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Step by Step Advertising Guides, Strategies, Tutorials, How To & More

DoNothingMoney Blog Step by Step Advertising Guides & Strategies Introduction The DoNothingMoney blog (DNM) started as a blog focused on Advertising tutorials, guides, strategies, how to’s with step by step instructions and more. The goal was to explain and help the readers on how to generate sales online (Refer others), in a way that even […]

Make Money, Advertise, Blog & Learn MLM with DoNothingMoney Blog

Make Money & Advertising Start Blogging & Learn MLM DoNothingMoney Blog – Categories Introduction – Blog History Hello everyone, how are you doing? 😛 My DoNothingMoney Blog has 4 main categories and I wanted to remind you about each and everyone one of them. I started blogging because I wanted to have a ‘library’ of […]

Blogging – WordPress Useful Plugins & Add-ons

WordPress Plugins & Add-ons Start Your Own Blog How far are you from Starting Your Own Blog? Once your blog becomes big you need the right Plugins & Add-ons to be able to keep up with your content, handle spam, improve SEO, add a facebook page & more. In this post I will share with […]

Blogging – How To Install A Theme & Adding Content (Posting)

Blogging – How To Install A Theme & Adding Content (Posting) Introduction This is the step where Blogging becomes fun, now it’s time to Starting Adding Content to your Blog by making posts and choose your Theme. The quality of your blog will fully depend on it’s content and the look and feel on the […]

Blogging – How To Install WordPress

Blogging How To Install WordPress on iPage Introduction If you are following my How To Start Your Own Blog Guide then you already chose between Free or Paid blog and purchased your hosting account. I always recommend paid hosting and for that I use iPage which only costs $3-$5usd per month. So if you want […]

Blogging For Free (Blogger & WordPress)

Blogging For Free Introduction Let me start by saying that I do not recommend bloggin for free at least not with the providers that I will explain below (Blogger & WordPress), the main reason for that is that you don’t own your blog, they do and they can shut it down anytime. They can shut […]

How To Start Your Own Blog – Step by Step (Introduction)

How To Start Your Own Blog (Step by Step) Introduction Hello dear reader, lately I’ve been getting asked more often “How Do I Start my Own Blog”. To satisfy my readers I started this new category named “Start Your Own Blog” with the Slug “Blogging”. Just as the title says I will give you step […]