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Alternative Investments That Provide High Yield

Traditional asset classes are the ones that typically draw a greater amount of interest from investors. These assets, however, particularly in the past have not resulted in the profits that many individuals have hoped for. This is largely due to the fact that traditional assets are strongly correlated with the stock market – an entity […]

STPay International Debit Card Program Shut Down

SolidTrust Pay Intl Debit Card Shut Down STP Intl. Mastercard No More SolidTrust Pay On the 4th of October 2013 sent out a newsletter to its International Debit Card Mastercard program users stating the the program was on hold. The update (which you can read below) goes on to say that all the funds in […]

JubyAdBank Official Closure Notice

JubyAdBank Closure Revenue Share Period Is Over If you have been in the industry for several years you will notice that type of programs momentum comes in cycles. You see matrix programs going hot for several months, then it is daily fixed rate programs, then cyclers, then revenue shares and so on. The cycle goes […]

Scam Warning : AdMediaProfit, Life Conectar, AdWillGain + MicroAdShare

SCAM WARNING *AdMediaProfit *Life Conectar *AdwillGain AdMediaProfit Scam Team The infamous AdMediaProfit admin team is publicly at it once again. AdMediaProfit after being a fully support, fast growing and high “paying” program felt down like a rock. Not because there was no growth, or the revenue share stalled but because the administration team took off […]

Separating the Winners from the Losers

Factors Separating the Winners from Losers In this High Risk Online Money Making Industry Winners VS Losers There are several main factors separating the winners from the losers when it comes to making money in this high risk online industry. The first thing to keep in mind is that you need to follow the golden […]

UPDATE : AdMediaProfit and JubyAdBank

Revenue Share Updates AdMediaProfit Under DDOS As most of you know the AdMediaProfit website is under a massive DDOS attack. A DDOS attack in simple terms is  just more traffic than the website can absorb. The admin upgraded the AdMediaProfit website servers and these attacks should be a thing of the past soon. The admin […]

SolidTrust Pay Login Problem (Solved)

SolidTrust Pay Login Problem Solving the STP Login Problem Many people right now are having problems login into their SolidTrust Pay account. I was having this same problem and it was really easy to fix. The problem is that each time you try to login you get redirected back to the STP login page and […]

How To Send Free Skype Broadcast

Free Skype Broadcast Tutorial Skype As A Marketing Tool Skype is a great tool for network marketers for all type of communications. You can make free calls to anyone in the world using Skype on their computer or phone. You can make paid phone calls to anyone even if they are not using Skype for […]