A Bitcoin Business Opportunity In Real Estate Now Accessible To The Masses

Bitcoin business opportunity seekers now
have a new option to invest in real estate to pocket
up to 24% return. This unique venture is offered by
Brelion, LLC.

Brelion effectively provides individual accredited investors
access to alternative investment options and the
ability to hand-select projects, while enabling small
and mid-sized renovation companies to access capital
to expedite the completion of investment projects.

Operating out of Cleveland, Brelion is the first
active real estate crowdfunding platform in the
Northeast Ohio region. The company’s mission is
to make it easy for everyday people to profit from
global real estate projects by connecting investors to
real estate opportunities.

The use of Bitcoin gives investors the additional perk
which comes from the potential increase in the value
of Bitcoin throughout their investment term.

Bitcoin exists outside of the control of
any government, bank or individual. It is a
true global currency with the potential to
become a standard international currency, simplifying
the way people buy and sell but it can be an investment
in and of itself.

Brelion also offers some of the ITs industry’s most
cutting-edge security features. The website deploys
several layers of advanced software security and data
encryption protocols, including SSL 256 bit
certificate, hosted in Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Brelion selects projects from small to mid-sized
renovation companies that have passed through Brelion’s
stringent vetting process. Investors can browse
pre-vetted real estate opportunities at
the Brelion website.

Brelion is one of the many Bitcoin Business Opportunity choices
available in the alternative investment arena and I am
confident there will be many more to come.

If you are interested in investing in real estate with bitcoin
through Brelion you simply need to create an account, undergo
accreditation and pledge an investment of at least $1000.

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