Bidify & Teambuild Updates & Allure of the Seas Cruise with the Bidify Team

Bidify Teambuild News & Updates

Allure of the Seas Cruise with the Bidify Team


Hello readers! It has been a long time since my last post here in my DoNothingMoney Blog, in fact it is the first time that I didn’t post anything for so long and the reason for that is that I was on vacation at the Royal Caribbean cruise-ship Allure of the Seas with the Bidify TEAM.

I met lots of great fellow marketers on the ship and we shared a lot and had a lot of fun. We also received lots of gifts from the Bidify Team Leaders and Support staff and the ride was pretty amazing.

But let me get straight to what everyone is wondering about at the moment, which is why the website is down…

Update : The Bidify website is fully up & running ( You can sign up here )


Bidify Updates

Few days ago the Bidify website went down due to some security issues and maintenance being done. In fact at the moment the website isn’t loading and  I will tell you the reason for that.

There are some improvements being done to the Bidify system and this requires for the website to be down until everything is completed. If anyone is worried about their Personal Volume and monthly fee there is no need to. The PV and Monthly fee has been extended for everyone, so no one will loose anything.

We have lost lots of momentum due to this downtime but still hundreds if not thousands of new affiliates are waiting in line to join Bidify and our team.

GOOD NEWS, Bidsson is up and running as usual which is good as it is creating revenue for us (Bidify Affiliates) even while the website is down.

If you want to try Bidsson for free you can get :
25 FREE Bids – Bidsson Penny Auctions

There will be a call tonight at 10pm EST hosted by Larry, Darren and Bernie.

*** Live updates from the call : ***

* The website is down due to some major attacks, some as big as those that Twitter had.

* The website will be up really soon.

* Daily updates, more communications, better customers support, it is all being worked out.

* Over 50% of the auctions on Bidsson are coming from Customers and not Affiliates (“I think this is a huge achievement for the company side…”)

* New auctions section such as the Beginners auctions, the Never Won an Auctions auctions, Free Auctions & more.

* Fully Detailed Tracking & Shipping Details on Bidsson.

* The Buy Now button will be available really soon as well.

* The website is under ATTACK and everything is being worked out. We Need to be patient!

* New Bidsson website coming up!!! New features as mentioned above & More.

* The same company that takes care of Amazon’s shipping will be handling Bidsson’s shipping.

* “The combined income coming in from Bidify and Bidsson has now surpassed Quibids (Quibids is in 3 countries and Bidsson 180 countries)”

* Newspaper Campaigns, Television Commercials, Radio Commercials and even Advertising Coops where Affiliates can participate and take advantage of the company advertisements.

* Customers tracking options to know if are using their bids.

* The option to give away your Retail Bids to your customers.

* Smart Phone application (Iphone, Android, etc) will be live as well and unique in this business.

* Our Teambuild is mentioned on the call as a huge success and will be shared with everyone wanting to help build their business!  😉

* There will definitely be many challenges in the weeks ahead and we need to be patient and stick together.

* Bidsson will definitely be a 100 Billion Dollar company thanks to all the features that are being implemented.

* All current Bidify Affiliates will get a branded Mastercard Debit Card shipped to their address, low fees and automatically connected to your Bidify EWallet.

* The Bidify eWallet and Debit Card will allow Affiliate to Affiliate Transfer.

* Mobile App is almost ready for iPhone and iPad and it will be ready to all the other devices soon as well.

* The Mobile App will allow to check your : Account balance, Downline, Shopping center, Notifications, News, Bids, Income & much more… (Every time you make money your Bidify Mobile App will go “Chi-ching $$$”).

* New marketing system called “Bidify Builder“, it is completely replacing Bidifypro which was great but not the best. 10 Different customization capture pages, blogs, videos, email blaster and much all fully compliant. Full FREE Training system and all it’s FREE!!!

* Bidsson 2.0 – Items to be shipped in 2 days, all the new products going on the auctions are all Name brands. Highest standard.

* The leads generated through TV, Radio and other campaigns will be available to the Affiliates (price not known yet).

* All support tickets are caught up unless is something that is going on now or from a different company (Towah).

* Bidsson unique follow up with all the customers, through surveys and interactions and more.

* The penny auctions industry is brand new and with MLM, this is a hybrid and will definitely be a Billion Dollar company.

* All the marketing system will be FREE, everything related to the training, building, support, advertising and marketing system will be included in your package.

* No one has lost any money nor their rank in the last few days since the Personal Volume (PV) and Monthly fee has been extended.


Bidify 3x Wide Teambuild

The Bidify 3x Wide Teambuild is up and running and all those that are waiting to receive their link will get it as soon as the website comes back up.

The marketing system is also up and running and should be ready by the time the website comes back up. For those using the Marketing system you can and will receive an email each and everytime someone optins to your capture page, for that you will need to contact with the username and email you want to use to receive those leads.

Everyone that decides to join the teambuild that came through your Lead Capture Page will be placed under you or your three affiliates making your team grow.

For all the details & more about the teambuild you can read the
Bidify 3x Wide Teambuild – Resources Page

Bidify is a Multi Level Marketing company with a real product (Bidsson) and a great compensation plan that pays extremely well specially if you compare it to other MLM companies. So get it, learn the business, get focused and start earning.

You can make thousands of dollars every month with just few dozens of affiliates in any other MLM it would take hundreds of affiliates, Believe me I’ve been in MLM before.

Here is are the Bidify Teambuild Lead Capture Pages for you to Promote :
LCP1 –
LCP2 –

* Change ” strosdegoz ” with your bidify username.
* To receive instant email notifications when prospects optin, you need to contact me with your username and email.
* All you have to do is drive traffic to your Lead Capture Page and the rest is taken care off, for you.


Cruising with Bidify – Allure Of The Seas

The Royal Caribbean  Allure of the Seas is the biggest cruise ship in the world. A great place for a relaxing and at the same time fun vacations and definitely the best location to meet others.

The Bidify Team treated us as if we were the last group of human living on earth, the filled up our bags with gifts and even had a Champagne bottle waiting for us in our room when we got there.

I met a lot of  ( Darren, Linda, Larry, Kevin, Larus, Bob, Scott, Marc, Lisa, Rocco, Michael, Faith, Joe, Fredrik & many, many others ) and they were all great. We had a great time and lots of fun exchanging ideas and getting to know each other face to face.

The ship was incredible. An unlimited amount of activities, if you follow the ‘Cruise Compass’ you will have something different to do every single minute.

The Allure of the Seas cruise food quality is amazing and the taste and services as well.

The beverages, drinks, wine, etc. were extremely good as well and a huge variety of beer selection.

One thing though, they are very strict on the alcohol to be a vacations ship, so if you are thinking on massive party rather than relaxing and enjoying your time then you might want to choose a different cruise 😛

I could go on but the overall experience was really good and I want to thank Linda Helin & Darren King for the invitation to the Bidify Team Cruise vacations @ Royal Caribbean, Allure of the Seas.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz


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