Choosing The Right Sponsor – Multi Level Marketing

Choosing The Right Sponsor
Multi Level Marketing


Sponsor shopping is one of the aspect of Multi Level Marketing that is hardly discussed, specially when people join fairly new companies. In the last few months I’ve experienced the importance of choosing the right sponsor more than ever.

Is not always about timing… Wait let me correct that, 90% is never about timing (When I say ‘timing’ I mean the difference in just hours or days when joining a new company, months can make a big difference) choosing the right sponsor can increase a lot your chances of being successful in any Multi Level Marketing company and other online ventures.

People normally get excited and rush to join the latest company and forget who they are joining under, the moment they need support they find themselves against the wall with an unresponsive Upliner / Sponsor.

I want to share the importance of choosing the right sponsor and the advantage of doing so.


Sponsor Shopping

It is really important to choose the right sponsor when you are joining a company that you feel is the right one and you want to do whatever or anything that is needed in order to succeed. Having the right sponsor will give you the right push that you need to get that accomplished.

So when you choose a program or company to be part off, make sure to take some time and find the right sponsor for you. Some people are looking for offers, some other are looking for marketing tools, other are looking just for personal support, etc. Find the one you need the most and go for it, forget about the first minute rush since choosing the right sponsor can mean the difference between little success and huge success.

Here are some of the benefits you get when you choose the right person to join under :

  • Receive updates as to what is going on with the company at all times directly from your upline.
  • Receive quick support when you have question without having to get on the company support queue.
  • Receive marketing tools, strategies, guides and some time personal training.
  • Receive support on sales and your own referrals can also get support through your direct upline.
  • Build long term relationship and ultimately have a pleasant time doing what you are doing.

These are just some of the benefits of having the right sponsor, someone who is actively promoting, building and growing their business will give you this type of support.

Most of the time support is not needed until you run into some trouble or glitches, once you do, you sure hope that you had the right person to back you up.

So if you are not already committed to someone that you fully trust and provides you with everything that you need, make sure to look around and find what’s best for you.

Few hours of research can save you lots of trouble time or can really improve your success rate and increase your profit margin.

That’s all I have for now.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (skype : strosdegoz)

2 thoughts on “Choosing The Right Sponsor – Multi Level Marketing

  1. richard monteiro says:

    Hi Dirson,

    The TGP website is up & moving! I just funded my account with additional moolah! I was supposed to refund your $10…i hope you can wait for some more days before i do that.


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