Centurion Wealth Circle (Tornado) Update

Centurion Wealth Circle (Tornado Update)

A quick update to let you know how things are doing with CWC.

Yesterday each and everyone of my positions in the PSS (Profit Sharing System) cycled and I was paid really fast and today was another good day for the cycling. There are many improvements and enhancement being built into the program in the background and more news will be available about that soon.

The Tornado has been upgraded and its going to be a lot better next time it comes around, the total duration of the feeder is now 24 hours instead of 72 and the payout is a nice 150% ROI.

How it works;

Premium Members purchase 1 ‘Tornado’ Product Token for just $15 (+ Alertpay fees). This earns 1 position in the Tornado Profit System(TPS).

All positions entered are set to mature to 150% = $22.50

It doesn’t matter if you don’t get in early = Our TWO WAY CYCLER ensures an even spread of payments – EVERY 5 MINUTES. When the left cycler meets the right cycler they both RESET and START AGAIN! – NO OTHER CYCLER IN THE WORLD WORKS LIKE THIS!!!

Every new TPS entry will cycle the Tornado @ 45 positions paying .20c each per sale. REMEMBER: 100% of all profit is ploughed right back into the main Profit Sharing System.

All un-matured positions will be moved to main PSS and no one looses with Tornado, see the official details below.


Good Return on Investment!

You may reinvest if you like – it’s your choice.

No time to slow down!

Tell your recruits and then earn commissions and royalties!

Minimum withdrawal now lowered to $10!!

No other cycler system has a two way cycler!

Yup thats a nice copy-paste from my backoffice 😛

Centurion Wealth Circle and all of its feeder pograms are now accepting Credit Card payments through Alertpay. There is a blog update about it, read it below.

Credit Card At Last!!!

Good news – we can NOW (finally) accept credit card payments! This is a great relief to many members who have been requesting this from the start. Now Alertpay has agreed to this we can move forward with our other “feeder” programmes ensuring the continued success of the Profit Sharing System (PSS).

The new tornado is on its way… keep looking towards the Sky’s and for the warnings on the home page. The new Tornado will be just 24 hours long, be capped at a straight $22.40, have TWO WAY cycling and will cycle every 5 minutes. The last Tornado cycled through 25,000 positions in the main Profit Sharing System adding BIG profit to many members accounts.

We will soon be changing the way we display PSS and Tornado positions. All positions will be identified by unique number rather than position number. The reason behind this is we have found that some members become very discouraged and disillusioned if they believe they have not secured early enough positions in our PSS or Tornado Systems – this is not the case as all positions are treated equally.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members for their continued support and suggestions in making Centurion Wealth Circle an exciting and lucrative opportunity now and for the future.

To the $uccess of ALL our members

Larry Harper

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Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

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  1. Hello,
    when unmatured positions of tornado system go to the main PSS, will they help in cycling the previous positions in the main PSS?