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Primus Hub (Primus Social) Compensation Plan Explained

Primus Hub Compensation Plan Primus Social Overview Over a month ago we saw how Wealth4AllTeam closed down and started Primus Hub. Primus Hub also known as Primus Team, PrimusSocial is a very simple program / company with a Matrix type compensation plan. Here I will explain the Primus Hub Compensation Plan and the product. For […]

I am back at Work

I’m Back 😉 Hello Dear Readers, I just got back from my vacations and wanted to let my common readers know that I will be putting up updates and new posts. I will be also sending out an email in the next few minutes with a small update. You can optin to receive emails from […]

Funky Shark Closed Down!

Funky Shark Closed Down Funky Shark will no longer be! Quite the surprise I had this morning when reading my emails and finding one from my upline saying that Funky Shark will no longer be. Funky Shark was aiming to launch a penny auction website with its own Multi Level Marketing compensation plan. We have […]

Spillover Magic Is Live!

Spillover Magic Is Live! Today the Spillover Magic backoffice was opened and all the small glitches has been fixed. I see a lot of movement and changes in my backoffice since it was taken down but it looks like those are changes that needed to be done. Right now I am resuming the Spillover Magic […]

ADITnetwork Update (STP Fully Available)

ADITnetwork Updates (SolidTrustPay Fully Available) ADITnetwork Update Introduction ADITnetwork has been a difficult to understand program for many people and I have to say that I still don’t understand it fully myself. In order to fully understand how ADITnetwork works, how to earn from it and how to earn passively, you have to join the […]

Primus Hub Launch

Primus Hub Launch The Primus Hub launch was a disaster for me. The day that the link went life I didn’t have any electricity so I tried to sign up through my cell phone, it seems as if the registration didn’t go through but it ended up working. So now I am registered but I […]

Banners Advertising & Marketing (Info Graphic)

Banners Advertising & Marketing InfoGraphic Step by Step Instructions Banner Advertising InfoGraphic Remember our long list of step by step instructions and online marketing / advertising tutorials with Banner ads? Well this is a Banner Ads advertising tutorial on steroids. Enjoy this InfoGraphic that contains lots of marketing and advertising information including simple step by […]