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I want to share some PTC’s website that I use for advertising and make huge emphasis on ClixSense as one stable source of good traffic that stands the test of time. I use PTC websites as a traffic source mainly for Banner Advertising since submitting e-mails, through it or other paid to click activity are not that effective in my opinion unless you are promoting some sort of free offer.

ClixSense has been around for many years, I remember using them since 2007 to generate traffic, it can also be built as an Income Opportunity but that takes time and effort and a good downline.

Like other PTC’s websites once you set up your advertising members will be paid to click on it, you can target which country you want to view your ad and you do not need banner a preview of your website will be seen by the visitor / prospect. Now a great feature they have for advertisers is the fact that clicks are always unique, if you get two clicks from the same person (Ip-address) then that second click won’t count even if it’s legit.

Here are the three main PTC’s I use for advertising and also to generate a small additional income, note that ClixSense is more of an income opportunity based but still offers amazing advertising for a very low price.

1 – ClixSense

It offers a long term stable income opportunity plus an unique Paid To Click type of advertising for just few dollars, great addition to your advertising efforts.

2 – DonkeyMails

It offers, Paid to promote, banner ads, text ads, e-mail ads and much more for the best price on the internet.

3 – No-Minimum

Similar to DonkeyMails, it offers almost every type of advertising available for a cheap price.

If you need any help setting up your advertising with any of the websites above just feel free to contact me, also if want a design for a banner, website to promote you can contact me and I can get it done for you. If you are in my team it is totally free, if not you can join or get it for a very small price!

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz

One thought on “Clixsense PTC Advertising Source

  1. hellvampire says:

    its true, clixsense is legit and they payed me too

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