Blogging – How To Install A Theme & Adding Content (Posting)

Blogging – How To Install A Theme
& Adding Content (Posting)


This is the step where Blogging becomes fun, now it’s time to Starting Adding Content to your Blog by making posts and choose your Theme. The quality of your blog will fully depend on it’s content and the look and feel on the Theme, so this is a very important step, so please put close attention to it.

I will suggest some of the best WordPress Themes in this post including the one I am using which is called “Swift Theme”.

So if you are following my “How To Start Your Own Blog” guide so far then :

You choose between Free or Paid Blog > Blogging For Free (Blogger & WordPress).

Since I suggest a self-hosted blog (paid), which is pretty cheap by the way, then you already bought and set up your hosting account > Blogging – Hosting Account, How To.

And finally you installed WordPress on your iPage hosting account >
Blogging – How To Install WordPress.

Now is the time to really get started and from now on, everything you do will be related to your blog content, functionality, feel and look as the more technical part is already solved.


Top WordPress Themes

Before you start posting I like to first install your theme, the reason for this is that each Theme has different format so is not good to start your blog, make few posts and then change theme as you would have to change tons of settings right away, so I recommend choosing a theme first and then start posting.

There are thousands of different WordPress themes and they vary from FREE or PAID, I will recommend some of the themes that are the most famous and yet the easiest to set up and also SEO ready (Search Engine Optimization).

If you want you can Google “WordPress Top Themes” or whatever keyword related to WordPress and themes and you will face thousands of results with amazing suggestions. I will suggest some myself that you can simply download and install and get ready.

Note : A Free theme is as good as a paid one and a simple theme can sometimes be as good or even better as a complicated one, so it really depends on you, your taste and your readers, so whatever you find the most attractive is what you should go for.

Swift Theme (Free & Paid)
This is the theme I am using, it is a very advanced theme that provides tons of features and is SEO friendly. I am using the free version.
Keep in mind that your doesn’t have to look like mine with this theme, this theme is very customizable and you tweak it and get any look you like, see the main website for some demos.

Notepad Theme
This is a nice looking and very, very simple theme. If you want to focus on your content then use this theme and you will be ready in minutes.

WordPress itself comes with several themes that you can install, you will find these in your back-office.

The amount of Themes out there is simply overwhelming so choose yours and install it, below you can find the step by step instructions on how to install your Theme.

How To Install A Theme on WordPress.

1 – Download / Save your theme to a folder on your computer.
2 – Login to your WordPress Blog and click on “Appearance” on the left menu and then click on “Themes”.
3 – You can see a list of available themes, to add a new one click on “Install Themes” on top menu.
4 – Now click on “Upload” on the top menu.
5 – Click on “Browse” and find your downloaded theme, it should be in the folder you saved it on Step 1.
6 – Click on “Install Now

That’s it, your Theme should be ready and available to use.


First Post (Introduction)

Now that you have your own hosting & domain, installed WordPress and set up your theme you are ready to start posting. Content will be the most important factor of your blog, so always try to make original posts.

The first post can be a simple introduction of yourself and what you think of doing with your blog and what you are going to be write about.


In the next Blogging post, I will share some useful plugins to make your life easier and also improve your rankings on the Search Engines like Google, later down the road I will also post some guides and strategies on how you can get better and faster placement on the search engines by giving your posts the right format.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz




4 thoughts on “Blogging – How To Install A Theme & Adding Content (Posting)

  1. Satish Gandham says:

    you should checkout the latest free version of the theme

    • Thanks, I checked it and installed it and all the configurations were off, the menus were showing without the CSS, it would take me weeks to get it all together.

      I would love to upgrade but too much work, I also want the paid version but I don’t see the advantage.

      Amazing Theme by the way.

      • Satish Gandham says:

        Preview wont look good, you should active the theme, update options and set the menus.

        • I did all that and it was like the first time I installed this version, the menus were showing one on top of the other instead of next to the other, in order for me to fix that I would have to learn stuff that I don’t even know and that can take a looot of time which I don’t have, it took me weeks to get this one the way I wanted.

          When I have less things to do I will purchase the Premium one and dedicate a week to set it up completely.

          Thanks for passing by.

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