Creating A Passive Income Portfolio In 2016 and Beyond

Today, May 5th 2016 I received a skype communication
from an associate pitching me on a new deal. The program
was getting allot of buzz but was not something
that appealed to me because it was a cycling
matrix program.

This associate of mine then tried to pitch me
on a passive program that looked appealing but
was in the same genre as a program I am involved with.

I shared with him my philosophy on passive income
programs and it may not resonate with everyone
but it works for me.

I decided to share that with you today.

In my opinion there are different classes of
passive type programs and I break them down this way.

1) Traffic Revshare Deals
2) Revenue Sharing Deals that do not require
any participation or daily tasks.
3) High Yield Programs that are reasonably
legitimate and generally do not pay more than 2% per day.
4) Peer to Peer flat out ponzi programs that
are seemingly well put together.

If I am involed with one traffic revshare I generally will
support that program solely unless I have a reason not
to. The one Traffic Revshare Program I particpate in
at present is Ad Pay Funnel. It seems to be one of the
few that actually intends to create real profits to pay
daily profit sharing from the sales of multiple real world
products that will get shipped directly to customers doors.
Customers who have are only interested in a product.

update 6/23/2016 Adpayfunnel has changed its name to
Adzmazon and is still one of the best picks in the
traffic revshare/passive income arena.

My choice of programs at present for revenue/profit sharing
ventures is Beonpush. They seem to be doing legitimate
business and one of my partners actually flew to Dubai
where their home office is and met with the owner, visited
the offices and watched their traders do real business
generating real profits for more than 2 hours. In the
past few months I have grown a team of over 3000 strong and
I am very pleased with the program overall.

For high yield programs I have chosen Coince. This
program pays 3% per day over a 60 day period.
I say reasonable in the high yield space but outrageous in
the real world. They seem to be very professional and responsive
to support requests and they have phone support as well.

Update 6/23/16 use caution with Coince as the plan changed
from 90 days to 60 days and that is normally a sign this
program will not be around much longer. 

My choice for peer to peer outright ponzi type programs
is Zewang Help. You may wonder why I would participate in
an outright ponzi type program right?

Here is my logic. 1) The system they are using is patterned
after the fractional reserve type banking system in that if
more than 10% of a banks depositors wanted their money at one
time they would not be able to get it. Same principle with
Zewang but the difference is my money goes to another person
or family across the globe and vice versa. If it fizzles and
dies at some point no fat cat banker made a bunch of money off
me to buy another yacht or fancy toy. Some family got the
money. I am not asking anyone to agree with my philosophy I
am simply sharing why I choose to participate. 2) Since their
is no central company controlling anything members are simply
sharing funds with other members in a fashion where you give help
when you are able and request to receive help when you need it.
Our internal credits grow at 100% per month which is ridiculous
and will ultimately grow to a point where they will not
be able to pay it all if it was requested BUT they have
a mechanism that virtually insures this will not happen.
What they have done is created a limitation on what people
can withdraw from the system at any one time which ultimately
limits your monthly withdraw capability to around $30,000
per month or so. No matter how big your internal account
gets the max you will be able to withdraw in a month is
pretty much fixed. That means no one who has grown their
account to say a million dollars can pull out any more
on a monthly basis than someone who may have only $30,000.
3) The model was patterend after MMM Global which ran successfully
from 2012-2016 before it ran into problems. The primary reason
for the problems in my opinion is that there were no
caps or limit on what people could withdraw from the system
and no priority on the amounts people wanted to withdraw.
Zewang Help put in a few unique functions to prevent this from

update 6/23/2016 use caution with Zewang Help they
have been under attack from a plethora of scammers
and people attempting to disrupt the system. It is not
clear as to if they will recover. Once again a great 
concept potentially destroyed by some unscrupulous people. 

So there you have it. My take on building a passive income portfolio
in the high return arena. I hope you can benefit from
some of my approach.

I will leave you with this. The high return arena is not for everyone.
I participate in the mindset that I can lose everything I
devote to any program at any time. I also realize that no matter
how good a story or program sounds I have to assume it’s a ponzi
from the beginning and plan accordingly. Finally, I
always have a plan when I decide to participate in any
hyip program and I do my best to stick to it.

Have A Blessed Day!
Owen Victor Brown III
3 John II

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