Bidify Launch Schedule

Bidify Launch Schedule

Update 4/22/2012 : Bidify is in no way a Passive Investment Program, if you see any reference to passive income on this website that information is outdated, please contact me and I will update it. Compensation is directly tied to the personal achievement of each independent affiliate.

Bidify & Bidsson Launch

I just read a great update from Bidify & Bidsson launch. In this update a full launch schedule is explained and the penny auction website will go on beta-test for all members tomorrow (16th April).

It’s great to know that Bidify is growing stronger each and everyday and that the penny auction website will go live tomorrow. Membership will stop on the 20th April for Bidify until all of the new features and improvements are uploaded, then we will see the full official launch on the 1st May, no later than that.

You can read the full official Bidify & Bidsson Launch Schedule update in the section below the banners.

To join Bidify NOW, go ahead and click on the banner below, you will be asked your name and email and then redirected to a splash page where you can click to join.

Bidify & Bidsson Penny Auction & Daily Profit Share

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Bidify Official Update

As promised here is the Bidify official Launch update.

Here you can see detailed information and what will happen through the course of the month.

Bidify Newsletter!

Dear All, 

This is the e-mail you all have been waiting for. Very important information is included, so it’s important your read the e-mail thoroughly!

This e-mail will cover the launch of Bidify and Bidsson.  Before we get started let us share some brief info.

Many people have been working around the clock the past months to make everything perfect in Bidify & Bidsson. Amazing things have happened over this period.

Many affiliates have taken decisions which will change their lives forever by joining Bidify. Others have stepped out of their comfort zone and become leaders and are building huge teams, and are doing a fantastic job leading and growing their businesses. Keep it up the outstanding work!

We are now working with some of the best and brightest direct sales professionals and advisors in the industry who are advising the company to ensure we get all the puzzle pieces together correctly.

It’s amazing how the pieces of the puzzle fit together.  However the puzzle has become larger than when we started our pre-launch, which means it will take us a bit longer than expected to make it all happen. But that’s a good thing actually. After all, we believe everybody wants everything to work perfectly.

So to the big question is: Do we have a delay in opening?

The answer to this question is Yes and No.

It has become clear to us that it will be impossible to finish all the recommendations from the professional advisors by the target date we set, BUT there are only minor things missing, so the launch will not be delayed long, and it gives us the opportunity to put some special things in place for you.

16. April – Bidsson Site Goes Live In Beta Test Mode. 

Find the site here

We will give all members registered by the 14th April 23.59 GMT Bidsson access with lots of bids so you can play and learn how everything works.  New signups will not be available through the Bidsson site during this period. The auctions on the auction page will also be there after launch, PLUS MANY, MANY, MORE!!  We will not reveal all of the auction items right away as we know competitors are following us closely.

The Bidsson database will be updated with new members April 20th for new affiliates who registered in between 15th and 20th.

20. April – Bidify Site is taken down.

This means you all have 5 more days to grow your teams. Get affiliates signed up, order account loading and getting upgraded.  Cut-off time will be set to 23.59 GMT.  The Bidify site will then be put in maintenance mode until we Launch.

WHEN SITE IS PUT IN MAINTENANCE MODE, NO NEW SIGNUPS WILL BE POSSIBLE. However, we will still load and upgrade already registered affiliates who have completed a load account request and wired funds.


We will launch no later than this date.

The launch may happen earlier, both with the Bidify and the Bidsson site, but to avoid another postponement, two weeks gives our team more than enough time to complete the tasks necessary to launch.  So May 1st is the official new launch date.  We apologize for the delay, but as you can see with the Bidsson auction site, we have very high standards and will not cut corners.

Finally it’s happening! This is what we have been waiting for during the prelaunch.

Now we will make it happen, and we KNOW you will love what you will see!

Have a fantastic week, and enjoy the auctions!

Kind Regards

Larus Palmi Magnusson
CEO & Co-Founder

Email Update Follow Up

Play it safe when you go on the Bidsson auction!
We have a competition running….

The person that win most auctions during the test period will get an iPad.
Also just to give you a hint: “Remember you get new bids for liking & sharing the Bidsson site on Facebook when we open the site.

This will be fun!

Best Regards,

Kind Regards
Dirson Eduardo Jimenez Santana
Independent Bidify Affiliate (skype : strosdegoz)

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