Penny Auction Industry for the past 7 years. In 2005 they pitched the idea and concept of the penny auction model and later developed the original operational software to a firm which would later become In December 2007 the website launched and was an instant sensation on the Internet.

In the next few months the competition for new auction opportunities, new markets, new products and new services will continue to intensify. To fulfill our potential we know we need to advertise in completely new ways, making sustainability integral to our innovation and performance. In addition we will begin adding new features and services to the Bidsson website which will make it even easier to shop online with us.

Our long-term goals are ambitious and present challenges that are substantial, complex and systemic. Simply put, they will demand cutting edge technology and stream lined shipping and support. We strongly believe that with the addition of Liske and Robinson to our executive team we will be well equipped when confronting these challenges. Strong backgrounds in the Penny Auction Industry combined with success in E-commerce environments will be the perfect storm of experience allowing all of us to enjoy prosperity in this profitable industry.

We welcome the new CEO and VP in Bidsson.

With the new and powerful compensation plan in Bidify combined with the strong backgrounds of Albert and Christopher, we are now ready to take Bidsson to new heights!

Kind Regards
Bidify Management

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz

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