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How To Install WordPress on iPage


If you are following my How To Start Your Own Blog Guide then you already chose between Free or Paid blog and purchased your hosting account. I always recommend paid hosting and for that I use iPage which only costs $3-$5usd per month.

So if you want to start blogging right away for FREE which I don’t recommend, you can go to Blogging For Free (Blogger or WordPress) to find step by step instructions and start blogging in 5 minutes.

For the more serious approach, more flexibility, long term and real income then I suggest the self hosted blog which is paid and you need to start by getting your own hosting account. Blogging – Hosting Account, How To.

In this post I will give you quick and easy step by step instructions on how to install WordPress on your iPage hosting account, it should only take few minutes.

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How To Install WordPress on Ipage

So now that you purchased your iPage hosting account you need to install WordPress in order to be able to start blogging, this process will only take few minutes and you can publish your first post in a matter of minutes.

You will need a domain name which is already explained in detail with step by step instructions on the earlier posts.

Step by Step instructions (Installing WordPress)

1 – Login to your iPage hosting account.
2 – On your dashboard under the “Website” tab click on “Simple Scripts” (Here you can find a list of all the programs your hosting provider provides at no additional cost to you).
3 – Under the “Blogs” tab click on “WordPress“, on the next page click on “Install” at the bottom.
4 – Here you will find 4 different steps
4a – Choose the blog software version (Just click on the latest Stable version or the main that is already highlighed on the drop-down menu).
4b – Where would you like to install WordPress, just choose the main Domain or a sub-folder if you want.
4c – Totally optional to choose the templates and add-ons (Uncheck all).
4d – Read & Agree to the Terms & Conditions.
5 – Click on “Complete” and you are done.

You will see a status bar with the completion ratio and once that is full, your blog will now be accessible. You will also receive an email with your Username & Password to access your blog.

I hope you found this post helpful, remember that you can contact me on any step you want if you need assistance or have questions regarding the installation process.

If by any chance your home page is not loading then you might need to set the index.php to be the default file as WordPress uses PHP code and normally the website will look for an index.html, if that is the case follow the steps below :

Get on your ipage control panel.

1. Under the “Website” tab click “.htaccess editor”.
2. Click Default Pages
3. Go to Edit Default Index Page Settings.
Where is says file name type in “index.php” Then “Add” and “Save”

Everything should be fine after that.

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