Break Is Over!!! (T2MoneyKlub, HugeYield, OnFirematrix, BBv2, OneX, InnoCashAds & More)

Income Opportunity Update


Hello Everyone, I want to give you a quick update about T2MoneyKlub (Tripler2), HugeYield, OnFireMatrix, Banners Broker & More, so please read the entire post.

So let’s get started with the program people are most interested in, that is T2MoneyKlub (Tripler2) because it offers a passive income.


T2MoneyKlub (Tripler2) Update

So T2MK had some Alertpay problems which are now solved and no one lost any money a reset was done and the program was supposed to launch on it’s new domain, since Alertpay needs to approve their API Key for every domain the Admin decided to launch on the old domain while his Alertpay gets approved to be able to process withdrawals.

Now this brought in few issues, these issues are no big deal and they are being solved, as soon as the new domain is ready none of these will be a problem anymore but the important part is that…

You can earn your 2% Daily.
You can buy Dream Positions.
You can withdraw NOW, FULLY WORKING. (Tomorrow more likely or soon).

Tonight @ 00:00 EST, members will receive their 2% roi credited 3 times. Twice for the 2 days we moved from the server move plus today’s roi.

This is the strongest passive income program on the net so you shouldn’t miss it.

It doesn’t get any easier, Join, Deposit & Earn.
Here you can find Step by Step Instructions how to deposit, buy dream positions withdraw & More > T2MoneyKlub (Tripler2) Basics – How To

Thanks for all the support everyone is showing to this amazing program.
Remember to purchase at least 1 DP out of pocket or as many as you can, I bought 10 my friend bought 100 and one ref even bought 1,000 (the equivalent to $10,000usd).

T2MoneyKlub Advertising & Marketing Tools

I also prepared a new set of tools and lead capture pages for T2MoneyKlub, you can see the new capture page by going to the link below, you can also sign up if you are a new member.

T2MoneyKlub (Lead Capture Page / JOIN NOW)

HugeYield Teambuild Update

Our HugeYield Teambuild is going great and I have some great plans for the future. Like I already explained on my earlier team update my plan will be focused on my T2 Team, I have thousands of referrals there and I am planning some special deals and offers to get them to join us here.

We have some active members that are giving to bring in huge memberships soon and some dead passive other but that is only normal.

One of the advantages of being in our HugeYield 2x Fastest Teambuild is that you can get a Free Lead Capture Page and start promoting that, all you have to do is drive traffic to your page and the rest is taken care of.

You can request your page here > HugeYield Lead Capture Page

HugeYield processes payments 4 times a day (every 6 hours) and that is really fast, sometimes you will be paid within minutes of request. So get active and support the team and you will be next for sure.

We manage to cycle about a dozen members this week and I already have some goals for next week. Stay with us either help or stay calm and your turn will come.

HugeYield 2x Fastest Teambuild ($60 or $120… You Choose)


OnFireMatrix Teambuild News

OnFireMatrix is still alive and kicking and there are also some exciting new for active members. By the end of March early April a new compensation plan will be introduced with some new products. The product will be travel packages related and the compensation plan will add up to the one we have now.

All of the OnFireMatrix inactive members are going to be removed from the system so if you want to take advantage of the new plan make sure to activate your account because this will create massive movement when it comes to CompanyWide Spillover.

The compensation plan will have an unique entry cost of about $150usd and this will create 1 new matrix positions and 2 new teambuild positions (CompanyWide Spillover) for every member, this is just a small detail but this tells you how much movement and momentum will be created once this plan goes live.

Stay tuned for additional information and make sure to activate your account by paying the $10usd monthly fee, when you click on Pay if you see the “Pay from balance” it means that you already have commissions, there are dozens of members with commissions in their back-office just sitting there, do not let that go to waste.

OnFireMatrix Revolution Teambuild (2 Refs Each)

Banners Brokers (BBv2) Update

Banners Brokers picked up a lot of speed the last week, right at the end of the month and all of my pending panels reached traffic (All of them), requested a withdrawal and now I am on the endless wait, they normally take forever to pay.

They also made some new rules where people can’t promote what they first advertised which is anything related to doubling, investing and such stuff and that is why my Banners Brokers promotional website is now gone and also all the posts in this blog about it.

BBv2 is still a good income opportunity, just keep in mind that it requires making sales and that the traffic they drive to your website is an extreme joke, I received about 40,000 views in 6 months which normally would take 1 day with any advertising provider.

Banners Brokers V2 – Join Here

InnoCashAds – 2% Daily

InnoCashAds is a new passive income program and it’s working really fine, so far payments are being processed really fast also and the admin claims to have a very nice surprise for everyone. I think its called Inno Money Blast but it will be something that will sustain the 2% daily income for a very long time.

This is a good program to diversify, stable and good looking and with plans for the future such as the one mentioned above plus coming 2×2 forced matrix like the one Tripler2 has, so keep a close eye on this one.

InnoCashAds 2% Daily – Join Now

OneX & QLxchange (LEAP Explained)

OneX is paying as usual and lots of people are joining all the time and I don’t blame them. Great compensation plan with unlimited income potential for only $5usd, also QLxchange has some great promises for the future.

Now what is really LEAP (Leverage Earnings Acceleration Plan), most of the people don’t know what LEAP really knows or don’t understand how it works, I didn’t understand it myself until few days and I realized it is a simple rip-off, so if you are going to join OneX / QLxchange and built it simply forget about LEAP.

Here is an explanation of what LEAP IS.

OneX has a marketing system called PowerX and this marketing system costs almost $500usd (The most expensive marketing system in the world), so $500usd for few capture pages and some follow up letters, I can sell you the same for a one time payment of $10usd.

Anyways, when you buy LEAP you are actually getting PowerX for $50usd but the the remaining $450usd are loaned to you, so now you owe OneX a nice $450usd and you can use your marketing system and capture pages.

You have exactly 90 days to pay for this loan or your LEAP status and PowerX system will be taken away from you, the way they charge you is by taking half of your commissions each time you earn from your referrals, so if you earn $100usd they take $50 for them and $50 for you. Now this is the nice part if you owe them $20usd by the end of the 90 days they will still take your PowerX system away and you will be reverted back from the LEAP status which earns you $50 Fast Start Bonus on every upgrade.

So that’s it, you pay $50 for the lead capture pages and they loan you $450, then they will take 50% out of your commissions until you pay the full amount or remove your marketing system. The reason why I think this SUCKS big time is because no marketing system can be that expensive.

So go ahead and join OneX / QLxchange but forget about LEAP.

OneX & QLxchange – Only $5usd – Join Now

For CashClubInternational I am still building for my downline but I personally quit, your referrals jump you and you can’t move on, I admit it was a bad choice but I never thought it was going to be that way.

I hope you enjoyed this update, I surely enjoyed writing it for you. If you have any questions or fell that you should leave a comment please do so in the section below.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)


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