Bidify Movie & Bidify News Page

Bidify Movie & Bidify News Page

Bidify New Video

Here is a great video that gives us some insight about Bidify and the overall business. This is more of a promotional video that shares the general concept of Bidsson and Bidify as an online Multi Level Marketing company.

A nicely done presentation that is appealing to those that rather ‘see’ than ‘read’.

Here I am also giving you the link to the video in case you can’t see it on this page :
Bidify Youtube Movie – Bidify & Bidsson Presentation

You can join Bidify – Earn by Bidding HERE
You can get 25 Free bids @ HERE


Bidify News Page

A new page has been put together by the Bidify management to improve the communication with the Affiliates, customers and prospects.

In this Bidify News Page you will be able to find updates, newsletter, company information, and much more.

Here is the link >>

The website looks really good and there is already mention of the Bidify Builder marketing tool that we will have available once the website is up and running.

The screen shot looks great and I am looking forward to promoting this page already.


I hope you enjoyed it. Kind Regards

Independent Bidify Affiliate
Dirson Eduardo Jimenez Santana

skype : strosdegoz

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