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Today I saw something really uncommon when I checked my Club-Asteria account to see the weekly revenue share that is normally posted on Thursday. The Revenue Share for this week was extremely low, not that it bothers me if its low according to their compensation plan but even lower than their own cap.

Club-Asteria offers several different streams of income one being the company revenue share where they split part of their earnings with their members, this weekly income is capped at a max of 10% of the company revenue and to a minimum of 2% based on the members asterios. It was weird to see that this week the revenue share was around 0.66% which is far below 2%, the reason for this drop is yet unknown but hopefully we will receive news about it soon.

Update : The weekly revenue downtime is due to some paypal issues… Sounds understandable to me.

Posted on: 12-May-2011

Every company faces obstacles and we know that as we grow, we too will have challenges that we need to overcome.  Last week PayPal has discontinued their services to our members due to no fault of Club Asteria.  This occurred when approximately 50 members fraudulently misused their Club Asteria membership and PayPal accounts and we asked PayPal for assistance in dealing with this issue.  PayPal’s response to our request for help was to discontinue their service to us.

We understand that PayPal deals with many problems and may not know who is right and who is wrong when an inquiry of this nature is made.  Unfortunately their immediate action was to discontinue our services without further consideration and freeze all of the funds that our members had paid to Club Asteria via PayPal.  PayPal is an excellent payment processor that provides wonderful services  and we have always respected and appreciated the services that PayPal has offered.  I am sure you can all understand how disappointing this PayPal action was to everyone here at our staff and to all of our members, especially since we have never had a complaint concerning PayPal before.  Our legal counsel is handling this and we hope that in the near future we can resolve this matter and restore PayPal services to our members.  Again, we want to ensure every member that we did absolutely nothing wrong pertaining to our PayPal account.

Our revenue this week has been severely affected and gone down substantially as a result of both our members and e-commerce clients not being able to purchase our goods and services by paying with PayPal. In fact, many of their purchases had to be returned because payment could not be accepted.  Until we can resolve this matter with PayPal we urge all of our members to use either AlertPay, CashX or Towah payment processors.  We have been searching for additional payment processors and are already evaluating some of their services and hope to introduce alternate payment processors soon.

We are very sorry for this inconvenience and the interruption of payment services to so many of our members, but our mission continues forward.  We are dedicated to providing income opportunities, educational benefits, cash transfers through mobile transmissions all over the world and to provide aid to people who can’t help themselves.  Together we will continue to grow and make a positive difference in the world.

Andrea Lucas
Managing Director

P.S.: Please also note that only members who have signed off on the Code of Ethics and Conduct, Terms of Service and Policies and Procedures, have kept their subscription up to date and have read the News within the past 5 days, have participated in today’s revenue sharing.


There has been some major changes in their User Agreement and  Terms of Service (TOS), if you are an active member with Club-Asteria I highly suggest you read those. The above happenings can be considered as a red flag due to the nature of this program / opportunity, sudden changes in the compensation plan, terms, structure, etc. normally represent some sort of struggle that the company is going through. This doesn’t mean that is the case because I am not able to predict the future or guess what is happening behind the scenes but it can be considered such if you have experience in the field.

When it comes to Online and Offline investment there is always some sort of risk involved which is why we should always follow the golden rules to be able to achieve success in the long term. The two main rules which I always suggest to follow are :

  • Invest only what you can afford to loose.
  • Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

If you follow the above rules you are on the right track to success.
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26 thoughts on “Club-Asteria Latest News & Updates

  1. I have joined Club Asteria two days back. I don’t know how to react it but i’m pretty optimistic that this is just a normal stumble in one’s life.

    Thank you, Dirson Jimenez Santana those two beautiful two golden lines.

    Mara Kocho

  2. Hola estoy investigando sobre el club Asteria y he decidido inscribirme aunque con varias incertidumbres, ¿Hay alguien que lleve más tiempo que haya recibido sus pagos correctamente y que haya logrado rentabilizar la inversión de la subscripción?. Esta información es importante porque estoy realizando una web donde mostrar los diferentes métodos para ganar dinero desde casa a través de internet y solo quiero reflefar sitios confiables. Muchas Gracias

  3. Hola estoy investigando sobre el club Asteria y he decidido inscribirme aunque con varias incertidumbres, ¿Hay alguien que lleve más tiempo que haya recibido sus pagos correctamente y que haya logrado rentabilizar la inversión de la subscripción?. Esta información es importante porque estoy realizando una web donde mostrar los diferentes métodos para ganar dinero desde casa a través de internet. y solo quiero reflefar sitios confiables. Muchas Gracias

  4. This news is so stressful!

  5. when this problem will solve……………………..

  6. Still they are paying very less amount on 19 may they paid the same percentage they paid on 12 may.
    I think they are thinking to go off the net with peoples money

  7. thank you man,it good report to me,because Iam also little bit shock because Iam join with CA and until know just get 0,06% so it good??? Thank for you sharing because another man just want to keep what going on,

    • It is not good, lately Club-Asteria hasn’t been doing well and their news updates are all fairy tale, we will see if they do anything to keep the members happy in the future.

  8. what is the real about low profit ratio of this week given by club asteria to its members

  9. club-asteria HEAD OFFICE is not having any contact phone no.why? with this we have to suspect its sustainability

  10. carlos padua says:

    to get the $400.00 weekly it is true that you have to wait 1 yera and 7 months????……i need somebody answering me this…….becasuse somebody told me that we need to wait at least 5 years to get the $400.00 weekly ….i mean i dont have any intention to get downlines i want to pay the $20.00 every month sooooo i need to know 1 year and 7 months or 5 years????

    • Not true anymore, the revenue share is not being shared for 30-60 days.

      • carlos padua says:

        what is not true anymore?????………….can somebody tell me if is 1 year and 7 months or 5 years!!!!!!

        • Its not paying anymore, 400 per week is not possible anymore, that is if you get 10% from the weekly revenue, the weekly revenue is now 0.3%
          so if you were to invest $1,000usd you would get only few dollars, like $3.

  11. carlos padua says:

    ok thats because the paypal problem i know that and i know you know that too, but is going to be 10% back again someday ….and my question was if we have to wait 1 year and 7 months or 5 years to get the $400 per week when the problem with paypal is alredy fix….can you answer me that?

  12. I am going to post an update about Club-Asteria soon, just waiting to get some more information about how things are going.

  13. Any idea when Club-Asteria is going to start the revenue sharing? I have invested 2000$ dollars and my referrals are asking me the status. There is no news from CA from fast few weeks.

    • I will try to dig something up and let you know.


      • Thanks for the quick response. Are you network director in CA?

        • Yes I am, Network Director 3 if I recall correctly .

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            strosdegoz : email sent!