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Centurion Wealth Hub

The New Centurion Wealth Circle Feeder


The new Feeder program from Centurion Wealth Circle is called Wealth Hub, here I will give you all the details about it. We will be looking at the product first and then compensation plan.

It features a Monthly Residual Income and all of the income made through this feeder will go to the PSS (Profit Sharing System) which is CWC main cycler. So there is no way to loose, the cost is low and upgrading highly increases the speed in which you cycle your main positions in CWC.

Centurion Wealth Circle now has three different programs :
PSS – Profit Sharing System (The Main Cycler)
CTS – Centurion Tornado System (Quick Money Maker)
CWH – Centurion Wealth Hub (Monthly Residual Income)

The Product

The product is based on a much needed tool, which is an Autoresponder plus Advertising, you can promote up to 5 programs all of them from your backoffice.

From your hub page you can promote up to 5 different programs, services and products all from just one handy location.

It has a built in Super Affiliate System, Prime Banner Spot and an Auto Responder Service. Why is this good? Because it SAVES YOU MONEY AND TIME whilst making you MONEY every month.

Instead of advertising various individual programs one by one you will simply promote one AWESOME PROGRAM – the Centurion Wealth Circle. When your new referrals go to their back office they will be exposed to ALL of YOUR offers from inside THEIR back office! You will have a premium ad spot to share with your recruits.


The Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is really good and it has an unlimited income potential. The cost to become a Paid Centurion Wealth Hub member is $15usd / month and the same $15usd on top of the income explained below will also help all of your PSS positions cycle faster. All of the income the company makes from CWH will go to the main cycler (Profit Sharing System), so its always a Win-Win for the members. Your own income is your to withdraw.

The payplan has 3 diferrent type of commissions.

Hub Commissions – $3 for first level referrals
Hub Bonuses – $2 for second level referrals
Hub Leverage – $1 per referral paid 5 levels deep.

There is no limit to the amount of referrals you can have on your first level, so it is unlimited width and you earn $3 monthly from each direct ref, from your second level you earn $2 on top of that you will earn $1 for every referral that is in your group as long as they are within your first 5 levels.

So let’s make an income example :

You have 5 referrals and those referrals all have 5 each.
Your total downline would be 30 members at this point.
You earn $15 as Hub Commissions ($3 for each ref), You earn $50 as Hub Bonuses ($2 for each ref {25 total}), You also earn $30usd as Hub Leverage ($1 for every ref 30 refs).

That is a total of $95usd of Monthly Residual Income from your small team in this example, all of the money that the money is making would go straight to the PSS to help cycle your main positions and pay you that nice 200% ROI.

It is a very simple plan yet very profitable with unlimited income potential.

If you want to become a member of Centurion Wealth HUB, click on the banner below and for questions feel free to contact me or subscribe to my list.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

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