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If you like Passive Income programs and the likes of Ad2Million, JSS Tripler, JBP and Club-Asteria then I have something you should look at.

Here is a brand, brand new cycler which is in pre-launch called Centurion Wealth Circle (A Cycler), it has some innovative ways of revenue sharing and is being launched by Larry Harper which has proven to be a great administrator with some amazing programming and listening skills, new features are added live on a daily basis to the program to help improve it.

This is in pre-launch and we can’t buy shares yet. You can lock your spot here :



Remember this is a cycler, this is a program where you join earlier you earn the most. Also please follow the golden rules. Invest only what you can afford to loose and do not put all of your eggs in one basket, with that said… Let’s Make Money Passively.

We are in this program before everyone else and before the official launch, I highly suggest that everyone purchase as many positions as they can as long as they follow the golden rules… Remember in TAB how I told you to purchase 1 position and see what happens? Well here get as many as you can and see what happens.


Here is a quote from MoneyMakersGroup forum about the program details :

Centurion Wealth Circle

We have a lightning fast Wealth Creation System that can turn $15 into $60 over and over again… and the best part is, you don’t have to sponsor anyone if you don’t want too!!

Join the GREATEST MONEY MAKING CIRCLE on the net today!!

What we do;

CenturionWealthCircle.com (CWC) is a great resource site for CWC members to make extra income with our expanding Wealth Creation Product Lines. All of our products are designed to enhance the income and personal growth of our members. To invest into any of our products members need to purchase Product Tokens. These cost just $15 each. To reward our members, and share the wealth, we run a lucrative affiliate marketing system that pays a share of our profits BACK to our valued members!!

Our lucrative Profit Sharing System;

For each Product Token you purchase you will own a position in our exciting Profit Sharing System (PSS). Every position PAYS YOU a 400% return – that’s $60 after it has fully matured. Each PSS position will cycle over and over (estimated 2% per day) whenever other members make Product Token purchases. Imagine that… making 400% return from each $15 investment!

Compounded Wealth Generator;

It get’s even better, along the way you can withdraw your earnings or re-invest them into more Product Tokens (minimum withdrawal $20). Each $15 investment earns you YET ANOTHER position in the system and each position cycles to a MASSIVE 400% RETURN!


Let’s say you have just 1 position in the Profit Sharing System that has matured to $60. You can take $30 and treat yourself to a nice pizza meal and then reinvest $30 into 2 more Product Tokens. Now you have 2 MORE positions each cycling up to $60. Rinse and repeat and you will have another 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 positions – and each one is worth $60 on and on!!

2 TIER Bonus Commission = MAKE EVEN MORE INCOME PROMOTING the Opportunity!

As mentioned above, you do not have to promote this opportunity if you don’t want to. Your positions will continue to cycle regardless. BUT if you do, you will earn EVEN MORE INCOME!

Every time your recruits purchase Product Tokens YOU WILL EARN 10% ($1.50) commission. Not bad considering your recruit may well purchase hundreds of Product Tokens!! But it gets even better… EVERY TIME your recruit RE-INVESTS their profits back into more Product Tokens YOU GET PAID 10% Commission all over again – every single time! Just one recruit could make you hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

but wait there’s more… Just when you thought that was enough earning potential already…

…it is very likely that many of YOUR recruits will be so excited about making money with the Centurion Wealth Circle that they will share the opportunity with lots of other people.

When THEIR recruits make purchases YOU will make an extra 5% ($0.75) Bonus Commission. Think about it… should your recruit introduce 10 others and they each purchase 10 Product Tokens – YOU WILL GET paid a Bonus Commission of $75 for doing.. well nothing! You could re-invest that into 7 more tokens and wait for the Profit Sharing System to pay you back an easy $420!!

Basically, YOU get paid 10% EVERY SINGLE TIME your recruits either purchase or re-invest into Product Tokens PLUS another 5% for every single purchase or re-investment from THEIR recruits !!

Special Note:: This opportunity is in pre-launch mode at the moment. Join NOW and share the opportunity with all your contacts before launch day.

Well Join us now!

You have the best possible spot since this program just launched hours ago.

What do you think about this program? Have any questions? Please leave your comment in the section below :

Kind Regards
Dirson Jimenez Santana

35 thoughts on “Centurion Wealth Cycler

  1. what this company is doing with the investors money n how it is paying the returns to them. how is the company growing? is it simply based on the investors money or something else?

    • Its basically based on money cycling but with some pretty innovative features which will make this last a very long time.

      • Sorry but I do not think so….it already colapsed bringing less then 0.7%….what is far from 2% brought by A2M for long 8 months…changing cap to 200% will only scare people…who will buy new pos. knowing that program is already showing big disharmony???..besides admin seems to have no idea what is the best for the program…I would not suggest anyone to spend a cent on it

  2. Theophilus T. Banji says:

    From ur explation this programme will be one on the net.

  3. Nixon Chasaya says:

    I missed the ad2million train.Never going to let go on this one.Count me in!!

  4. 400% Returns On Investments There Is No way this One Will last Long at All, I do Not care what they are Investing In, this one will not last long as soon as The rush Of new members Is Over It will Die Like all the rest,

    I have to agree With Dirson Jimenez Santana Do not Invest any Money You can not afford to loose!! I make six Figures and the last thing I would do Is throw Money at a Program like this, Good Luck

    • Which business makes 400% in a short time and on an ongoing basis?

