Choosing The Right Program (When To Join Hyips, Matrix, Cycler, Etc.)

Choosing The Right Program

When To Jump In

I am writing this post inspired from a thread on the MoneyMakerGroup forum. Some great information was share about choosing the right program and when to join them.

I will use my personal experience with these programs you teach you the same.

This blog post will assist you in choosing the right HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) mostly but these tips also apply on how to choose good Cyclers, Matrix, Boards and other type of programs.

A basic rule to maximize your income and/or success is to always do some research when joining a program that you are going to be spending money in, specially if you are going to be spending big bucks (Lots of cash.)

The HYIP industry is super risky, so keep that in mind when you are making a purchase.

Never refer friends and family into any program unless they are fully aware of the risks and how the industry works. When referring people online if they get in touch with you before joining be fair and explain the risks so they know what they are getting into. With that out of the way, let’s get into business…


Tips To Choose The Right Program

Making the right decision takes time and effort but it isn’t hard at all. After you learn these tips it will become easier for you to make money online specially with these type of programs.

Below are the things, tips, details, features, points, etc. To look at when choosing a program.


ROI. Which is the Return On your Investment should be the first aspect to look at when choosing the right program for you.

As a rule of thumb, the higher the ROI the higher the RISK.

Depending on your budget and how much money you can afford choose plans with low payout for stability and high payout for a quick buck with increased risk.

Anything that is over 3% daily can be considered high risk and timing is really important. Get in within the first week and try to get your initial investment out as soon as possible.

Less than 3% with principle return, get in within the first cycle / term. For example a 2% daily for 120 days plus principle back, make sure to get within the first few months. Reinvest based on how well the program performs and if no red flags start to come out.

Less than 3% without principle return can last for a very long time, just make sure that the aspects described below are present and you can take a higher risk with this type of plan, meaning making a bigger purchase/investment.


ADVERTISING. If the admin is actively promoting through blogs, forums and hyip monitors that’s a good sign.

An active admin trying to grow his program means that he plans to stay around for at least some time.
Note : At some point if the program has been around for a while and no apparent growth is happening, a big boost in ads or recruiting contest can mean that ‘dooms’ day is close.


COMMUNICATION. Contact support with some basic and / or random questions to see how fast they reply, if they are friendly and supportive and take notes.

See if the admin is actively engaged in communication with its members through social media (Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc.) and newsletters. Communication is key and it also reflects dedication.

A news / updates website or blog speaks well of the admin.


WEBSITE.  Look for an unique script and good website design. Make sure that banners are available for promotion and as many details and perks as possible.

This again reflects dedication, that the admin wants to stay around for a long term and that money was invested into building the website/program.

I personally take seriously the website design, script and wording. An admin that can’t pay $300 to $600 for a good design, more likely isn’t planning to be around for long. No doubt there are always exceptions to the rule.


SECURITY. SSL, DDOS Protection, Antivirus and all those are additional perks but speaks well for the admin, specially DDOS as most of the hyips are DDOSed every now and then.


TIMING.  With a low roi compensation plan you can always wait few weeks to see how the program is working and specially see if it doesn’t disappear. For other plans always make sure to join as soon as possible.

I personally prefer joining the earliest, this can mean higher risk in some cases or going through the growing pains but it increases your chances of coming out a winner. For timing follow the ROI tips above.

Low payout passive programs require no rush.
High payout passive programs require that you join early (within the first weeks.)
Active programs require that you join early and under a very active sponsor if you want to benefit without doing any work but more likely you won’t as the program is active.


BACKGROUND STORY. 99.99% of HYIPs are ponzi and will eventually close down, we’ve seen this happen over and over. Still is good to have a good background story which shows more dedication from the program admin and can increase the program longevity by a lot.


PAYMENT PROCESSORS. This is a really important part, don’t know why it is so low on the list 😛

The more payment options the better. Major payment processors include : EgoPay, Liberty Reserve, SolidTrust Pay, PayZa and Perfect Money.

We are now also seeing Bitcoin, OkPay and PexPay.

Having funding options such as : Bank Wire, ACH Transfer, Wester Union and MonyGram is also a good sign.

As a rule of thumb, the more payment processors the better as it will mean that more people will be able to join and participate in the program.

The basic payment processors are EgoPay, Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money. If the admin goes through the trouble of verifying SolidTrust Pay and specially PayZa that speaks really well of them as this means they jumped through some hoops, which in turn means longer life span.


PAYING STATUS. There are hundreds of hyip monitors out there (incl. mine, make sure that the program you are joining has a Paying Status, don’t join a program that is showing problem, or selective payments as status.

Even if the program is showing paying in some monitors and problem in some others, it still means that something is not right, avoid them.


RED FLAGS. This is very important as this can help you big time in predicting when a program is going under.

Pay attention to any and every single changes that happens to the website when it comes to payment schedule, new or “improved” investment plans, contests, downtime, accidents, admin traveling and so on. As soon as changes start to happens it only means that something is not right.

Note : If a program its in its growing phase (momentum, not the launch momentum but the second growing phase) you can expect changes, improvements and so on but you will hardly see introductions of new compensation plan or changes in the payment processors, those are always big red flags.


ADMINISTRATOR. In this industry we have the same administrators running programs over and over. Some are no good while others play the game fair.

If a program was around for 9 months and died because the funds ran out then in this industry this is considered a good program. If you see this same admin then you can have confidence that he will run his new program in the same manner and it will be around for as long as possible.

The same for scammers. A program that ran for few weeks or months and disappear completely without a trace in it’s growing phase will more likely repeat the same maneuver the next time around. If by any chance you spot a scammer admin, make sure to not get involved and expose them in forums, blogs and monitors.


DIVERSIFYING. This is repeated a million times in this industry by all the leaders and I suggest it as well but not as you would think.

For me diversifying is choosing 2-4 good programs and working with those programs, if any flop then you can find a new one and add it to your portfolio.

The only way I would go and join and 10 to 20+ programs in a short period of time is if I have a monitor and someone is buying a service.

Follow the above tips and do your research, find what you and your budget are comfortable with and go for it. Diversify between 2-4 programs and make a decent spend.

If you have an upline who you follow, that’s ok as well but still make sure to take a look at whatever you are joining as the final decision is always yours.


CLOSING COMMENTS. All of this information comes from my personal experience. I’ve been working online for almost a decade and this helped me acquire this knowledge.

You didn’t have to be around for 10 years to know all this. Hope it helps.


Make sure to always invest only what you can afford to lose.

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

And finally, spend some time reading and learning before getting involved.

You win some, you lose some but if you persist, in the end you will WIN!

YOUR TOUGHTS & SUGGESTIONS. Share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below. Tell others how you choose your programs.

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Me Sincerely,
Dirson Jimenez (strosdegoz)
Skype : strosdegoz

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    Dirson, very informative post. Lots of useful tips. Thanks very much for sharing your expertise.

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  6. Dirson , I read a lot on hyip monitor n try to the new site as i think it better to minimize risk, but when i made invest, my deposit disappear n support do nothing….

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