Bidify Sample Bids Purchase Limit

Bidify Sample Bids Limit

Hello, in the latest Bidify newsletter, the Sample Bids purchase limits was discussed in detail and some rumors were put to sleep.

When your Sample Bids are are used by Bidsson retail customers you earn Bonus Points.

The bonus points earn you cash rewards based on our compensation system. After 120 days, the bonus point is absorbed by the system, and will no longer earn you any new cash rewards.Your daily cash reward is calculated based on your existing bonus point balance every day.1 Sample Bid Used = 1 Bonus Point

Today it was decided by the Bidify & Bidsson staff that the Sample Bids annual purchase limit will be 25,000. This limit does not include re-purchases made by setting re-purchase to on/off, but will only apply to initial purchases made.

At the moment Towah, Solid Trust Pay and Bank Wire are available as payment options for Bidify & Bidsson. A new payment system is being integrated and also Paypal will be available with Bidsson.

The launch is getting closer and closer. Stay tuned for more updates.

Quick Video of the Bidify Iceland Getaway

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