CashClubInternational (CCI) Strosdegoz Teambuild


CashClubInternational (CCI) Strosdegoz Teambuild

We Assist You In Getting 3 Paid Direct Referrals

Hello I want to introduce you to my CCI Teambuild where we as a team will help each member get 3 direct paid referrals and help them cycle through all the phases & matrixes. There are NO sponsoring / qualifications requirements to withdraw or move through the levels and earn the maximum income potential.

CashClubInternational :

Let’s get started.

Note : If you want to join right away follow these step :

1 – Email me > alandetsu[at] or go click on CONTACT ME on the left.
2 – Subject Line > CashClubInternational Teambuild Sign Up Link
3 – Be ready with $12usd in your Alertpay, STP or Libery Reserve Account
4 – For More Information > CashClubInternational (CCI) Strosdegoz Teambuild

Product & Compensation Plan

The Product

The first thing you get is your product as soon as you pay which includes (All that for only $10usd + fees):

1 – Advertising Credits for Text Ads & Banner Ads

2 – Dual-Autoresponder System with Follow Up letters included (I also provide one)

3 – A Downline Builder to build all of your program at the same time.

The Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is extensive but is also unique, based only on a small purchase you can earn a residual income and cycle over and over through the ‘Clubs’ and earn an unlimited of money. There is no limit to the amount of income that you can earn with CCI.

To make the compensation plan explanation easy to understand, I will provide you with the images for each phase of the program. There are 6 Clubs the first one being a 2×1, with the assistance of our teambuild when you cycle this first phase that only takes 2 members, you will be already in profit.

Sign Up Instructions

Step by Step Sign Up Instructions

1 – Be ready with $12 in your Alertpay, STP or LR account.

2 – Contact Me to request the sign up link.

3 – Register and Upgrade.
4 – Contact me again with your details (Name and Referral Link).

# – Get Started >> click here.

Advertising Co-op & Marketing Tools

To support the team by joining our Advertising Co-op & also getting your own Marketing & Advertising tools please go to :

**** CLICK HERE ****

CashClubInternational (CCI) Strosdegoz Teambuild

Advertising Co-op, Marketing & Advertising Tools

(Banner Ads, Text Ads, Lead Capture Pages, Sample Emails & More)

Kind Regards

Dirson Eduardo Jimenez Santana

CCI Teambuild Leader

Skype : strosdegoz

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