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High Yield Investment Programs

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Short Term Risk, Long Term Income Strategy

Maximize Income, Reduce Risk Strategy Strategy for Passive Income For me a passive income program is a program that requires no sponsoring. No referring is needed for you to earn a daily revenue, share, interest or whatever you want to call it. That program can be a Hyip, Paid To Surf, Cycler, Revenue Share, etc. […]

[DNM.ME]Banners Profits – A Real 2% Daily Program

Banners Profits is having payment problems. Not completely gone but too many people are reporting late payment or not being paid all together. It has been moved to “Problem Status” until the admin addresses this issue. As of today (29th June) the program has been running for 27 days which isn’t long enough for financial […]

[DNM.ME] ProfitBuzz Review

ProfitBuzz Review Why Join ProfitBuzz? ProfitBuzz is a brand new income opportunity that went live just minutes ago. With a mid-range compensation plan, you can start earning right away and all withdrawals will be processed within 30 minutes of request. This program has a very appealing referral program which encourages growth paying down 3 levels. […]

Perfect Money Not Accepting USA Customers

Perfect Money Policy Changes Perfect Money Not Accepting USA Members Obviously pushed by what just happened with Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money updated it’s policy and is no longer accepting registrations from individuals or companies that are USA based. I don’t know what will happen to those that are USA citizens and already have an account […]

Liberty Reserve Shutdown On The NEWS (VIDEO)

Liberty Reserve Owner On The NEWS Liberty Reserve Shutdown News Video Our industry is going crazy as the Liberty Reserve website went down around 18-24 hours ago. Like it happens with any big issue there are always lots of different stories as to what really happened and what is happening. I don’t know by a […]

Liberty Reserve Is Down (Payment Processor)

Liberty Reserve Giant Is Down Liberty Reserve Not Accessible The news are spreading fast and the word out there is that Liberty Reserve has been shut down. I can’t confirm this right now but the website is inaccessible and there are no signs of maintenance. Liberty Reserve is a payment processor that offers completely anonymity […]

Choosing The Right Program (When To Join Hyips, Matrix, Cycler, Etc.)

Choosing The Right Program When To Jump In I am writing this post inspired from a thread on the MoneyMakerGroup forum. Some great information was share about choosing the right program and when to join them. I will use my personal experience with these programs you teach you the same. This blog post will assist […]

[DNM.ME] Profit Wealth Club Review

Profit Wealth Club Review ProfitWealthClub Introduction PWC is an advertising¬† and rating program that provides an unique compensation plan offering a daily mid return plus an unique 2×2 forced matrix. It also offers a wide variety of payment processors, an unique $10 sign up bonus plus a great referral program that pays down three levels. […]

[HYIP] Cavaxo – 7% Daily for 22 Days

Cavaxo – 7% Daily for 22 Days Cavaxo Introduction Cavaxo is a brand new hyip with a very strong, fast paying and promising compensation plan. It is in the mid range between low and high payout hyips. Below I will be sharing all the details about this high yield investment program. The investment plans, payment […]