CashClubInternational (CCI) Team Update #1

CashClubInternational (CCI)
Team Update #1

Strosdegoz Teambuild


Hello everyone, this is our 1st Team Update for our new CashClubInternational Teambuild and I have a lot of information to share with you. If you are a team member please read through the whole update because there are many positive changes in this update that affects everyone in the team.

Remember that this is not a ‘Passive Income’ program and we need your support to be able to achieve our goals, the cost to join this program is very affordable and the tools they provide and our team provides are really extensive, so if you want to do your part you have all you need.

With that said, let’s get to business.
The Biggest Teambuild, for The Lowest Price!!!

If you are not a member of CashClubInternational click the banner below to join or get additional information.

Teambuild List (Public)

The teambuild list is now a public link but still limited to Paid Members Only, I don’t have to grant permission anymore instead you can simply contact me and I will send you the link for the list.


CashClubInternational Is Paying

CashClubInternational is paying. Not much to say about that, only 12 hours after the program started payments were being processed and tons of members already reached the break even point and are in profit. After the first payout members are now being paid regularly.

We have payment proof all around the forums, if you want to see one for yourself just leave a comment at the bottom of this post and I will be more than happy to make it available for you.
Only $10usd and some dedication and you are on your way to big income.

You can get paid either to Alertpay, Solid Trust Pay or Liberty Reserve regardless of which payment processor you used to join. Now that’s a good deal.


Multiple Positions Allowed

Some members already know this as several are buying extra positions before the team advertising starts, this will help them make more money in the future. Each position will give you a 100% extra in income potential.

You can purchase multiple positions in several different ways.
* If you want a position where you can refer members directly then you can sign up a new account using your own referral link, there are no restrictions so you can do that without problem, the only thing that you need is a different email address.
* You can also purchase new positions from your backoffice and each time you reach a new Level / Club, you can buy unlimited positions for that level.
* You can also purchase new positions by using your account balance.

For your main position I always recommend setting up the Monthly Payments as this will give you huge spillover after 30 days and a monthly residual income on top of that is added instantly, for anything extra then use the one time purchase.

Get your positions now!!!


New Teambuild Rules

-Refer As Many As You Want

There are basically no rules to this Teambuild, the only rules apply only to myself which is to place 3 paid members under every member in the program. Now if you are an active member or you want to promote you can choose to refer as many people as you want, once they join you can contact me with their Name and Details and I will add them to the Teambuild List.

-Changing from 3 Paid Referrals to 2

Once we reach 100 Paid Members in our teambuild list, then I will be placing 2 paid referrals to each member, this is in order to reduce the waiting time for new members, this will be a positive situation for everyone. It will reduce the waiting time for new members and help cycle through the levels faster as more people will be landing on your level 2 and 3.


Team Advertising Starting

Our Team Advertising will start on Monday, so far 90% of the membership in our team has come from my efforts but that is changing and I hope it changes and the members in our team get more involved. The only way for us to succeed in the long term is to promote and build your team.

It is extremely easy, get your Lead Capture Page and buy traffic on a Traffic Exchanger, or put up a Banner Ad on Adhitz. That’s it, it doesn’t get any easier than that. The rest is taken care off automatically.

– Advertising Co-op

First I want to thank all the members that sent funds for the Advertising Co-op, these funds will be used to purchase ads for the entire team.

Now those that haven’t please take your time to help the team and either promote your referral link or take part in the coop.

You can find all the details here > CCI Advertising Co-op.

Marketing Tools (Free & Paid)

First let me tell you that we have a whole set of new banners for our team.
Check them out HERE.


I have a set of tools that you can use to promote your CCI Program direct link and at the same time the teambuild, your prospects will be given the option to join the Teambuild Under You or go straight to your referral link if they don’t want to wait or follow any procedure. Now this is working great for those using it, the tools include a Lead Capture Page with an Autoresponder & Follow Up Letters, on top of that your prospects get full support and when they join are offered the same tools as you.

You can get all those, hosted for live for only a one time payment of $9,99.
You can get all the details here :
CashClubInternational (CCI) Strosdegoz Teambuild – Advertising & Marketing Tools


What about getting your own Lead Capture Page with follow up letters without paying anything? You know I always say that you need these tools in order to succeed online!

Well you can get them straight from your CCI Backoffice, after you join and upgrade you already get these tools as part of your Product Purchase.

1 – Login to your backoffice
2 – Click on “Promotional Center” on the Top Blue Menu.
3 РThe 2nd link reads  Autoresponder Lead Capture Page URL, click on it and you will see everything you need.

Paid or Free make sure to use them.



We can take this to the next leve if we want to, wanting to means to go out there and put up some ads, email a friend, share your link on forums, surf the traffic exchangers, buy solo ads, send messages ,etc.

It is so easy that even a kid can do it.

We have step by step instructions written specially for that, with just few members you will cycle and start to profit. You can it here (DoNothingMoney Advertising Guides & Strategies)

If you have any questions use the section below.

 Team Disclaimer applies to all the members

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)
skype : strosdegoz

3 thoughts on “CashClubInternational (CCI) Team Update #1

  1. Dirson, what a great update. Thank you so much for everything. I see the vision, I already have our Teambuild lead capture page connected to my AWeber auto responder. I’m going to start marketing this week and encouraging my referrals to do the same. We really can accomplish much working together as a team.



  2. P.S. I didn’t realize until reading our Team Update that we could use our account balance to purchase new positions. I just purchased a new position. I plan to use 50% of my profits to purchase additional positions. It’s a good deal since your additional purchases go into the first available spot of your matrix, and your main position is the sponsor. This will generate a lot more sponsor bonuses for everyone who uses this strategy and will speed up our cycle times as well.

  3. I want to join you in CashClubInternational