Centurion Wealth Circle (TPS & PSS Update)

Centurion Wealth Circle – Update
Tornado Profit System & Profit Sharing System

The first run of Centurion Tornado Profit System is over, this feeder or mini cycler was made with the intention of speeding up the main cycler (PSS). Tornado was a success and there were thousands of positions sold.

Even though the results were good we are looking to get even better results for the next run and there are some improvements being made to the Tornado. On the next cycle or tomorrow we should be able to see the effect of the Tornado on the CWC main cycler, this should help everyone cycle.

Centurion Tornado Improvements

The next Tornado Feeder or Mini Cycler will only run for 24 hours to speed up cycling and will consist of only 1 Phase that will pay a roi of 200% to the participants. It will pay as a two way cycler to spread the commissions more evenly, this will also ensure that those joining last can cycle faster, each position will give you two product tokens for advertising.

A New Feeder / Mini Cycler Coming

There will be a new feeder coming to Centurion Wealth Circle, this will be another great addition and will provide a Monthly Residual Income all profits will be fed back into the main CWC cycler which is the Profit Sharing System (PSS).

Below I will leave you with the official update from the Centurion Wealth Circle Blog.


Tornado has passed – (for now!)

Hi Guys

The first Centurion Tornado is now over. During the storm it generated 13 HUNDRED POSITIONS earning many members good commissions & bonuses all round. The good news is the main Profit Sharing System (PSS) will soon benefit with 24,375 EXTRA CYCLES. All unmatured Tornado positions will be moved to the main PSS – so nobody loses out.
The next Tornado will be different.

The next Tornado will run for 24 hours only. It will consist of just one phase at 200%. The most exciting part is.. we will run a a two way cycler that wont cross over each other. What this means is when the left-to-right cycler meets the right-to-left cycler they will both start again!! This spreads the profits more evenly and ensures more positions profit – especially the later entries! All entries in the Tornado are worth 2 Product Tokens and these will be added to members main account!
A Brand NEW Wealth Creation System is coming – Premium Members Only!

Very soon we will announce a brand new Centurion Profit System for our members to profit from. (As always – profits from all our programs are fed right back into the main PSS). This new system will enable members to build a residual monthly income stream that will grow and grow. It is our intention to provide a FULL TIME MONTHLY INCOME OPPORTUNITY to Centurion Wealth Circle members who decide to participate in the program – more on this soon!
Emailing System now complete!

Our emailing scripts are now finished. From now on we will contact all FREE MEMBERS regularly to remind them of the benefits of upgrading to Premium Members.

As you can see – the CWC is dedicated to the success of all our members and we are confident the this opportunity IS the most exciting money making program currently available in our industry.

To the success of ALL our members

Larry Harper

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Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

3 thoughts on “Centurion Wealth Circle (TPS & PSS Update)

  1. Hello, It has been a month since I bought a position at centurianwealthcircle but unfortunately my position has been cycled only 4 times. Can you tell if this is some kind of problem or not?

    • Hello Milan,

      CWC main cycler PSS plan didn’t work as expected and the cycling right now is being slower than usual, for this they found a great solution,
      they built a feeder program named Tornado to help push the main cycler (PSS), they are also making a new feeder that will give every CWC
      members a residual income plus more to come.

      On top of that by today or tomorrow we should be able to see the effects of the TPS (Tornado Profit System) on the main cycler.
      The Tornado will also run more than once to keep the ball rolling, its a matter of time before you start to see your positions cycling over and
      over, just be patient a little longer while the programming is finished.

      • Thanks. It has already been a month so I was worried a little .
        Will be waiting for the updates now 🙂