Bidify Is About To Launch

Bidify Is About To Launch

Update 6/17/2012 : BIDIFY & BIDSSON ARE NOW LIVE!!!

I just received a very nice newsletter and looks like Bidify & Bidsson is about to launch.

The system is supposed to go live this weekend on next week and Leadership bonuses will come into play as soon as the system launches.

The Bidify & Bidsson website are completely down while improvements are made and the files are uploaded to the servers.

Here is the official update :

Bidify Newsletter!

Finally, its happening!
We will be turning off the Bidify site today to complete the final upgrades to the systems related to the launch of Bidsson.
Once we open the website again, we will be live with both systems.

Now we are there, this is what you all have been waiting for! All systems will soon be running at full speed.
Leadership Bonus Payouts will be in full effect from Launch day!

Please visit our Facebook page: for the latest status updates while we are performing the final integration of all features.

Kind regards
Bidify Management

Update 6 / 16 / 2012 ( LAUNCH NEWSLETTER) – NEXT PAGE
Best possible update before launch…

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