CWC Tornado Profit System Is Live!!!

Centurion Wealth Circle

Tornado Profit System Is Live!!!

— Join Now —
Do Not Miss It, You can’t loose any money.
There is exactly no risk because all positions are safe.
Phase 1 – Earn Up To 150% ROI
Phase 2 – Earn Up To 200% ROI
Phase 3 – Earn Up To 300% ROI
You can Purchase Positions
RIGHT NOW!!! @$15usd Each + fees

 Do Not Miss This, This will Make you Tons of Money
& At The Same time cycle your main CWC Positions.
Centurion Tornado Profit System


Centurion Tornado Profit System – Payment Received

I received my first commissions for the Tornado Profit System, so now is live and paying, if you want some payment proof feel free to contact me and I will send it to you.


Centurion Wealth Circle Tornado First Run Update

Today we experienced Centurion Tornado Profit System working for the first time, I can’t speak for everyone out there but so far it has been a tremendous success.

Members are cycling left to right and there is no way to loose any money in this Feeder / Mini Cycler, you can experience this yourself by purchasing at least 1 positions in the main CWC program and then you have full access to Tornado.

Members joining / buying on Phase 1 (First 24 hours) will cycle up to 150%, they have 72 hours to cycle once your positions cycle you can choose to reinvest or withdraw your earnings. You can withdraw 100% of your earnings there is no 50 / 50 rule in Centurion Tornado.

If you join Phase 2 which will start in 11hours and 40 minutes, then you have 48 hours to cycle and your positions will pay you up to 200% ROI.
Finally if you join Phase 3, you have 24 hours to cycle and each position will pay you a ROI of 300%.

On top of all the above you still earn two levels of referrals commissions.
10 % For Direct Referrals (Level 1)
5 % For Your Referrals, referrals (Level 2)

And if any of your commissions do not cycle, in the worst case scenario then they will be moved to your main account and cycle according to the main compensation plan.


Its not Over Yet

This is just a small taste of what the Centurion Wealth Circle Admin Team has in store for us, there is still plenty more to come. Additional improvements, features & strategies will be implemented to help CWC become the strongest passive income program on the internet.

I will keep on reinvesting my positions in Tornado to help boost the cycler and test it to the limit as soon as this first run is over and everything gets back on track I will add some custom marketing & advertising tools for you to use to grow your business. Like always I will be providing Banners, Lead Capture Pages, Splash & Landing Pages, Follow Up Pages, Text Ads & More…

Here is the official Update from the CWC Blog.

– Today Is The Day –

Today is the day the Centurion Tornado Profit System (TPS) whirls into action. We are all very excited and sincerely hope this will be a great boost to the main Profit Sharing System (PSS) in three days I will post a review on how it all went and any changes we will make. 100% of all profit will be put right back into the PSS and will help ensure the long term stability of the Centurion Wealth Circle.

We have added some Tornado Banners in the Affiliate page and more banners and buttons are following.

More to come
The TPS is but one of many feeder programs we have in the pipe line. All the scripts and codes used for this program are totally bespoke and coded specifically for us. This means that we need a little time to prepare and build a new feeder but when it comes it will be the best scripted opportunity in the industry! Always stay positive and keep your downlines positive! To the success of ALL our members, Larry Harper

Stay Tuned


Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

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