Compound150 FREE Marketing Tools

Free Marketing Tools

Marketing Tools

It has been 1 year since I started making tools to assist my downline, in Compound150 I am giving all of my tools for free to everyone. Last year when I started all the tools were also made for free but after having almost 100 request of just one page I decided to start charging for the tools, the reason is that the cost started to rise and 90% of the people weren’t using them.

For Compound150 I will give you everything for FREE, well almost everything, if you are not a Team Member then the capture page needs to be paid for, but the rest is free.

Compound150 will pay you 1% daily on your purchase for 150 days.
Compound150 will also give you free 2×2 dream matrices when your dps expire.
Compound150 will pay you 3 levels of referral commissions.

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c150 Free Marketing Tools

Here is what i have to offer for my entire team and the entire Compound150 membership.

Marketing & Advertising Tools

1 – Set of professionally designed Banners (All sizes)
2 – A Custom made Splash-Page (Instant setup)
3 – A Lead Capture Page, with Autoresponder & Follow Up Letters (Free).

To get all the tools click below
Compound150 FREE Advertising & Marketing Tools

Kind Regards
Dirson Eduardo Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz

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