ClixZing – The Only PTC with Residual Income

ClixZing is a brand new PTC program with a never seem before compensation plan which is a Residual Income. You will have all of the usual Paid To Click features on ClixZing plus the Residual Income. Since this is brand new I will take full advantage of the advertising they offer, on PTC websites when they just start at the beginning you get the best hits to your links and websites.

Paid-To-Click has finally evolved! By combining the simplicity of the PTC model with the leveraged earnings of a 10-Level Network Marketing structure, ClixZing is in a category by itself. Choosing the best features of both worlds, ClixZing brings more effective advertising and higher income potential to both our members and our clients. In addition, we’ve introduced a Multi-Level Residual Income Factor for long-term wealth creation.

There are 8 levels of memberships available to suit every budget and goal, starting with the free membership level. Each level will allow members to capitalize on earnings and commissions from their downline, to a maximum of 10 levels deep. Getting “Paid-to-Click” has never been so profitable.

The exponential growth and sheer earning potential in ClixZing is staggering!

Earn up to 3 Cents a click (PTC)
Earn .5 cent for each email (PTR)
8 Membership Levels
Earn click income from up to 10 referral levels
Earn residual commissions from up to 10 levels deep

Earn income from both paid AND free downline members
ALL members earn at ClixZing
All new developments will be included in the 10-level structure (build once, earn forever)


We offer low-cost, EFFECTIVE advertising to a large and diverse membership. We have several innovative options to best suit your marketing needs. Our advertisers can be confident in knowing that they are getting some of the most cost effective advertising in front of the most responsive audience available online today, for the best exposure for their program, products or opportunities.

Dirson E. Jimenez Santana

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