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How far are you from Starting Your Own Blog? Once your blog becomes big you need the right Plugins & Add-ons to be able to keep up with your content, handle spam, improve SEO, add a facebook page & more. In this post I will share with you the main Plugins & Add-ons that I use on my blog and that are a must have when it comes to blogging.

So far there are 4 different guides on how to Start Your Own Blog and if you haven’t read I recommend you do so.

1 – Blogging For Free (Blogger & WordPress)
2 – Blogging – Hosting Account, How To
3 – Blogging – How To Install WordPress
4 – Blogging – How To Install a Theme & Adding Content (Posting)
5 – This One

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WordPress Plugings & Add-ons

You are already posting in your blog, so you need tools to make the posting more friendly and at the same time improve your rank on Google, MSN, Bing, Yahoo, etc (Search Engines). The best traffic you can generate to your blog is from search engines and it can be totally free if you put the right content into your blog, traffic will translate into income, the more traffic you have the more money you will make.

Here is a list of the must have plugins for your blog :

  • Google Analytic (Track Your Traffic)
  • Akismet (Blog Comment Spam Protection)
  • TinyMCE Advanced (Improve Blog Posting)
  • WordPress SEO (Increase your Search Engine Ranks)
  • WP Super Cache (Speed Up Your Blog)
  • Gtranslate (Add A Translate Feature To Your Blog)
  • Contact Form (Let your Readers Contact You)

These are some of the main plugins and add-ons, the Google Analytic is extremely important because it will give you all the details about your blog readers, how long they read for, when and where do they leave, where they land, where they come from, etc. This can help you improve your blog in many ways.

As soon as you have several posts spammers will hunt you down and fill up your comment section with spam, Akismet will solve that problem in just few clicks.

Now that you know which plugins to start with, let me show you how to install a plugin in few simple steps.

How To Install a WordPress Plugin (Step by Step Instructions)

  1. In your blog backoffice on the Left Menu click on “Plugins
  2. Next to the Plugins title on top click on “Add New
  3. On the search bar that now comes up, type the plugin name.
    If you downloaded the plugin already, you can click “Uploaded” and search for it on your hard drive.
  4. See which one you prefer and click on “Install Now
  5. After installation is complete click on “Activate

That’s all, you should be able to find your Plugin configuration page under “Settings” or under the “Tools” tab depending on the plugin. By clicking on the Plugins tab again you can see a list of all your downloaded plugins, you can sort them in different categories. Note : Try not to install many plugins as they can slow down your blog considerably and they can also pose a threat but that is not something common.

That’s it for the plugins, in the next post you will read about SEO and step by step instructions on how to make a post and get top ranking on search engines just by using the right HTML tags.

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