Cash-Twist Low Cost Cash Gifting Opportunity for Passive and Active members!


Cash-Twist (Turning the world of earnings Upside Down)

Cash-Twist is a brand new Money Making Opportunity with an amazing cash gifting program like Compensation Plan and an extremely low cost one time out of pocket joining fee, that gives you an incredible $31,000usd+ Potential income for a low cost entry fee.

We are going to discuss :

  • Compensation Plan + Payment Proof
  • Product
  • Benefits of joining

1 – Compensation Plan

For only a one time out of  pocket payment of $9usd you you can be part of Cash-Twist compensation plan. The system is based on a 5×4 Forced Matrix with an income potential of over $31,670usd.

Tier 1: 5 members pay you $9 each = $45
Tier 2: 25 members pay you $15 each = $375
Tier 3: 125 members pay you $25 each = $3125
Tier 4: 625 members pay you $45 each = $28125

Your Total Receipts = $31670

To earn from each level you need to upgrade, just two members will help you fund your next level upgrade without further expense plus profit. Upgrade as early as possible to avoid loosing payments to your upline.

Look out for the Activate Twist option, when you reach your level 3 you will be able to sign up for the Passive Income “The Twist” where the entire company will be placing members under you, there is no recruiting in the Twist only additional income.  Twist Additional Info

For payment proof, visit the following link : ** Strosdegoz Payment Proof **

Cash-Twist (Program Review, Overview, Payplan, Detailed)

2- Product (Advertising)

Normally you would expect to get some banner ad on at the bottom of the main page with other thousands of ads waiting to display or a text link for $9usd, but with Cash-Twist thats a whole different story.

For your $9usd Payment you get a ton of Advertising plus a great report on how to build your own list, below are the product details :

“Build Your List with Ease”
“2 Aurora Solo Ads”(Solo Ads are an amazing and effective way to advertise)
I pay more than that for any type of advertising.
“2 Traffic Links at Fairy Ads”
“2 Login Ads at Fairy Dust Board”
“2 Premium Ads at Front Page Ads”
“5 Banners Ads at HasExchange”
“Solo Ad at Jaguar MegaMail”
“2 Text Ads at MPG”
“5,000 Banner Impressions at Summit Ads”
” Terminus Traffic Exchange 30 days Upgrade”
“2 Solo Ads at Ambulance”
“2 Solo Ads and 1 Hotlink at Cash-Vault”
“2 Solo Ads and 1 Hotlink at Dragon Fire”
“3 Traffic Links at GDI Pro Traffic”
“2 Banner Ads and 2 Traffic Links at Royal Profit”
“2 Banner Ads and 2 Traffic Links at Shotgun Traffic”
“2 Traffic Links and 100 Guaranteed Clicks – Superb Exposure at Paragon Alliance”
“2 Solo Ads and 1 Hotlink at Viral Email”
“2 Solo Ads and 1 Hotlink at Advertising Madness”
“2 Banners and 2 Traffic Links at All American Text Ads”
“2 Banner Ads at Aurora Ads”
“3 Solo Ads at Fairy Ads”
“5 Banner Ads at Fairy Dust”
“2 Solo Ads and 1 Hotlink at Scorpio Ads”

3- Benefits of Joining

  1. Cash-Twist will give you an amazing product and compensation plan for a Low One-time out of pocket entry cost.
  2. Earn your investment back as soon as you receive 1 referral, personally sponsored or spillover.
  3. Admin doesn’t charge any Fees ever.
  4. Instant Payments on new / old members upgrade.
  5. Forced Downline system which creates Spillover and Spillunder.
  6. Can’t be stalled by non-paying members.
  7. Passive Income after you reach Level 4 by joining The Twist.

Here is an example of the big growth of Cash-Twist, this is an image from Alexa Rankings website :

This Chart represents BankOfAmerica Traffic which is the biggest in USA vs Cash-Twist!

Cash-Twist Alexa Traffic


Amazing product for an amazing plan. Extremely profitable for the Active members and very accessible for the Passive one.

Join now (For additional information feel free to contact me).


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Kind Regards,

Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

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  1. Hi,

    i am alread here and i am loving it, is diferrent then other it realy works, because is a team work.

    Hope to see you there 🙂

  2. Anthony Ramirez says:

    You should mention that the Alexa graph refers to Cash-Twist vs. Bank of America’s website, otherwise it is meaningless.

    Thanks, Tony

  3. Done, I didn’t realize it myself that it was VS BofA!!!
    Now I am really surprised.