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Major Update



As we all know CWC PSS has been going slow for a very long time now and there hasn’t been much contact from Admin to the members, today a major update has been posted in CWC Blog. I have to say that I am happy that they are not running away or closing the website, instead all of the positions will be paid and no one will loose their money.

Read the official post below and reach your own conclusion or share your thoughts by using the comment section at the bottom.

Official Update

Hi Guys

The Profit Sharing System has been running slow for some time now as many of you know. There is much misconception out there that the PSS is a 2% per day cycler. This has never been the case. The PSS has always been a Profit Sharing System as it’s name indicates. This means as the Centurion Wealth Circle makes money – the  PSS pays out profits.

Unfortunately the CWC is not making the level of sales in Product Tokens as it once did. This means the PSS is not moving very much with regards to cycling the positions. In view of this we are making some changes that will, we hope, satisfy our loyal members and ensure fairness for all;

  • We are closing the CWC to new members
  • We will remove the 50/50 rule
  • No more re investments will be allowed
  • No more PSS positions will be added
  • the Position cap will be lowered to 150%
  • The PSS will STILL earn profits from our other online programs (including the hub) until ALL POSITIONS reach the cap.

We hope to put all these changes in place within the next week or so as some re-coding is required.

These changes are a positive step to ensure our members receive profits from positions they have in the system and to ensure that no one loses money with CWC. Unlike other program organisers it is not our intention to close the site and disappear!

In the mean time we will launch the hub (and other great wealth creation programs) separately to CWC – more on that later.

I sincerley hope this move is accepted as a positive step and that members will realise the alternative would be to allow the CWC to drift along with little hope for future returns for its valued members.

To the Success of all our members

Larry Harper

That’s all.
Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

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