Bidify with PayZa & SolidTrust Pay

Bidify with PayZa & SolidTrust Pay

Bidify News & Updates

There has been several updates yesterday and today about Bidify, the payment processors, Bidsson 2.0 and more. The most important is that right now you can withdraw from Bidify using PayZa and Towah is no longer an option.

SolidTrust Pay is to come next.

Not only PayZa and SolidTrustPay will be available but also GPG which is an international payment processor that is proven to work.

Bidify now taking PayZa, Bidify Updates




Bidsson 2.0 & More Bidify Updates

Right now the main goal is to get the payment processors working on Bidify which is already partially done as PayZa is now available for withdrawal. Solid Trust Pay will follow and then GPG.

With the payment processors in place now 100% of the affiliates can take advantage of all the commissions they earned so far.

The Bidify Challenge bonuses are being paid out and it will take a maximum of 30 days for them to be completed.

* Bidify Attorneys are working with Towah to get everything solved.
* Bidify Attorneys are working on getting the old compensation plan back on track.
* Bidsson 1.0 is still a working model.
* Bidsson 2.0 is still on the works.
* You can read Bidify updates here or @
* Tuesday 20th, November Bidify will be announcing some major news, so stay tuned.

Official update quote :

When you join the Bidsson site as a retail customer the amount of free bids you receive is 25.
Also if you refer a retail customer that makes a bid purchase at bidsson, you receive 50 bonus bids. Please make sure your marketing letters read as such.

As stated yesterday Payza payment processor is going live in the back office of Bidify. We just spoke to our account manager in Payza and wanted
to share with you the following; check requests are taking about 4 weeks. When you apply and are approved for their debit card it will
take 3 weeks to receive and you are allowed to withdraw up to $1000 daily.

As we broadcasted yesterday, STP will be a future withdrawal option in Bidify. They have changed methods of withdrawals please go to their site and read up on the changes. If you do not have an account with STP, set one up.

We are still working with Towah to open up accounts and we are almost ready to open GPG, just final testing is left.

Bidify Customer service is all clear if you have not gotten an answer to an open ticket that means they don’t have it, please re submit.

Any question use the section below…

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz


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