      What type of business are you in that makes $x000,000 per year?

      • This Is Posted On Website as well as above, That is why I used the 400% Number, Below I have posted what I was referring to,

        As far a Business I am a Owner in One and work a Couple Online Companies, And I said six Figures not seven as You Posted,

        Our lucrative Profit Sharing System;

        For each Product Token you purchase you will own a position in our exciting Profit Sharing System (PSS). Every position PAYS YOU a 400% return – that’s $60 after it has fully matured. Each PSS position will cycle over and over (estimated 2% per day) whenever other members make Product Token purchases. Imagine that… making 400% return from each $15 investment!

    • Egzactly….can you imagine to start a program that is advertized as a 2011 winner and then after 10 days from launch already change so important detail as a ROI???….this is profit sharing model but in fact here profit do not mean what is means in ussual business…it could be described as people giving people money with TRUST that tomorrow other poeple will have TRUST and send them some money…the problem with CWC is that TRUST is already gone what will make this system extremely HIGH RISKY..I would wait some weeks to see if it will be still here

  5. When you are joining this type of programs just make sure to follow the golden rules, do not invest money that you cannot afford to loose and you will be good no matter what happens.

    On the other hand this is a big, big money maker.


    • sorry…or you are very naive or just saying without thinking…did you noticed that for 9 long days there was no testimonial?…faith and trust
      is the only thing that brings fresh money into the system…be honest with your subscribers and warn people NOT TO INVEST BIG IN CWC…I did with my refferals (27) becuse my reputation is to me more important then few $ from Larry

  6. Centurion Wealth Circle is booming right now and soon we will have the option to buy up to 50 Tokens / Positions in a period of 14 days… Get Ready!!!

  7. CWC is basically set up just like JSS Tripler and anyone that has any experience with JSS Tripler knows how well that program is doing and how people are making A LOT of money with it. I for one, am having a ball with CWC. Honest Administrator ( Larry Harper ), that is paying on time. Since none of us can foresee the future, we have no idea how long CWC will last, but from what I’ve seen so far, I believe it’s here for the long haul!

  8. True Passive Income happening right now with Centurion Wealth Circle, do not miss this.

  9. This one is sustainable because of the 50% rule where half of cycle buys you more tokens so that will make this faster and faster. Only problem now is I have had to wait a week on alertpay as no credit cards accepted

    • Dean we use a very simple trick to help members get over the credit card issue and its called exchanging, you can send me or anyone with an Alertpay address the amount you want to use using your credit card, then this person will send the money back and that gives you available balance.


      • Hi strosdegoz, got your email where you made $500 plus on $127 in the PSS part of CWC (I assume that was 8 tokens and AP fees) in one week. Well, I was placed in system today with one token and when cycled, only .20 cents. Does it speed up through the week?

        • When you just entered the cycler, you only cycle once but for example in the next cycle (Due to happen in the next 6 hours) you will cycle several times and earn more than that.

          That happens to all new positions.


          • Thanks for the timely reply. BTW, I have been promoting using my upgraded listbuilders,safelists,text ads, banners etc, and average over 2k a day to my link but only 4 referrals so far, and none upgrading although sent all a email. How do you promote other than your own list?


          • I use this blog, social network, banner advertising, forums, etc. You can find all these in the Advertising section, right below the blog title.

          • Hi Stros, quick question- yesterday I cycled as u said more times 4 to be exact. But today only 2 times. So does all positions cycle same amount 0f times? Seems if only gaining 40 cents a day on a position will be tough to grow it very quick. The email I got from you showed you had went from $127 to $500 plus dollars n one week.

          • Yes, the more positions you have the more cycles, some positions will cycle more than others depending on where they are on the line.

            Having just 1 position will ofcourse take time to grow, like I said on that same email we are averaging around 5% daily, it can increase or decrease depending on how many new positions are bought or reinvested by members each day.


          • no way…I made 2$ from 47 positions…this is less then 0.5%…others are doing similar result..please update your informations

  10. Thanks some great info!

  11. You seem to be smart men from Dom.Rep. …be a little honest and do not push this dead thing in front of other nose…think on human psihology..we are not the robots..think why many good banks colapsed 1929…this is the same thing what is happening with CWC…no trust,no investments and whole building is in dust in minutes…can you imagine what impact it will have seeing home page with 90% changed text?…you are already in..but would you invest in something that is changing already after 2 weeks of progress,offering less then before???…how many new members will care that it might be good for program???…EVERY CYCLER IS CYCLER SO FAR THE TRUST IS THERE

  12. Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to give you a great update about Centurion Wealth Circle.
    They are working to change the script and add some great new features
    to improve daily cycles by a lot.

    Right now I can’t give out much information but as soon as i know I will
    let you know exactly what is going on.

    Centurion Wealth Circle already has over 8,600 members in a matter of

    • Make up will not change anything….8000…9000 members is not an advanage as they all..or big majoity lost trust and are very careful with money…it seems that nobody understand what a cycler means…just watch how many new members join daily…how many testimonials are writen…it’s all about money comes in…people are waiting to see what happens so they wait ,do not promote,do not invest what brings CWC deep agony and dead

  13. centurion wealth circle says:

    Fantastic site. Lots of useful info here. I am sending it to several pals ans additionally sharing in delicious. And certainly, thanks for your effort!

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