Bidify – Upgrade To Affiliate (Step by Step Instructions)

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Bidify Affiliate Upgrade – Step by Step V2.0 (Updated & Simplified)

Bidify – Upgrade To an Affiliate
Step by Step Instructions


I often get the question, how to upgrade to an affiliate with Bidify and here I will give you step by step instructions.

This post will fully focus on the instructions to upgrade your Bidify account to an Affiliate and choose which starting package you want to start with.

So far the Payment options available are : Solid Trust Pay, Towah and BankWire.

Credit Cards can be used through Towah and more options will be available soon.

If you are not yet a member use the link below to sign up.

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Bidify Affiliate Upgrade Instructions

Below are the steps to take to upgrade to an affiliate in Bidify.

Login to your Bidify account.

The first thing we need to do is load your Bidify account with Money.

It cost 100 Euro to become a Bidify affiliate, then you will need to decide which one time package you want.

There is 5 packages that will be available for you as a one time package after you become an affiliate, but it is best to load the money all at once.

The packages are:

Package 1: cost 100 Euro But you only get the Prepaid Mastercard. (this pack is not advisable)

Package 2: cost 150 Euro ( includes Prepaid Mastercard and 50 sample bids)

Package 3: cost 250 Euro ( includes Prepaid Mastercard and 150 sample bids)

Package 4: cost 550 Euro ( includes Prepaid Mastercard and 500 sample bids)

Package 5: cost 1000 Euro  ( includes Prepaid Mastercard and 1000 sample bids)

We advise everyone that if they can, take the 1000 package as the Mastercard is Free at this level.

Once you have decided which package you want then you need to load your Bidify account with 100 Euro plus the package amount, eg if you want the 1000 package you would load 1100 Euro into your Bidify account, if you want the 250 package you would load 350 Euro into your Bidify account.

To load your Bidify account click on “Accounting” tab the “Load Account”

From here follow the instructions to load your account, the quickest option is to use Towah, you can load your account through Towah with your credit card and it is instant.

So choose the Towah Tab and it will direct you through the credit card process.

Once you have loaded your Bidify account with funds, you will see the cash balance in your Bidify account next step is to click on “Become an Affiliate” and follow the instructions to pay for becoming an affiliate from your Bidify cash balance.

Once you have become an affiliate, you need to complete the compliance course for you back office to open up and for the one time offers to become available.

So next click on “Bidify Academy” tab and follow the instructions, watch the video’s and complete the test. (should take total about 20 minutes to complete everything)

After you have completed the course Log back into your Bidify back office, and now you will

be able to purchase one of the One time Packages, to do this click on “Bidify Webshop” Tab the click “one time offer’s” choose your package and follow the instructions to pay for your package from your bidify cash balance.

That is it you are now an affiliate.

If you need some more help, I highly recommend getting Skype, it is free and makes it very easy for us to communicate.

My Skype id is: strosdegoz

Looking forward to having you on the team.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana

2 thoughts on “Bidify – Upgrade To Affiliate (Step by Step Instructions)

  1. So why is there a need for Euro 100 in order to be a member? Zeek has a free account and has $10 a month, obviously this requirement of Euro 100 can make many people to think it over first.

    • While I agree that Zeek has a free account I also need to point out that this isn’t ZeekRewards.

      I believe they have their reasons to charge this fee and only those interested or that can afford it should buy it.