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Scam Warning : AdMediaProfit, Life Conectar, AdWillGain + MicroAdShare

SCAM WARNING *AdMediaProfit *Life Conectar *AdwillGain AdMediaProfit Scam Team The infamous AdMediaProfit admin team is publicly at it once again. AdMediaProfit after being a fully support, fast growing and high “paying” program felt down like a rock. Not because there was no growth, or the revenue share stalled but because the administration team took off […]

AdMediaProfit Scam Bad News (Selective / No Payments)

AdMediaProfit Gone Scam? AdMediaProfit Selective / No Payments I didn’t want to be the person delivering the bad news as the majority of the people either don’t want to hear it or simply can’t accept anything that isn’t what they want to hear or believe. In the case of AdMediaProfit as you might already know […]

Is Ad Hit Profits Dying?

Is Ad Hit Profits Dying? Ad Hit Profits Slow Days Ahead? With the revenue we have been seeing the last few days people can’t help but wonder if Ad Hit Profits is dying! Let me first tell you that it is 100% normal to ask that questions specially since we have been seeing a raise […]

AdHitsRev Revenue Share Gone Wrong (1hour After Launch)

AdHitsRev Already Dead AdHitsRev Scam? Have you heard of AdHitsRev? I never promoted it for some obvious reason but decided to participate in it and boy what a crappy ride that was. Just an hour ago a new revenue share program that was in prelaunch for few days went live. This program had the worst […]

Liberty Reserve USA Domain Seized

Liberty Reserve Domain Seized by USA Liberty Reserve Shut Down For some people all the news about Liberty Reserve being shut down and the owners arrested wasn’t enough for them to believe the news. Even though it is very bad news for millions of people we still need to face facts and learn to accept […]

Liberty Reserve Shut Down on BBC News

BBC NEWS Confirms Liberty Reserve Shut Down BBC, Your Credible Source Many people wouldn’t believe the fact that Liberty Reserve offices were raided, computers, documents, phones and more seized and their operation shut down. Even with all the news circulating the internet, some people were still skeptical unless they heard it from someone “trusted.” Unfortunately […]

Perfect Money Not Accepting USA Customers

Perfect Money Policy Changes Perfect Money Not Accepting USA Members Obviously pushed by what just happened with Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money updated it’s policy and is no longer accepting registrations from individuals or companies that are USA based. I don’t know what will happen to those that are USA citizens and already have an account […]

Liberty Reserve Shutdown On The NEWS (VIDEO)

Liberty Reserve Owner On The NEWS Liberty Reserve Shutdown News Video Our industry is going crazy as the Liberty Reserve website went down around 18-24 hours ago. Like it happens with any big issue there are always lots of different stories as to what really happened and what is happening. I don’t know by a […]